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Michael Steele bit off more then he could chew attacking Limbaugh. Part 1

I pulled no punches in my reservations about Michael Steele being the Republican National Committee Chairman. I stated that the majority of the well known and grassroots conservatives were backing Ken Blackwell for that position. I also stated that Steele was chosen by the committee, because he wasn't a rock solid conservative like Blackwell was. I'm getting way to good at understanding this stuff. Michael is a very smart guy, but he sorely lacks "street smarts". He needs to learn when liberals in the media are trying to "play him" for a "sucker" and a "useful idiot". Michael Steele was a guest on "D.L. Hughly's Break the News" show Sunday. Hughly invited Steele on to his show for a very simple reason. He wanted to set up Michael Steele into saying something against Rush Limbaugh. It was no fluke that Hughly invited Steele on his show less then 24 hours after Limbaugh gave a major speech at CPAC. Many people thought only Fox News and CSPAN was carrying Rush's speech. CNN also carried his speech. Rush acknowledged CSPAN and Fox News in a jokingly favorable manner. He made reference to the other "members of the drive by media". He made a back handed reference to CNN as one of the members of the "drive by" media. This is the exchange between Hughly and Steele that led to Steele setting himself up to "played" by Hughly.

This is me setting the record straight on why the comments about Rush being the "de-facto" leader of the Republican Party are false and deceptive. Steele needs to realize that pandering to liberals in the media isn't going to translate into votes or acceptance.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steele has to stop trying to be a bro. He has to be an American. He has to defend American values rather than Democratic Socialism which means Marxism/Communism. If he told the Black Dems the truth, they could not refute it and would hold down their heads in shame.

Tell them that the party who supported and was created to stop slavery was Republican.

Rush tells the truth and it is a shame that Steele, who should know the evil enemies can do, e,g his credit report, bows down to the table of blacks who believe that Dems, Commies, and Muslims love them sooooooooo much, when in effect, are the biggest enemies of Africans and Black Americans and Caucasian Americans and every American.

2:21 PM  
Anonymous Christie said...

Just wanted to say KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!! I love your blog... in fact, it's now one of my favorite RSS feeds.

4:23 PM  
Blogger p. anthony allen said...

CB;"Hughly invited Steele on to his show for a very simple reason. He wanted to set up Michael Steele into saying something against Rush Limbaugh."

If it were anyone else other than D.L. Hughley, I would be apt to agree with you. Perhaps Kieth Obberman, Chris Matthews maybe even Larry King. Hughley is not what you might call a "savvy journalist." By trade, he's a comedian. Frankly, it's an insult to Steele to imply that he was "conned" into attacking Limbaugh... no less, by a comedian!

The other night Katie Couric appeared on the Letterman show. During their discussion Letterman called Limbaugh a "bonehead" and said he looked like an "eastern European gangster." Couric just laughed it off not adding any other incendiary remarks. Thus Steele, as a seasoned politician in front of the camera and interviewers, should know a set-up the moment it presents itself.

In my opinion, Steele was speaking his mind. He knew exactly what he was saying. What he didn't realize was, "WHO" he was talking about. It's like when you and everyone else knows the boss is an "A-hole", but the last thing you want to do is say it around the wrong people, where he would hear, or it would get back to him.

Yet, I still like Steele. I thought that perhaps he'd lose a bit of credibility for offering a "groveling" apology. Then again, one has to realize who's the boss and who pull's the purse strings.

8:43 PM  
Blogger p. anthony allen said...

Just listened to your video speech Tyrone. Allow me to explain something to you.

Of course "all" Republicans aren't conservatives. But it's silly to deny the fact that, by-in-large, political conservatives vote Republican. Case in point being your own vote, not to mention the assertion of the existence of the RINO (Republican In Name Only). The implications of the term "RINO" doesn't even leave room for what's referred to as a "Conservative Democrat!"

So the fact is, Conservatives (by your own definition) vote overwhelmingly Republican.

So, has CPAC's yearly straw poll ever given the nod to a politician with something other than an "(R)" behind his or her name? Although other politically conservative parties attend and show at CPAC, who are the major contributors to the conference? Gingrich, Romney, Huckabee, Bush etc... all have the familiar (R) behind their names.

Even more proof of Limbaughs de-facto leadership is a poll that was taken at the CPAC conference that overwhelmingly rated Limbaugh as the most listened to and influential. So, until a time comes when conservatives decide to cut ties with the Republican party (GOP), Rush Limbaugh will be the "de-facto leader" of the GOP!

4:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Russ supported him in his election bid. Hughley is like the rest of the blacks who do black to get along and not because it is right.
He is a comedian, but uses it to get over.

Steele said Russ was an entertainer and he is, but along with the entertaining aspect of his show he tell the truth. We have a party in office who used any means necessary to win, much like Islam says and does.

4:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

D.L. got fired.

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