Thursday, December 08, 2011

So much for the new tone of civility right Mr. Tingles?

When Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords was shot earlier this year in Arizona, progressives wasted no time in using the incident as a political weapon in which to try and silence any sort of opposition by the right to anything they do. Of course, the left has never since pronouncing the need for a new tone of civility ever once tried to live up to their empty rhetoric, shocker right? When Herman Cain was atop of the GOP leader board, the left wasted no time in using "the new tone of civility" against him by calling him an Uncle Tom, Token, Minstrel, Rapist, Dirty Old Man, Mandingo etc. Well now that Cain is gone and Ginrich is at the top, the new tone of civility by the left hasn't let up any. For the last few weeks, Chris Matthews over at MSNBC has been pretty quite. Some of my best material for the blog comes from him, so I have been patiently waiting for him to go off his meds again. Well, good things come to those who wait. Chris Matthews has launched into an attack on Ginrich yesterday, not because of his positions on the issues and what his policies are. He brought issue with Newt on something more trivial.

As most people know, I have my own issues with Newt Ginrich, but even I would never be as petty to try and make an issue about his electability based on how he looks. Our country is $15 trillion dollars in debt, millions are unemployed etc. Is this the best Chris can come up with? So Newt has a diabolical grin? So Chris thinks Newt is some sort of mad scientist or something? Note to anyone running for president now and in the future. You can't be seen a presidential if you have a perceived diabolical grin according the brilliant wisdom of one Mr. Chris Matthews. If looks determine whether a candidate passes the presidential material progress, I know Chris must have also made issue with one John Kerry back in 2004, right? Many people nicked named him "lurch" from the character from the Adams Family for a reason. Welcome back Chris, you hypocrisy and stupidity makes for great blogging, and keep up that new tone of civility for everybody to see.


Anonymous Eddie said...

You know, if i were 12 years old i might say something like that statement made but a professional journalist? Honestly...

5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris Mathews is so juvenile. Instead of discussing Gingrich's policies, he calls him names like a mad scientist with an evil grin.

Right now, I don't care if Newt had three failed marriages or any other skeletons in his closet, it's irrelevant. Can he, if elected, get us out of debt and get the economy going.

3:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have one thing to say.That is right wing social engineering

1:44 AM  
Anonymous merging21 said...

Update after debate: Willing to give some kudos to Gingrich for speaking out on "invented Palestinian" which is jihadists seeking to wipe out "Israel" and weaken U.S. alliance. Uproar from "Muslim Brotherhod" just shows Gingrinch hit their nerve, while other candidates still play it the PC (polit. correc.) way.

9:16 AM  

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