Thursday, October 07, 2010

Want to know why the Tea Party movement exists and why Americans are so angry right now?

Here's an example. Take a listen to the comments of Representative Phil Hare Democrat of Illinois as he talks about deficits and the national debt.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooo am so exiting am first one
let me ask you this
wy do we not invest in our self
am proud to be in hatie to help evry one.
wy are t we spend money in restoring destroit
wy can the president allow
give money to hamas twice fatch twice.
wy are t we restore big inner city
restore houses ones as bronx you restored it chrime be less.
in 1982 we where stuck in the bronx
that hell war zone they restored most of it in 19 87 or 86.
if american call i have a problem
appear spread wealth around.that subsides you.if forgeiner call in
thats helping it appear to be

4:41 AM  

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