Thursday, May 03, 2012

Aren't the Tea Party suppose to be the "EXTREMISTS"?

Well, isn't that what the left says about them? The Tea Party has been called "racists", the "mob", "terrorists","extremists" etc for over three years now. As I always say about labels, they are only good if they can stick. To my knowledge, I can't recall of a single incident in which violence broke out at a Tea Party event. I have read of stories of progressives crashing Tea Parties and attacking Tea Party goers however. I can't even recall ever hearing about
women being raped at Tea Party events
 property being stolen at Tea Party events
vandalism of public or private property at Tea Party events
or the dealing of and the use of drugs at Tea Party events

 Matter of fact, Tea Party folks typically are better stewards of the earth then the so called environmental left claims they are. Tea Party folks actually take all their trash with them, when they leave an event. It's ironic that the Occupy movement in which Obama, Pelosi and the left claimed to embrace just last year is the walking, breathing, talking definition of what they tried to paint the Tea Party as being, "a vicious, violent angry mob" void of any intellectual thought. On May 1st which was May Day, socialists and communists who are aligned with the Occupy movement took to the street to remind America who the violent people truly  are. Let's start with Seattle. Once again, this is the movement that Nancy Pelosi gushed about just last year.

Come on, you've seen Tea Party folks act like this right? If the Tea Party ever wants to live up to the mob stereotype given to it by the left, it can take some pointers from the Occupy kids, they got mob destruction thing down packed!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's the WTO (World Trade Organization) Riots all over again. I remember it like it was yesterday.

I live in Olympia, and it is a very liberal town, and a lot of students from the Evergreen State College, better known as "Greeners", cut class with the approval of their professors, and the dean, and made a pilgrimage up to Seattle. It wouldn't surprise me that those same students were up there just to cause trouble.

I often wondered what they are protesting about? What are they angry about that they would go up there and cause property damage? Most of these hooligans don't have any idea and they're just up there to be with the "in crowd".

8:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This must be the same Niketown store during the WTO Riots where a bunch of protesters trashed the store.

What is about that store that protesters want to trash all the time? I remember one of them said that Nike sells "sweatshop shoes". Looking at the WTO video, it shows one of the people trashing the store wearing Nikes.

Aren't most shoes made in sweatshops? Why don't these bozos take off theirs?

1:01 AM  

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