Sunday, February 22, 2009

Race pimps and dead chimps Part 3

Looks like the king pimp of the civil rights "industry" known as the NAACP is calling for the editor and cartoonist of the New York Post to be fired. The President of the NAACP Benjamin Jealous said

The Post's decision to publish the cartoon "picks off the scabs of all the racial wounds," and is an invitation to assassination".

So is Mr. Jealous saying when the 200 pound chimp was shot and killed in real life last week by the police, the police were actually sending a subliminal message to "invite an assassination attempt"? So if a cartoonist would have written a cartoon depicting George Bush as a dead chimp, would that have been meant as an invitation by a kook to assassinate him? We have officially become the United Idiotic States of America. I really wish that I could be hired on by the New York Post as their communications press person just so I could address the media and the racial insecure sheep that are too clueless to understand what is racist and what is not. This is how race pimps like to operate. They love an easy mark. It's very rare that race racketeers will pick a fight aka "protest" with people or companies they know WILL FIGHT BACK. The management of the New York Post should tell Bonds and the rest of their motley fools to "step off" and "get lost. What the Post should really do is sue the NAACP and Sharpton. Both are practically broke financially anyways, they wouldn't be able to sustain a lengthy legal battle with the New York Post. This is what I don't understand. The masters of racial insecurity wants the New York Post to apologize, but who should be issued an apology? Obama hasn't come out and said one thing about the cartoon pro or con. The insecure crowd claim the cartoon was aimed at Obama, so why should the NYP apologize "in general" like they want them too? I truly believe that the antics of Sharpton, the media, the insecure crowd and the NAACP is starting to tick off a lot of people that are sick and tired of all of this racial paranoia by the left. I claimed Obama's becoming President would actually be a negative for race relations in America, let this prove as yet another example for why I was right. I believe most of America is beyond sick and tired of the RACIAL PARANOIA, RACIAL INSECURITIES, RACE HUSTLING, RACE PANDERING, RACE MANIPULATION and the SELECTIVE RACIAL OUTRAGE. I know I'm beyond sick of it. The people that are so "offended", don't even read the New York Post to begin with. Hire me New York Post!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Al and Jesse need to give up the title of Reverand. What god do they represent. All they do is race hustle, except support black women. NEVER do they attack groups that condemn black people, just the European whites never the whites with a tan. Many educated black are so tired of playing the victims and being afraid to say a word. Terrorism is the means of keeping the masses quiet. If one does not agree with the loud mouth pimps, they are lambasted. Will Blacks have to engage in fighting back against their own misguided masses? When the slaves lead other slaves to freedom, some women had to carry a gun to keep the "men" from returning back. They were warned that if they came back, they would tell the freedom route.

Africans were called apes a long time before America wa founded. The race pimps never say a word to the same people who still believe thatAfricans are apes. Last year, the Arabs called the Darfur Muslims who are blu-black, gorillas, women and men. Arabs sexed babies and little girls because as gorillas they were not true muslims anyway, but slaves to Arabs and Europeans. Tabari 11.

Didn't the pimp's owner think that the chimp wanted a female chimp?
All animals need sex. He was not her kind. Genesis 2.

10:25 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

Skipped reading part 2:)

I am amazed this is still is still a story. I am seeing groups on Facebook about this. I'm really ignoring this utter madness.

There are more important things than this nonsense, like the really outrageous spending in Congress supported by the same people that denounced Pres. Bush's outrageous spending.

Totally agree with anon. I absolutely refuse to call Al and Jesse reverend. They race bait for bm. They could care less about THE RACE. It is all about the dollar and prestige. I believe that is seeping away. At least that is my hope. We are tired of them, especially a good number of bw like myself.

3:31 PM  

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