Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sharon Angle plays Joy Behar like a harp.

I really like this woman. Sharon may be a political new comer,but she has figured out very quickly how to play liberals in order to get the proper response from them. When the classless one Joy Behar referred to Sharon Angle on the The View as a bitch this week, the reaction by many people who heard Behar's comments went negative against Behar. That was the main reason that Sharon was able to raise $150,000 in 24 hours after Joy opened her trap and spewed on about Angle. Well Sharon being the crafty person that she is decided to play Joy Behar to her advantage. The old saying goes that it is best to kill your enemies with kindness, and that is exactly what Sharon did. A few days after Behar went mental on Angle, Sharon sent Joy some flowers in response.

Sharon's message was enough to send Joy into another "bitch laced" frenzy. I have to wonder was Sharon sending flowers to Joy an attempt to get Joy to call her a bitch a few more times, so Sharon could raise a few more hundred thousand dollars going into election eve weekend? I have to look into that. When Joyless read the card from Angle, she tried her best to play it off like it was no big deal, but even the audience judging by their reaction knew that Sharon took it directly to Behar. The way to screw with the mind of a progressive is to simply play on their emotions, and that is what Sharon masterfully did with blowhard.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad Joy Behar's nasty toward Sharon Angle backfired. Sharon got more class than that shrew Behar.

10:10 PM  
Blogger Bob Qat said...

"You know what's offensive? Watching those ads, and watching people who work for a living made to look like villains."

Gee. That's how the Democreeps always try to make us look.

I think JB is out of her mind.

11:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joy is so far removed from common sense, flowers are seen to her as illegal immigrants picking flowers for $2 a day. She is removed from reality, that she doesnt know that immigrants make more than Americans, especially blacks. Some housekeepers make $20 per hour and still complain like the maid in California who is still illegal. Blacks call them people of color, but Spanish TV doesnt have many black Hispanics on TV or radio. In South America, there were more black Africans carried there by the Catholic from Portugal and Spain. Slavery was allowed by the Holy See, but the Protestants in north America stopped slavery and then the Catholics got on board.

Portugal was first trading with Arabs Muslims and Africans. Arabs laughed at the black Africans saying that blacks were the only ones who sold their own people to other people.

Turkey sold the first black to Russia's Peter the Great. Pushkin, the poet of Russia was his grandson.

Today, in the back alleys of Mecca, black slaves are still being sold. In Iran, blacks are still treated as animals, as in Iraq. Blacks are called Zenj or zurgi or dirty black.

In Africa, another grnocide is being planned by Arabs Muslims on Black Muslims and Christians/Tribalist for the oil rights of Sudan-the Land of the Blacks in Arabia.

Joy and Whoopi dont even know whom they serve- Quran said Allah (the god) is the greatest liar, deceiver, and schemer in Sura 3:54.

white slaves are mamluks-Joy
black slaves are abeds--Whoopi

11:31 AM  
Blogger Me~Kelly said...

my favorite part is when she says "who won't be voting for you!" referring to the II. they shouldn't be voting at all you moron.

she makes my blood boil.

7:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't agree with what Joy Behar said but I will say this, around 20 years ago, El Rushbo would play the Elton John song "The Bitch is Back" when he'd talk about Colorado Representative Pat Shroeder. I'm not criticizing or judging Rush though I don't agree with that and maybe there is a difference. I don't know. Now, Palin called the journalists in Alaska "Corrupt Bastards", that's up at Drudge and I just happened to be watching it on TV yesterday. I'm certainly not innocent using profanity if something really gets to me, missing a bus or something.

What Behar did though is a more in your face insult and Sharon Angle of course, can topple Reid and that is great and I hope Whitman can win out in California, that would really be great!

1:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I concur totally with anonymous. This is a brilliant analysis which should be emailed to all liberals! As I've said in an earlier post, since the 1960's, you have a handful of educated white liberals such as Ms. Behar, who think their sole purpose on earth is to coddle minorities and treat us as though were children.
Since blacks were the targets of chattel slavery at the hands of whites, in the U.S.A., they feel it's up them to return some kind of useless apology through the form of failed democratic tax payer funded government social policies.
Now a number of special interests groups, through the lead of these so called compassionate liberals must view themselves as victims of the evil "christian white man". From liberal minded women aka "feminists", muslims, hispanics and homosexuals.

from Renee

2:10 PM  

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