Friday, August 14, 2009

Palin's Aikido counters Alinsky Jujitsu.

Back on August 7th, Sarah Palin made a statement on Face book about how the government health care bill would create "death panels" for end of life care. The media wasted no time attempting to debunk Palin's statement and attack her in the process. This is what I've learned about the media. When they goes into overdrive mode in an attempt to discredit a person's statement, the person's statement is normally correct. The death panel statement made by Palin of course was accurate. Under a rationed system, the handicap and the elderly are naturally going to be the ones to suffer the most. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand common sense. After a few days of the media attacking her comments. Palin shot back today in a huge way. This is the story from today in the Politico entitled "Sarah Doubles Down" She attacked her critics and Obama directly and presented the sections of the bill that completely backed up what she said.The media and Obama couldn't call her a liar or misinformed in her rebuttal, because she was reading word for word from the actually house bill. Later in the day, the Senate Finance Committee announced it was going to drop the end-of-life provision from the health care bill, The media wasn't so quick today to have gone after Palin. I don't know if her exposing the language of the actual bill was responsible for the provision being removed at least in the Senate version, but it does seem odd in the timing. Did Sarah Palin upstage and overpower Barack Obama? It kind of looks that way. Sarah Palin has become a major player in the health care debate. As Obama's popularity and approval ratings continue to decline, it could spell very bad news for Obama and his loyal flock if Palin sets herself up as the "Anti Obama".


Anonymous Chilerkle said...

Go Sarah Palin you are what America needs now not that gutless wimp John McCain and the Liar and fraud Barrack Hussein Obama!

Sarah Palin is more than a pretty face. I respect her.
The Palin haters better get used to have a formidable adversary in Sarah Palin.

They only cheered on John McCain because they knew he was no threat Barrack Hussein Obama!

I despise the left because they're hateful and two-faced phonies!
Their alleged professional victim groups don't speak for me as a woman and a black person!

The way these monsters on the left disregard human life is all the more reason I'm afraid of their so called universal healthcare!

2:47 PM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

Now Redstate has picked up on the Palin win. The story has gone viral among bloggers both liberal and conservative. I'm sure the talk radio shows will sink their teeth into this come Monday. Props to Sarah.

5:31 PM  
Anonymous Lovebug said...

As a huge Sarah Palin supporter, all I can say is: Go Get Them Sarah ! ! !

Thank you, Conservative Brother for posting this.

11:26 PM  

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