Friday, August 17, 2012

Toure gets lectured on why playing the race card is dispicable and wrong.

Blacks who are oversensitive to the issue of race like Toure tend to cry about every issues that isn't racist in nature so much, they unfortunately dilute the word and it's stigma, when it actually presents itself. If I would have told Obama to stop conducting your campaign like a two bit Chicago thug, I wonder would Toure or others would have accused me of committing to the "Niggerization" of Obama? During the height of  the allegations by several women that Herman Cain made inappropriate advances towards them, Toure himself said about Herman Cain


So the obvious question that needs to be asked is "Did Toure commit to the Niggerazatinon of Herman Cain?  In this case, Toure out of his own mouth commented on Herman' Cain's "black sexuality" and how frightening it was in this country. Toure reinforced a black stereotype of blacks as assuming that Herman Cain was being some sort of sexually obsessed black Mandingo character. Toure is not only a deranged far left lunatic, but he is also a contradicting clown  on top. As I said before, a black lady challenged Toure on his over the type racial rhetoric. She grew up in progressive Canada, and her story is a perfect reason on why people should stop abusing the word racism, when it doesn't apply.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can relate what the Canadian was saying. I too grew up and had been called a bunch of vile names by different sorts of people. I can tell you, that words do hit harder than fists; you can heal from a bruise but painful memories are hard to get rid of.

I still cannot understand how some blacks can suddenly get offended when a white person uses the n-word (even if the word is, or is not directed toward him/her), but when someone of their peers says it to them, or around them, it's not offensive.
As for the Canadian, she is different, she still finds the word offensive no matter how it is used. I don't understand how Toure is so offended by conservatives by what they "stand for", but for he to make up a word like "niggerization" and to play the race card, I'm surprised that liberals and progressives don't get offended for what he has just done. Well, I guess liberals and progressives are just "niggardly" of their own opinions.

3:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, MSNBC and NBC is into the "N**gerizatinon" of Black Conservatives (ie: "back of the bussing" them by ignoring them and giving them no air time):

MSNBC cuts speeches made by minorities from RNC coverage

NBC Shows Features Only Clips of White GOP Speakers

And while Mia Love of Utah gave a great speech and got a great reception at the convention, "tolerant" liberals saw fit to spatter her Wikipedia page with racial and other obscenities: "house n**ger" "worthless whore".

Stay classy liberals!

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