Monday, September 30, 2013

Here we go again. The sky is going to fall in a few hours!!!

We've been down this road how many times already? Do any of you remember what Dear Leader said was going to happen if sequester kicked in?

From how Dear Leader described his sequestration, one would have thought that Armageddon would have been unleashed upon the United States.

Well the United States is still standing. Nobody has died due to sequester, Society hasn't sunk into anarchy, etc. So with all the fear mongering by the left and Obama, nothing happened, when the rubber met the road. The media did it's part to gin up fear among the masses over what would happen under sequestration.. Liberals and their media flunkies are spouting constantly non stop that the Tea Party and the GOP is going to get blamed for a federal government shut down. 

Obama and the left faces there own problem if that the government shuts down and nothing major happens just like with sequester.

The left can only shout that the sky will fall if they don't get their way but so many times.. When their bluff is ultimately called, then what? A government shutdown isn't even a true government shutdown, it's only a shut down of non critical government functions, like national parks and museums.

 I want the government shutdown to happen so that Americans can see that they have been lied to by the left and the media about all the fabricated disasters that would happen under a government shutdown.

 People need to see with their own eyes, that their elected representatives are playing them for suckers, fools and dopes  Without the card of fear, gloom and doom, the left has nothing. I don't expect Obamacare to be overturned due to a government shutdown nor do I want to. This is an issue that the right wing is not getting. Like I've said before, the only way the right, tea party and even the hapless GOP is going to win the battle on Obamacare is to

" let Obamacare be fully functional and let American people become pissed off as hell over it".

 They have to feel the pain of Obamacare, before they will be fully ready to get rid of that pain which is Obamacare". The filibusterer by Ted Cruz last week politically was masterful. As much as the left and even the establishment Republicans attacked Cruz, he presented himself as the face of opposition to Obamacare. Also, his efforts have made the right clearly the opposition to Obamcaare while making Obama and Democrats the proponents of it. So as Americans become more and more enraged over the impact of Obamacare on their healthcare, they will know clearly who is to blame. Not one GOP vote was cast in support in the createion of Obamcare. The left will blame the GOP for a government shutdown, but they can't blame the GOP for the disaster Obamacare is, that's one them. Daniel Henniger of the Wall Street Journal said it best.

"If Republicans feel they must "do something" now, they could get behind Sen. David Vitter's measure to force Congress to enter the burning ObamaCare castle along with the rest of the American people. Come 2017, they can repeal the ruins."


Anonymous Eddie said...

The Truth About the Government Shutdown

I hope the Shutdown continues even though the Government has not really shut down but still, it certainly is a step in the right direction. Maybe in a few decades we can get rid of Government entirely and live free.

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