Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Midterm elections shatters the myths and lies by the left about conservatives and the Tea Party. Part 2

I had a chance to hear Retired Col Allen West speak at many Tea Party events and other political events over the last few months. He has always impressed me with his command of speaking and clear and precise understanding of the constitution. I would go onto different conservative forums, and all I would read and see were glowing praises for Allen. People kept posting they wish they could vote for him as well. Many people from out of the state of Florida contributed to his campaign.

Here's Allen giving his acceptance speech last night.

The crowd is made up of mostly white conservatives. Wait a second. What is wrong with this picture? A crowd of white conservatives cheering and celebrating the election of a black man? According to liberals, white conservatives formed the Tea Party, because they were mad that a black man "Obama" was elected. Liberals use to tell me about how many blacks are in congress that are Democrat, and I would always respond with the fact that those blacks were elected in predominately black democratic districts. Of course they have yet to come up with a plausible rebuttal to that fact. Why is it that when non white conservatives run in white conservative districts, they have a good track record of being elected, but that doesn't hold true for non white liberals running in white liberal districts? Before Bobby Jindal was elected Governor, he was a congressman in a conservative district in Louisiana. Bobby Jindal is an American of Indian Descent. Joseph Cao who lost last night thanks to his voting for Obamacare was originally elected in another conservative district in Louisiana two years ago, and Joseph was the first American of Vietnamese descent to be elected to congress. J.C Watts was elected in a conservative district in the conservative state of Oklahoma, and many conservatives urged him to run for Governor and considered him a shoe in to win. There is a clear track record that has been established. White conservatives don't like liberals regardless of race and won't vote for them. Liberals can't give a good reason why conservatives regardless of race should embrace Obama. Trying the use race just doesn't cut it. Liberals regardless of race wouldn't vote for a black or other non white conservative, so why should the other way around be mandatory? A black conservative running in a black district, a liberal district in general or a liberal state is pretty much on a suicide mission. So once again, the fraudulent premise that the left has put forward about conservatives and Tea Party would support a black candidate has been only been rebuked based on historic facts, the nails have been but in that coffin based on last night's wins.


Blogger TSVDP said...

Also, with all the talk about Hispanics too, Susana Martinez, Republican elected to Governor in New Mexico, first woman in that job and apparently, Palin campaigned for her and of course, in Florida of Cuban heritage, Rubio elected in Florida.

We will see, the economy is the issue, we must be intelligent on foreign policy but I think it's obvious that National Security is of utmost importance too.

12:36 PM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

Good Point TSVDP, I just added a part three to the thread and included them. It was a great night for conservatism. You and I both know liberals will simply try and dismiss them and demean them. Their deep belief in conservative and tea party racism has been cut deep to the core, and they are too much in denial to acknowledge they are wrong.

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

West is the kind of black American who needed to be President. He was not raised by a communist mother, a muslim step father in Indonesia and had a Kenyan sperm donor. He was reared down south like many black Americans and went to Iraq to stop the fools from coming here. Saddam Hussein was with Osama as all Muslims were just by being Muslims. Unless you are not at war with non-Muslims you are a part of this evil, satanic force of satan the greatest deceiver ever Quran 3;54and the Bible says satan the devil is the deceiver. Rev. 12:9

4:53 PM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

anon "West is the kind of black American who needed to be President. He was not raised by a communist mother, a muslim step father in Indonesia and had a Kenyan sperm donor. He was reared down south like many black Americans and went to Iraq to stop the fools from coming here"

To borrow the line from Chris Matthews, I get a tingle up my leg just thinking of a presidential match up against Col and congressman elected Allan West vs Barack Obama. West would destroy and humiliate Obama. I would put all the money I have on that certain outcome. West is extremely sharp on his feet and doesn't even need a teleprompter.

12:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

West is 4 years younger than Obama but he wasn't partially 'raised' in 'Hawaii'. I always thought Obama was born on American soil though (maybe his father didn't sign the real birth certificate) I cant believe that Mr. Dunham would let his 18 yo daughter go to africa with a man who has more than one wife--even tho he was socialist--old style commies had SOME sense--the left would try to paint West as an Uncle Tom but we know the truth

11:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jindal and Cao are Americans first--I hope this is the last time people don't confuse ethnicity and nationality

12:04 AM  

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