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Race pimps and dead chimps part 2

When I saw the cartoon, I thought it was pretty funny. I think all of this "selective outrage" is of course massively deceptive in nature. This is what I mean. From 2000 to 2008, George Walker Bush was constantly referred to a certain name by people on the left. He was called a "CHIMP".
It's so much fun watching liberals try to run from the truth and still try and defend their hypocrisy.

Even though the New York Post's chimp cartoon wasn't about Obama, liberals don't like it when it is perceived that the attacks are aimed at "one of theirs". These same people threw a hissy fit last year when the ultra liberal New Yorker magazine displayed a magazine cover of Obama and Michelle in a black radical fashion. Liberals are very thin skinned it appears. They are good at dishing it out, but they need to practice on being able to take it. Funny how liberals are so upset over this comic strip didn't protest Jesse Jackson when he called Obama a nigger last year. Now that I think about it, Al Sharpton himself even said that Obama wasn't "authentically" black or "black enough". How soon they forget. It was the black liberal editor from the Los Angeles Times by the name of David Ehrenstein who wrote the story about Obama entitled the "MAGIC NEGRO". This was another example of Obama's racial authenticity being questioned by his fellow "color blind liberals". They're was no protests or "outrage" over this story either. This is why I say this whole flack over the New York Post's cartoon has a lot to do about absolutely nothing. Give the oversensitive racial crybabies their bottles,and hopefully they will back to sleep and leave the rest of us alone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't see what is so "racist" about this cartoon.
But what I have noticed over the past many years when it comes to issues about race or anything that is not politically correct, the ones who complain within the black community are those who belong to a group, organization, their followers, or a public figure like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Rarely do I see a private citizen complain about such issues.

Whether it is a cartoon or a joke, regardless, someone, that person gets condemned. In the case of of Don Imus, he has made some offensive remarks on his shows, until the Rutger's women's basketball team. Who gets involved for his following? Sharpton and Jackson and their followers. The women did not want him fired and they said that Imus' remarks was not about Sharpton and Jackson nor the entire black communtiy.

Kelly Tilghman joke about "lynching Tiger Woods". She admitted that it was a bad joke and Tiger took no offense to it. No, but Sharpton wanted her fired.

My question is, did private, black citizens complain about these situations? If they did, so far, it is a small percentage.

Sharpton and JJ and other black groups will take the time to up and complain and demand that the person should be fired for their remarks. But I do not see them go out of their way to attack the hip-hop artists, whose lyrics insinuate violence, degrades women, and has constant use of the N-word. It would seem that most of the people who listen to that type of music are private black citizens.
Oh, let's not forget the comedians: Michael Richards goes on a racial tyraid and apologizes. Sharpton and Jackson accepted his apology, but not 100%. They demanded that he be blacklisted and have all "Seinfeld" DVDs boycotted.
Chris Rock on the other hand, he makes a lot of jokes about racism and uses the n-word in his act and makes jokes about white people by referring them as "crackers". Who was in his audience? Mostly black people; they too are private citizens. I don't see Sharpton and Jackson attacking him.

Correct me if I'm wrong Tyrone. Am I correct to see that the only black people who complain are not private citizens but are those who belong to groups organizations, and the race-baiters such as Sharpton and Jackson?

I wish that the private citizens would stand up tell these groups and organizations to get a life.

5:34 PM  
Blogger Constructive Feedback said...

Tyrone - I disagree with your strategy.

You are YIELDING that President Obama WAS THE DEAD CHIMP in the cartoon.


It is from their mental psychosis by which these Racism Chasers see a MONKEY and then believe that they see a BLACK MAN!!

Their goal is RUPERT MURDOCH!
Make no mistake about it.

This is nothing more than a "brush back" pitch.

6:07 PM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

In the first sentence constructive, I said I believe the cartoon wasn't about Obama. Unless Obama can morph himself into an image of Pelosi, there is no way that cartoon could have been about him.

constructive feedback "It is from their mental psychosis by which these Racism Chasers see a MONKEY and then believe that they see a BLACK MAN!!

It's that psychosis that makes them try and find a "racist motive" behind any situation or event. The rest of society shouldn't have to suffer or burdened by their racial mental disorder. They are the ones with the problem. Frankly these oversensitive racial parania folks need to get a life.

Constructive Feedback "Their goal is RUPERT MURDOCH!Make no mistake about it."

You just may have a point Constructive. Liberals always have an alternative motive behind everything they do. If this cartoon was published in the New York Times, I doubt nobody on the left would have said a peep then.

6:49 PM  
Anonymous Chilerkle said...

I think they're just using racism as political football. I understand racism is real but I hate how racism is being pimped to push an agenda I don't agree with. These same moronic racial crybabies aren't bitching about ethnic stereotypes you see in so called black movies and on reality TV.

I hate Tiffany Pollard she embodies those stereotypes about black women! I don't think she'll ever get a role other than the loud hoodrat or babymama!

They choose the most moronic non-white individuals to bolster ratings. Reality TV is all about ratings and the individuals are just being their moronic selfs!

However Hollywood is different the writers sometimes are guilty of perpetuating these racial typecasting which is stupid. I believe Hollywood is more racist than the rest of America.

Remember Hollywood is where these racial stereotypes get their currency. If the racial industry feels the need to shake anyone down how come they never take on Hollywood.

I'm not a racial crybaby I'm just pointing out that Hollywood is a cesspool of racism and I don't see any leftards or the poverty pimps confronting Hollywood about their racism!

Their pissed about this cartoon but not Hollywood's racist typecasting.

7:16 PM  

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