Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Deconstructing Michael Steele: Part 2

As a black man who is a conservative, I stand up for my principals in what I believe is right. I don't compromise my integrity in order to be "liked" by people who don't share my ideology. I've been called every racially charged word in the book by liberals, you know the people who claim to embrace "diversity". Michael wants to be liked by his enemies, yet I on the other hand can care less about my enemies liking me. Actually the more I annoy liberals the happier I become for some reason. Recently, Michael has been gingerly using the race card as a defense mechanism in order to take attention away from his gaffs and screw ups lately. That is something I know a person like Ken Blackwell would have never done as the RNC Chairman. Sometimes I wonder is Michael trying to prove to black Democrats that he is "still black" or is he trying to convince himself? I find myself actually starting to question Michael's mental state. I raised an eyebrow a few years ago when Steele claimed that George Bush was his "homeboy". I don't know many middle aged, college educated, black men who call the president their "homeboy", but I digress. When I was watching Michael Steele on Good Morning America the other day, I swore for a moment I was watching a black liberal suffering from a case of "SIRVS". That's short for Self Inflicted Racial Victimization Syndrome. Maybe Michael was lent some literature by the race hustling poverty pimps Al and Jesse on "why you are victim and how you can work it to your advantage". Michael claimed to George Stephanopoulos that "being black gives him “slimmer margin for error".

I believe without a shadow of a doubt that had to have been one of the dumbest comments to ever roll off the tongue of Michael Steele to date. When Republicans lost control of congress and most of the governorships in 2006, that was an humiliating defeat for the party. When they lost the White House and even more congressional seats in 2008, that was when the Republican Party was at it's absolute low. In order for the Republican National Committee to start to regain trust among the voters, they couldn't afford anymore controversies or unprincipled candidates running within the ranks. So if the margin of error for a black man is so slim according to Steele, why did the RNC select him them knowing that the party couldn't afford any errors going forward? I'm using Michael Steele logic just to let everybody know. As you all can see, it really doesn't add up to much. Every political party is out to win elections, and they tend to put what they see as their best and brightest people in the positions to get the job done. Michael doesn't understand that he was selected due to his experience working within the RNC. For him to play the race card on Good Morning America not only betrays the trust given to him by the Republican National Committee, he's also using an external factor as a reason for the internal problems he is having. I can't believe I have to agree with Robert Gibbs on something. Robert Gibbs commented on Michael the other day about him using the race card. Robert said "Steele's Problem Isn't The Race Card, It's The Credit Card". It just goes to show that even a waste of space such as Robert Gibbs can even grasp common sense once in awhile. Michael's actions is what has landed him in hot water with the Republican donors. It is his actions that have cause many to question his judgement and leadership with in the Republican Party. Race has absolutely nothing to do with this. I'm not sure that with everything that is going on with Steele it is the right time for him to step down as RNC Chairman. The last thing the party needs is for the liberal activists posing as journalist to create a shallow drum beat controversy up until election day. The media is licking their chops for another "culture of corruption" scandal by the GOP in order to take the attention away from the heavy projected Democrat loses. Should Michael step down? If he can't get his personal act together, then yes he should. The best advice I can give Michael is for him not to speak when he feels the urge to say something. Here's Ken Blackwell on Mr. Tingle's show discussing Michael Steele.


Blogger DarkStar said...

Michael Steele is an insider who is privy to more than you are privy.

10:29 PM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

That was the reason why Steele was picked to be RNC Chairman to begin with Darkstar.

10:50 PM  

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