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Taking a pin to Colin Powell's ego Part 1

It's bad enough that the country has one egomaniac thinking he is the world's messiah, now it looks like Colin Powell is trying to be the Republican Party's version. When Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama the week before the election, I thought maybe after his endorsement he would finally switch parties and become a Democrat. Sorry to say no such luck. Not only is Colin Powell still a "Republican In Name Only", he's going after conservatives as the reason why John McCain lost the election. Collin Powell taped a segment for CNN's Fareed Zakaria that will air on Sunday's "GPS" program. These are some of the "enlightening comments" Collin Powell said on why the GOP lost

I couldn't let Powell's profound ignorance go unchallenged.

Powell ""There is nothing wrong with being conservative. There is nothing wrong with having socially conservative views — I don't object to that. But if the party wants to have a future in this country, it has to face some realities. In another 20 years, the majority in
this country will be the minority."

What exactly is Powell saying? What does social conservatism have to do with the "minority being the majority". Let me take a wild guess. Powell believes that Hispanics will become the majority and Whites will become the minority. What Colin Powell is saying in essence is to kiss up to Hispanics if Republicans want to win elections. It is fake clueless people like Colin Powell that is a strong reason why I don't like weak pandering Republicans. Powell thinks he is the smartest person in the room, yet he doesn't even know that nobody else is in the room. Social Conservatism has nothing to do with being "anti Hispanic". Liberals like to frame it as such and Powell seems to agree. If Powell understood Social Conservatism with respect to immigration, he would know that it's about securing the borders and cracking down on ILLEGAL ALIENS not NATURALIZED CITIZENS. Only CNN would be dumb enough to take Powell seriously. Powell also thinks that the GOP used a strategy of "polarization" to win the election,and it backfired. Once again Powell shows how clueless he really is. It was the person that Powell endorsed Barack Obama and his drones that made "race" an issue, "class warfare" an issue, and "gender" an issue. If Collin Powell truly believes that conservatives having strong beliefs is "polarizing". He needs a reality check. Powell failed to mention in his interview that John McCain ran one of the weakest campaigns ever in regards to political attacks. The most offensive comment that came from the McCain campaign if you want to call it an offensive comment was when Governor Palin said Obama was "paling" around with terrorist. Funny how so many Obamatrons took offense to a factual comment. So I don't know exactly what Powell considers "polarizing" nor do I care. Colin Powell isn't in the position to blame radio personalities like Rush Limbaugh either. People like Limbaugh, Neil Bortz, MIchael Savage, Mark Levin, Tom Marr, Luara Ingraham and Bill Cunningham represents traditional conservatism. People like Collin Powell, Condi Rice, Michael Medved, John McCain, Arlene Specter, Lindsey Graham, Chuck Hagel. Trent Lott, Arnonld Schwartzenegger, Wayne Gilchrest, Paul Pawlenty, Charlie Crist are the "neo cons aka new conservatives". These are the people that believe in "going along to get along". They believe that conservatism in it's purest form needs to be watered down or "modernized". These are the ones that feel the need to stick a dagger in the back of real conservatives in order to get head. These neo conservatives are always the ones trying to convince that real conservatives must sell out their principals and core beliefs in order to give an image of being "bi partisan". Notice you will rarely see Democrat liberals reach across the aisle or sellout their own in order to gain favor with Republican conservatives. Then again they aren't suckers like neo conservatives or fakes like Collin Powell.


Anonymous Chilerkle said...

I don't know why he'd wanna be bipartisan when the left trashed him just as much if not more than they trashed Bush I'm starting to think he's a flunky not for Bush but a flunky for the RINOs and Liberal Democrats!

I have lost all respect for Colin Powell because he's trying to gain favor from the same people who insulted and slandered him. I'm glad to know he's no conservative but still I can't respect anybody who kisses up to those who trash them!

1:35 PM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

Chilerkle "I don't know why he'd wanna be bipartisan when the left trashed him just as much if not more than they trashed Bush I'm starting to think he's a flunky not for Bush but a flunky for the RINOs and Liberal Democrats!"

