Friday, March 27, 2015

If a white person orders their Starbucks Coffee with sugar and cream, does that make them a racist?

 I love how the left always accuses conservatives of throwing their values in everybody's face even though they never do. It's usually the other way around. At every conceivable turn, liberals hop onto to their lopsided soap box and try to browbeat everybody into submission in order for them to embrace what they support such as global warming or gay marriage. These people in their warped, self illusion minds have crowned themselves as being the only views that are suppose to matter in society and we all must conform or else. As for me, I just laugh in their face with amusement. I remember when the left was fit to be tied over the views of the founders of Chic-Fil-A in regards to their position in supporting traditional marriage. The company itself didn't have a position on gay marriage it was the founders and their family.  Chic-Fil-A didn't support traditional marriage as apart of it's business.They didn't use their business to try and advance their social beliefs. Now lets talk Starbucks Coffee shops or as I like to call them "$tarsmucks" on the other hand. The CEO of $tarsmucks Howard Schultz is a radical liberal. As CEO of $tarsmucks, he has blurred the lines between what are his personal beliefs and what are proper business practices. For example, $tarsmucks launched a social something last week asking their baristas to engage their customers on the issue of "race and racism"

I'm pretty much an expert at calling out people's hypocrisy, and I wish I could ask Howard Schultz some questions about racism and race and $tarsmucks.

1. What is the percentage of minorities who work in stores, middle and upper management in the $tarsmucks organization

That actually would be the only question I would ask Howard Schultz, then I would sit down put my feet on his desk smile and wait patently for his answer. If anything that I know about liberals is that they are fake. Diversity Inc every year releases it's annual list of the most racially diverse companies in America known as it's top 50 list. Do you want to take a guess as to what company wasn't on the list for having a strong racially diverse workforce? It was kind of a no brainer I know. $tarsmucks didn't make the list. In typical progressive fashion, they are always lecturing or wanting to lecture others about a problem or perceived problem without first lecturing to themselves about it.Maybe just maybe, Howard Schultz should have a talk in the mirror or at least to his human resources department about race, hell they can all sit down with those $tarsmuck coffee cups that says "race together" and have a hard long talk about the racial makeup of their own company instead of asking their baristass (who are overwhelmingly white) to harass their customers on the issue of race and racism.This social experiment lasted a week before it was cancelled or "concluded". I guess who would have ever thought it that people only care about buying coffee when they go into a coffee store. Considering how pricey a cup of $tarsmucks coffee is, I suppose customers realized that talk is cheap not the coffee so there was no real value in talking to the average early twenty something year old white barista about something they frankly have no idea or concept about personally

Friday, March 13, 2015

The blood of two police officers shot in front of the Ferguson Police Department rest solely on his hands.

Attorney General Eric Holder better get a stronger scrub brush, because he's going to need it. Again he has found a way to have the blood of police officers on his hands. As you all have probably heard by now, two Police Officers were shot and nearly killed in an assassination attempt outside of the Ferguson Police Department a little after midnight Thursday. There is no debating this as to who is responsible. Yes the thug is the one who tried to assassinate who he or she thought were Ferguson Police officers, but he or she acted based on the actions of Eric Holder's bogus report that smeared the Ferguson Police Department as having deed seeded racial problems, yet it doesn't. I'll get back to that in a moment, but I want to bring attention to a very important fact that can not be ignored. The shooting death by former officer Darren Wilson was not only justified on the grounds of self defense against Saint Michael Brown, but even Eric Holder's own justice department couldn't find any evidence that Darren Wilson violated the civil rights of Saint Michael, thus
Officer Wilson was cleared in their own probe and no charges were brought!

So now comes the ten million dollar question folks. Since Officer Wilson was cleared by Eric Holder's own Justice Department,

 "Why did Eric Holder feel  it was necessary to conduct an investigation into the Ferguson Police Department" when his own Justice Department's investigation into the Saint Michael shooting found no racial attributes regarding the shooting"?

People in Ferguson got all racially ginned up again based on the report that was released by Eric Holder's Justice Department into the Ferguson Police Department in which they claim the department had deep seeded racial issues that needed to be addressed. As for those issues.  The investigation turned up TWO racist emails that were sent several years ago by Ferguson Police Officers. From how the Justice Department report described the report, one would think that David Duke's brother was running the place, but that wasn't the case.

  Most of the people who were fired over this JD's report were members of the Ferguson City Government and NOT  the Ferguson Police Department.!!

So because of this highly publicized report  which didn't show any wide spread systemic racial issues with in the FPD but was presented as if  it did,  black protesters got emotionally worked up into a frenzy and decided to protest outside the Ferguson Police Department and one of those protesters based on that report decided he was going to try and kill some Ferguson Police Officers. That's pretty much sums it up. The ironic aspect in this shooting is that the two officers who were shot weren't even Ferguson Police Officers. One officer was from Saint Louis County and the other was from the Webster Grove Police Department, but I suppose that doesn't matter much to those who "think" with blinded rage, a cop is a cop and cops deserve to be shot according to their mindset.

Eric Holder is s suppose to be the nations top cop as the Attorney General, but I truly have to wonder who's side is he really on. More often then not, he seems to be on the side of the very protesters who are targeting the police officers across the country. The Ferguson Police Chief had to become a scrafical lamb for the blood thirsty mob and was forced to resign, even though he didn't have anything to do with the death of Saint Michael Brown. I guess that's social justice on display.The Perception of addressing the problem is more important then actually addressing it I suppose.

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Were the remakrs by Dr Carson a potential 2016 death blow? If so then why?

Looks like Dr Ben Carson has had a rough week. For the life of me, I can't really figure out why this big firestorm has errupted. I mean his comments he made on CNN about believing that homosexuality is a choice based on how straight men go to prison and come out gay was his opinion. I don't really see where the "great controversy  is in what he said? People on both the left and sadly even the right are attacking him, but was what he said factually inaccurate? The 2016 Presidential campaign season has just begun, yet some are saying that Dr Carson has already ruined his chances to try and win the GOP nomination. Surprisingly some on the right are saying the same thing but why? Sometimes conservatives have a tendency to inflict dumb dumb wounds on themselves. They always wonder how the GOP establishment candidates always seem to win the nomination for the presidency, it's really simple. They stick by their candidates no matter what. With conservatives, it's hee woo throw them overboard at the slightest misstep. With Carson's comment, there really wasn't even a misstep. When Jeb Bush wins the GOP nomination, you'll know how it happened.