Thursday, March 17, 2011

Two Michigan Democrats Indicted For Election Fraud for trying to get fake Tea Party Candidates on Ballot.

This is just too priceless! I remember back in 2000, liberals loyal to Al Gore swore up and down that George Bush stole the national election via Florida. Of course, there was never any proof of "voter intimidation" or fraud. There is proof however of voter intimidation that occurred in Philadelphia last year by the New Black Panthers aka Obama supporters.

The claim of voter intimidation did make for one of the most effective tools by Democratic leaders and strategists to rally up their bases in future elections. We can not have the voters "disenfranchised" again. "Every vote must count". Disenfranchised became a household word. The factual history of voter fraud has been rooted in the Democratic Party for decades. From the Richard Daley machine in Chicago to the ballot stuffing in New Jersey by union operatives, Democrats know how to win election by "hook and by crook", more so by crook. We've seen how Al Franken "won" the U.S Senate seat in Minnesota over Norm Coleman. Norm Coleman was screwed by the state Democratic machine.

Ballots just kept mysteriously appearing for Franken after the election. I'm not even going to get into the mischief of ACORN. Their actions are well known at this point. This story in Michigan takes the cake, which is hard to believe. The former Oakland County Charmian of the Democratic Party and another high up Democratic official are facing felony charges for trying to place fake tea party candidates on the ballot last year in order to dilute the Republican vote.

These are the people who never want the military votes counted, and these are the people who run to other states like little children acting out, when they don't get their way. I never want to ever hear a Democrat spew on about the issue of voter fraud. Unless they are talking about their own, they need to just sit in the corner and be quiet. Based on their long history of voter fraud, they have zero credibility on the matter.


Anonymous Jif said...

Scripps News Service ran this: "-- Police in Eau Claire, Wisconsin arrested anti-Walker protester Patrick J. Knauf, 43, on March 2. He allegedly phoned in a bomb threat against Heartland Aviation, where Walker conducted press conferences on Feb. 28 and March 2 " Although, the names of people doing such things has been kept under wraps, one story tells us The e-mailer of threats was not even arrested, we don't even know the name but I sure had not heard about these Michigan officials. No telling how many things go on and add in ACORN and the Unions who have had a longtime image of being corrupt.

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