Saturday, May 16, 2009

Only a rebounding private sector can prolong the insolvency of Medicare and Social Security.

When George Bush talked about Social Security going broke five years ago, liberal democrats accused Bush of "fear mongering". Well it looks like democrats can no longer deny nor shield the ugly truth under this recession. Two of their grand social programs are going broke faster then the experts expected them too. This year's Social Security report projects that the trust fund will be exhausted in 2037 and Medicare could go broke as soon as 2017. The insolvency dates have been pushed up a year for both programs due to the recession. The government is collecting less and less tax revenues to pay into the system. This presents an interesting problem for the magic teleprompter. The amount of older people that will start drawing Social Security is going to continue to rise as the baby boomers continue to reach retirement age. Since the contributors are paying in less due to the amount of people out of work, how is little Barry going to work out aka fudge the numbers? Even when the economy was firing on all cylinders, Social Security and Medicare was still going broke. The programs just weren't going broke at the rate they are now. If the economy continues to get worse, the two programs insolvency date will continue to be pushed up that much sooner. Since Obama really doesn't care about reviving the private sector, it looks like the unthinkable to some my just happen after all.


Anonymous Chilerkle said...

No kidding and I also believe more businesses should be centered in the United States. Outsourcing jobs is a part of the problem. This problem could be fixed by removing unnecessary tax burdens on businesses.

We need to produce valuable imports you know how Wii and all things Nintendo and Sony are Japanese imports.

We need education that prepares people on how to manufacture computers as well as provide maintenance on computer networks. Knowing how to network a computer is nice but knowing how to build,program and repair computers are valuable skills too.

I also believe Apprentice ships should be part of a future employee's education and training as well.
Diploma is nice but it's no substitute for solid skills.

I also believe in having some Animation studios in our country would also provide jobs for animators because I want to an Animator and I can't get a job here because the Animation jobs are all either overseas or no Studio wants to hire me for whatever Arbitrary reason the Employers may come up with.

Even well established businesses may not necessarily follow the laws that prohibit discrimination.

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