Powell may be suffering from "short term memory loss "chilerkle. I think he is an opportunist flunky to the highest degree as well chilerkle. I wonder who is hated more in the Republicans Party right now, Bush or Powell?lol
How can Powell and others like him not see that the foundation of the Republican Party is made up of rue conservatives? If McCain thought he didn't need conservatives, we wouldn't have went crawling into CPAC to beg conservatives to support him. Chilerkle, if you get a chance check out the comments left on youtube on the Powell video. A lot of liberals are saying that Powell is so courageous, smart, correct etc. Powell has become a "useful idiot of the left". Those same people licking his knee caps right now where the same ones calling him an uncle tom just a few years ago including the people at CNN.

2:23 PM  
Blogger p. anthony allen said...

CB says;"So I don't know exactly what Powell considers "polarizing" nor do I care."

Powell, like most "voting" American's, see people such as Limbaugh, Neil Bortz, Michael Savage, Mark Levin, Tom Marr, Luara Ingraham and Bill Cunningham as polarizing figures. And the likes of which, that none of the a fore mentioned have ever been elected, nor selected to head a public office.

It's funny how you contrast your conservative "gurus" with main liner Republicans like Collin Powell, Condi Rice, Michael Medved, John McCain, Arlene Specter, Lindsey Graham, Chuck Hagel. Trent Lott, Arnonld Schwartzenegger, Wayne Gilchrest, Paul Pawlenty, Charlie Crist. Most of whom who have been "elected" to office, or "selected" by the party to head an office....

Basically, you're proving Powell's point! For eight years moderate Republicans were getting elected all over the place. Yet, when far right zealots began injecting "Palin" and "Limbaugh Idealism" into the party, Republicans started falling like dominoes....

Tyrone, you tend to think that most Americans are staunch venture capitalist who promotes illegal alien's for their labor only, complain about the size of government ran by the same people who run the private sectors, while being led by religious zealots who believe a woman's body belongs to everyone but the woman.

I tend to believe Powell, and not only because he's at odds with the Republican party. I believe him because he was there, mostly as an insider. He saw what was happening within the party and spoke his piece. However, (unlike Joe Lieberman), Powell is being shunned and castigated by the party...not for being wrong, but for being "right"!

5:06 PM  
Blogger Thuyen Tran said...

The reason why Republicans lost the last two elections was not because of their conservatism. In the first election it was because of a scandal and many conservatives being turned off. The last election they lost was because of a combination of factors: 1) most prominently a bad economy and 2) conservatives distrusting McCain.

Palin kept the election from being worse for McCain then it was since it got many conservatives back into the Republican camp, but just not enough.

I find it funny how Democrat liberals say the Republicans in order to succeed need to become more like them!

I don't find them sincere at all.

Liberal Democrats don't have the best interests of Republicans at heart so why would they want to tell Republicans what to do in order to succeed in future elections?

Let's get real here. The economy this election cycle sunk the Republicans more than anything else, since they were perceived with incumbent President as being most responsible for the economy tanking.

Powell basically is saying Republicans are being divisive because they stand by certain principles that he deem divisive. Can one say the same thing about principles Democrats stand by when one disagree with them? That type of argument is meaningless.

If anything what kills the Republicans in recent elections is not moral or other principles that are perceived as too conservative. It is lack of them. Or lack of willingess to push for them be it on issue of pro-life or whatever.

And people complain Palin is an opportunist?

Opportunists sell out their principles to get votes! Who is advocating that here?

And liberals will believe Powell just because he was for their man Obama. But they sure don't believe anything else he said while he was still a Republican (at least in name) when he did not support Obama yet. Which is ironic given many of his views are just as liberal as they are, but he just happened to work for the President they love to hate, GWB.

Either not being very consistent.

Or being willfully guillible.

I seem to recall liberals here fawning over Franky Schaeffer's diatribes against his father Francis Schaeffer's Christian evangelical conservatism...and being guillible about it (since anyone who knows anything remotely about Franky knows he has axe to grind against his parents because Franky abandoned Protestantism for Eastern Orthodoxy, and now lashed out at his parents for raising him Protestant, much to the sadness even of fellow Orthodoxs).

Likewise, I believe Powell has axe to grind with conservatives.

Republicans were at the most successful when they ran on conservative platforms. Remember Reagan? Or contract with America?

Too bad Republicans don't live by them consistently once in power.

1:58 AM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

As Colin Powell continues to be the useful idiot of the left, it is so laughable watching liberals come to his defense now. They have no core integrity at all.

12:29 AM  

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