Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tolerant liberals wished Sarah Palin and her family were the ones killed in the plane crash in Alaska.

Many liberals have deep emotional issues. They never ever seem to be happy about anything. I've been told all the time by the left that the concentration of hatred comes from the right, yet they can never provide evidence of it. I know however that the opposite is true for liberals. People always tell me that I am a very analytical person. That would explain why I am a conservative rather then a liberal. When you sit back an observe events as they unfold, eventually you will start to see patterns forming. Liberals can tell me all they like until their faces turn blue that conservatives are the ones full of hate, but I have observed liberal behavior for well over a decade and I know better. I've seen how liberals responded to George Bush for 8 years and I witnessed back in August of 2008 through to this day how liberals respond to Sarah Palin. I have never seen people exhibit so much rabid hatred towards a woman they don't even know and never even met. When former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens died in a plane crash yesterday in Alaska, one would think that the tragic event would be marked for a time of mourning for himself and the people who died in the crash right? Any normal person with an ounce of common decency would agree. We can scratch a certain percentage of the left off that list. I was reading some Sarah Palin stories on conservatives4palin. I can across the story written by Stacy Drake entitled "Democrats use Stevens tragedy to wish Death on Palin". It's no big secret that I'm not a Barack or Michelle Obama fan. Even with that being said, I would never wish them harm due to our deep ideological differences. That's just the way I am. Ms. Drake gathered the responses by "compassionate liberals" who wrote on Steven's death. You'll notice that the responses showed no compassion towards the tragedy of Senator Stevens. What it did show is how venomous some on the left are in wishing "Sarah Palin and her family" had been on that plane instead. Never again do I want to here a liberal ever talk about so called hate speech of conservative talk radio. Rush Limbaugh once said that liberals are miserable people by design. I would have to agree. They have the presidency and control of congress, yet they are still howling mad. Liberalism is a mental disorder and comments wishing death on Sarah Palin and her family just proves that. The illusion of them being compassionate is fading away with every word they speak. I guess we are seeing the true hate mongers on display. What ever happened to those innocent flower power hippie liberals of the 60's and 70's?


Blogger Me~Kelly said...

how tolerant and loving of them. gag.

11:44 AM  
Blogger p. anthony allen said...

CB;"I've been told all the time by the left that the concentration of hatred comes from the right, yet they can never provide evidence of it".

A "concentration" of hatred can appear on both sides!! Remember the right-wing preachers who PRAYED for President Obama's death? If that's not a "concentration" of hate, you certainly don't know what one is!

The common sense way to look at this type of hatred is not to throw stones at the other side, or attempt to "broad brush" an entire political ideology. By doing either not only do you lower yourself to their level, you become the mirror image.

Yes, the preacher is a "right-wing" fanatic. However, I don't believe for one moment that his views are the same as the entire right-wing. Similar are the idiots who posted the ill wishes about Sarah Palin. Those idiots are not a total representation of the entire left.

CB;"Never again do I want to here a liberal ever talk about so called hate speech of conservative talk radio".

The question is, are you willing to condemn hate speech from not just from the left, but "WHOEVER" pose's or opines in such a manner?

My dad once told me that trading insults with a fool will only make a sane person unable to tell the difference between both of you.

6:58 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Tyrone, you have identified the disgusting hypocrisy of the modern left. Another wonderful example of the "tolerance" and "understanding" of the left was the hateful, bigoted and feverishly nasty outpouring of hate directed at the Mormons in CA after prop 8 passed in 2008. They were spat on, attacked, received death threats, fired from jobs, intimidated and vilified in the media, all by the "tolerant" and "understanding" left-wing nuts and the gay-rights freak show. The left is "tolerant" of you and your beliefs as longs as you do not dare to disagree with them.

10:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They don't have the love of God in them so it's no surprise that they display such hatred for God and Godly people! I find Liberal's screeching and preaching of tolerance to not only be hypocritical but phony and self-righteous as well as self-serving!
They can take their so called "Tolerance" and shove it where the sun doesn't shine!

I have a strong dislike for LIberals but I never have fantasies about assassinating them. Though my fantasies involving them being tried for treason is as far as I allow my dislike for them to go!

I find seething hatred behind sermons of Tolerance that Liberals pride themselves for.

2:46 PM  
Anonymous Cammie Novara said...

As I followed a link to this staggering The Top 12 Reasons To Burn A Quran On 9/11 page it occurred to me that Wake Up Black America's web visitors totally must be able to pass judgment on this link!

9:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is it ok for the left to call others name and when another calls them names it is wrong. Reminds me of Islam. Quran 3:85 says Muslims cannot leave a religion that calls blacks cursed and whites blessed 3:106. The left supports racism from Islam, look at Obama and Bloomberg.

12:37 PM  

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