Friday, November 28, 2008

Analysis of what went wrong for Republicans in 2008 Part 2

As I said in part one, the down fall for the Republicans started back in the summer of 2006. Bush was becoming more and more of a disappointment and a liability to conservatives. Bush didn't intervene in the case involving two border security agents that shot a fleeing illegal alien drug dealer.Border agents Jose Alonso Compean was sentenced to 12 years in prison and Ignacio Ramos was sentenced to 11 years. Many conservatives scorched Bush for staying quiet, because they believed the agents were just doing their jobs and were wrongly punished. Conservatives later gave Bush an ear full when he nominated his White House counsel Harriet Myers to the Supreme Court. When Bush tried to promote the sale of several ports to the United Arab Emirates, that was when the conservatives love affair with Bush started to going down hill fast. What finally sent Bush's approval numbers into the tank thanks to a sharp decline in support among conservatives was his support of the "amnesty bil aka immigration reform actl". Conservatives were furious over the bill that would allow for illegals to become U.S citizens and allow for their relatives to become citizens as well. This bill also got conservatives completely ticked off not just with Bush but with any Republican that dared supported the bill. When Republicans foolishly voted in favor of that bill, they might as well just signed their political death warrant. Republicans were stuck on stupid if they really thought that conservatives would have forgotten every bill they voted for that went against conservative values in just two years time. This leads me back to McCain. Conservatives didn't forget that McCain tried to push through that amnesty bill. The National GOP was hoping against hope that the Democrat's nomination of Obama or Hillary ultimately Obama would have overshadowed that five alarm fact. Conservatives weren't going to forgive fake conservatives in just a two year time span leading into the Presidential Election, and they didn't forgive them. Bush was the poison that unseated Republicans, and those Republicans contributed to their own demise by supporting Bush on legislation that they should have clearly been opposing him on. The icing on the cake that cemented the fall of power for the GOP in 06 and the Presidency this year was their out of control spending. Republicans were known as the fiscal hawks. They were the ones that claimed to be the party of limited government and fiscal restraint. When they started to mirror the Democrats in reckless, irresponsible spending, there was very little for the conservative base to contrast between the Democrats and the Republicans. So when the 2006 midterm elections came around, conservatives threw their hands up in the air and said forget it, we're staying home. Republicans lost in the south to the "Blue Dog Democrats". The Blue Dogs portray themselves as "fiscal conservatives". Republicans lost control of congress, because they lost their identity. So now we know went wrong with Republicans in not only 06 but 08 as well. George W Bush has been toxic to the Republican Party, but Republicans In Name Only also deserve plenty of the blame. More to follow.


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