Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A notice to all posters.

If you are not a registered user of google and blogger, please type your name at the end of your post when you post your comments under anonymous so people won't be confused and they'll know who to address their responses to. Thanks


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since you are an avid fan of the of Limbaugh's, and others and you are a a blogger speaking out so discriminatory remarks you are as big of a hypocrite as the ones who are calling people sluts.
Yes the question is related to birth control or some means of responsibility for the affordable payment for the product. You see back in the day there was no such thing as medicinal birth control such as the pill. Women had to rely on other methods. Men did not seem to have that problem of giving birth ...that is that I am aware of. However if someone was trying to be more responsible with their sex life at least to some degree( not saying it is absolutely the best way) but again if their is an attempt to be somewhat responsible ,,, as part of the medical community why should it not be a covered service, oh yes and by the way,,,, again I say Men don't have to take it you see and I guess they are sluts because they asked for the item to be covered. Wow, when you become able to have baby, breast feed, nurture your children then I guess you won't be called a slut,,, just a needy person in need of Birth control. Wake the -----Up

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