Friday, April 08, 2011

Do you remember when Barry laughed at the words "Drill Baby Drill"?

It's amazing how quickly Barry changed his mind once his puppet master stuck his hand up Obama's you know what. Now he supports drilling for oil and spending tax payer money to extract it. He just doesn't support doing it in his own country. I put this video together with me in it, so you all can see just how much of a fraud this person truly is. Many people have told me that George Sorros is pulling the strings of Obama. I'm beginning to believe they might be right after all.


Blogger J Curtis said...

I was going to invest in Petrobras a couple of years ago. In the end, I decided I didnt want to support Chavez-lite and invested in other things instead.

I think I'm going to go full-bore into ethanol now though.

8:46 PM  
Blogger Joe Conservative said...

You keep saying, "think... think!"

That's asking a lot from people who only stare at the surface of things.

"Think more deeply, beyond mere Echo and Narcissus!" is what you should be saying. ;)

11:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I seem to notice is that we are one of the largest oil reserves in the world. What I don't understand is because of this energy/oil and financial crisis, why are we still buying oil from other countries and not using ours? Why doesn't the other nations (correct me if I'm wrong) buy our oil?

Strange isn't it: Obama was against offshore drilling and he supports Brazil for doing the same? Yet, we still allow other nations to drill off our coast, like BP, before the oil disaster last year.

By the way Tyrone, columnist Larry Meeks has just retired and I was thinking maybe you can replace him. I think you and him have a lot in common. I'm going to miss his column "Ethnically Speaking". Have you ever heard of him.

11:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you guys know that we have something in the field of 200 years worth of oil in North Dakota alone.

Also, why is no one talking about this?

So let's see: Oil will only last us so long, Wind and Solar only go so far, Coal is only so good, Nuclear is risky with radiation, Hydro is limiting so what so we have for long term energy investment?

So if anything we really need to get on the butts of our government and economic policies and talk about this stuff that no one seems to know about.

1:14 AM  

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