Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Now I know why stupid people should not breed.

Liberals tend to fit the definition of the word "stupid" to a tee. I'm not saying this to be mean. I'm just being truthful. Stupid is defined as "lacking intelligence or common sense". I've been saying for as long as I can remember that liberals lack the ability for critical thinking. This is why they are so easily able to be played for puppets by the progressive power structure of the Democratic Party. Here's a perfect illustration. If you were to ask a liberal who made the following comment
"I can see Russia from my house", who do you think they would overwhelmingly say who that was and in a mocking and snarking manner? Of course, they would say that it was the so called dunce former Governor Sarah Palin who said that, but they would be the true dunces however. Sarah Palin never made that comment. It was the comedian Tina Fey who mocked Palin on Saturday Night Live who said that. What Palin actually said was "You can see Russia from Alaska", and she was factually correct. There are two towns in Alaska in which you can see over the Bering Straits into Siberia which is a territory of , wait for it"Russia". So the people who thought they were so smart and she so stupid were for a lack of better words "utterly clueless".

This story isn't about Sarah as much as it has to do with the lack of intelligence of progressives when labeling people they don't like such as calling them a "racist".  For the past few weeks,  I have been hearing liberals label Donald Trump as a "racist", and I have yet to have one of these "enlightened" people  explain to me what Donald Trump said that was racist. It's like with the Palin scenario, these people don't exercise common sense in coming to their conclusions, it's purely emotional. I debated one of these clueless drones the other day. It just helped to reinforce what I've always known about liberals. The person I debated said that Trump was a racist because of his stance on Muslims. Many liberals believe that is the smoking gun of how Trump is a racist. When the guy made the comment, I just sighed in embarrassment for him. I went on to explain that 
Muslims are "NOT" a race, they are followers of the Islamic religion.

Getting back to what I said earlier about common sense. Anyone with common sense knows that all Muslims aren't brown skinned just as all Middle Eastern Arabs aren't Muslim,.This is why the herd mentality and analytical thinking never can mix. A few weeks ago on the Kelly File Herman Cain debated Ja'mal Green who helped to shut down the Trump rally in Chicago and Trahern Crews who is an organizer for the black  radical activist group Black Lives Matter. The topic of the segment was about the antagonists showing up at Trump rallies to cause trouble. Of course both Ja'mal and Trahern didn't see it that way. Trahern  said something about Trump that made me think about the stupidity of liberals when it came to Palin. Trump's campaign slogan is "Make America Great Again", but what fool would believe that Trump ever said "Make America White Again"? The 4:23 mark just show the depth of the mass ignorance common sense people are up against, scary!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tyrone-"I went on to explain that Muslims are "NOT" a race, they are a followers of Islamic religion."

I got into a heated debate with my liberal nephew who claims that Donald Trump is a racist for wanting to stop a flow of illegal immigration coming into our country from Mexico. News flash: Mexicans are not a race, they are a nationality! Illegal immigration is coming from all directions of the globe; the largest flow is coming from Mexico and the majority of them are criminals. The difference I've seen is that we tend to be more lenient with Mexican criminals than how the Mexicans treated Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi when he accidentally crossed into their border and sat in their jail with such deplorable conditions for 214 days? Gee, are the Mexicans "racist"?

10:41 PM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

anon said "I got into a heated debate with my liberal nephew who claims that Donald Trump is a racist for wanting to stop a flow of illegal immigration coming into our country from Mexico."

Young people are usually void of facts and react mostly on emotion of what "feels good". Trump's original statement about illegals coming from Mexico was twisted and distorted by the pro open borders crowd. Trump never said that "all" Mexicans are rapists and murderers coming into the country, he said that murderers and rapists are coming into the country from Mexico. If you ask your nephew have murderers and rapists entered the United States from Mexico, he has no choice but to say yes, once he does he will either have to 1. Admit that Trump was right or 2. Admit that he himself is a racist based on the definition of a racist he gave to Trump.Liberals can't defend why Mexico has it's borders secured. Using the open borders crowd logic once again, the government of Mexico must be racist also in preventing people for South America from settling in their country. I would like to conduct a public Q&A of these progressive twits just to ask them one question "Is it ok if we fully adapt the immigration policy of Mexico"? They would all say yes without not even knowing how strict it is and how the country of Mexico fully enforces their policy.

7:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been in this country for 20 years. I have met lots of Latinos but most in New York are from Puerto Rico. I cant say that most of them are criminals. To me most of the immigrants seem to work harder than the black people that were born in America. In New York there are a lot more black American born criminals than immigrant criminals.

The you tube video of the three black talkers and the white woman shows how blacks are divided in this country. Black Americans divide themselves like ethnic and religion does in my home country.

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The surging mexican population in the US is displacing blacks within both the GOP, DEMocratic party. This is the real reason Hillary Clinton is choosing Julian Castro(D-Texas) and not a black VP. The black middle class has been demolished by legal and ILLegal immigrant labor. The urban young blacks are being locked out politically and economically in this country. Mexican diplomatic consulates and embassies are funding ongs to pressure immigration reform. Most peole do not understand that Mexico still segregates blacks in mexico with jim crow laws, and mexicans communities in the US are not as tolerant and do not welcome multiculturalism towards other races in the US. Mexicans feel they ate REclaiming their land.

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