Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hispanics aren't nothing like blacks politically.

White liberals are some very stupid people. I'm not saying this, because I am opposed to just about everything they stand for. I'm saying this, because it's the truth. These people have this warped concept of how the world should be, and they are determined to make it so. They also have to tendency to think that things will work out according to their way of thinking, and that will lead to their down fall. There is no denying that most blacks follow the lead of white progressives hook line and sinker. They are for the most part the ultimate useful idiots. It is what it is.

They have been indoctrinated or trained to believe that white liberals are somehow "not white" yet white conservatives are and that makes them all racists because of it.

I never said liberal logic had to make sense. White liberals know they have to vast bulk of the "black vote", and they never have to fear blacks becoming a political dominating force that will rise up and take away their power. Hispanics on the other hand are a different story entirely. Hispanics in this country both legal and illegal aren't like blacks. For one thing, Hispanics don't abort off their own like blacks do thus their population will continue to grow. Another thing and probably the most important thing is that Hispanics are very politically aware as to their influence in politics by both parties. Since blacks are deemed owned or property by the Democratic Party exclusively, they really do not have any political capital. The Democratic Party knows that blacks will never leave them no matter what which means that the party knows they do not have to do anything for them so they can be taking for granted. I've been listening to some of the militant Hispanic leaders over the years from groups like CASA, and their agenda is one that could ultimately make white liberals a minority within the Democratic Party which I wouldn't really wouldn't care if it happened. There are Hispanic Democrats and leaders who are openly against white Democrats winning congressional seats in their districts. As their population continues to grow this will start to be a problem for white Democrats aka "anglos". For example, In New Mexico running for state delegate, Frank Otero sought the help of State Representative Miguel Garcia who is a Hispanic Democrat in Albuquerque. Miguel decided to help Mr. Otero. So Miguel sent out an email to other Democratic House, Senate and other elected Officials.. The Gracia email stated 

" A minority of unsuspecting Democratic leaders are supporting the Democratic ANGLO newcomer opponents in Andrews and Frank's primary races".

So I guess this was a case of a racist Hispanic Democrat attacking white Democrats., gee go figure. I know some will claim this was just an isolated issue, but I know it's not. Liberals think they will control the Hispanic vote like they do the black vote. They are dreaming if they think that will be the case.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The day the nut made perfect sense.

Hell has frozen over on MSNBC. Well it has for Chris Matthews. Following the massive political shock wave that was experienced Tuesday night as Tea Party candidate David Brat soundly defeated the House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the Virginia Republican Congressional Primary. Mr' Brat's stunning upset is one thing, but how he was able to beat Eric Cantor so badly has all the political pundits and commentators complexed in trying to find a logical answer to what happened Tuesday Night. One person I would not have ever expected to even come close to getting it right was Chris Matthews. On something called the Ronan Farrow Daily show on MSNBC, himself. Chris and  Chuck Todd were discussing Mr Brat's win, and Chris noted that Mr. Brat is an economics professor and has a grasp on how to articulate his beliefs and that he is more then capable of defending his positions on his or any other show. Well those comments of course made Farrow and Todd laugh in sarcasm. To them and many other liberals, the Tea Party is nothing more then a movement of white, racist, backwoods intellectual knuckledragging, redneck hicks. I never thought I would say this, but to Chris's credit he stated  the stereotypes that his fellow liberals have placed on the Tea Party is inaccurate. He further went on to state that liberals should stop acting like intellectual snobs. I don't know, maybe someone spiked Chris's coffee or something or he was off his meds, but for one brief moment, Chris Matthews was the smartest person in the room on MSNBC. The idea that Brat is a Tea Party person and is college educated is a shock to liberals in the first place but for for him to also be a professor just can't gel with their sense of reality of those who oppose them.

 How Dave beat Eric so badly is of no surprise to some myself. Eric Cantor has been a supporter of amnesty for awhile. I believe what opened up the flood gates in opposition to Cantor in his district was his constituents watching the flood of teenage illegal aliens into the country over the past few weeks. It's one thing for a candidate to talk about an issue, but when they can visualize it, they become more connected to it. Cantor simply had no way of defending his position on amnesty against the back drop of the children and teenage illegal alien invasion that is currently happening.