Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Jesse Jackson's new career change?

With the election of Barack Obama to the White House. America's best known race hustling poverty pimp may have found a new line of work. Jesse is now the racial lobbyist for the black auto dealerships and suppliers of the "Big 3". Jesse claimed "It's time to get back to the streets for some action". Jackson shouldn't really be looking for action anymore. The last time he did it, he helped to create a love child with his secretary. Eventhough they're are black auto dealers that own Ford, GM and Chrysler dealerships, I still haven't figured out how exactly does that help the dealerships by saving the big three? Giving a loan to the big money pit isn't going to make people buy cars, and if they don't buy cars then the dealers still lose money. Either Jesse doesn't have an idea of how dealerships work, or he is just "pimping" the plight of the black domestic auto dealers as a way to help the unions of the big three. I believe that is the real reason for Jackson's so called concern and "action". I doubt Jackson could care less if black dealers owned Toyota, Honda, and other foreign auto dealerships, because those auto manufactures are NON UNION. It's pretty easy to see through a liberal, because a liberal always have an alternative motive to his or her actions.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know how JJ is going to help the auto dealership, much less as what does this have to do with the black community.
The only times I would see JJ get involved with any industry is if it involved black people; whether it is not getting that raise or being promoted to a higher level or claims of racism in the workplace. Years ago, he gave a bad PR about Boeing.
Over the years, not once have I've seen JJ, or Al Sharpton stand up to the rights of whites or anyone, who is non-black who is treated unfairly in any industry or any parts of society. If they can do that, than maybe we can probably stop calling them "racial pimps".

8:36 PM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

Jesse Jackson can only help himself to money he extorts from weak spineless corporations that are too afraid to tell him to "kiss off". I have yet to see where any money he's gotten from shaking down companys have gone to actually help blacks. I take that back. The only blacks Jackson has benefited are his family and close friends. Boeing should have gone after Jackson. Jackson does not represent the black community. Dumb white liberals in the media are the only ones promoting htis fool like he has some actual importance in the community. It's an illusion and nothing more. With the election of Obama, hopefully Jackson and Sharpton's "gravy train" will finally dry up. Rule number one to pimping. A pimp will never give up his hoes if they are producing for him. That means as long as race tree is profitable, they will continue to pick fruit from it.

9:10 PM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

Allen, why is Obama now all of a sudden trying to down play people's expectations of him being able to turn around the economy when he takes office? Has Obama finally come to realize that people are actually expecting him to "live up to hype" lol

9:23 PM  

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