Monday, September 21, 2009

Michael Steele shows how to stop a commonly used liberal race baiting tactic cold.

Last week, RNC Chairman Michael Steele was a guest on the Wolf Blitzer's show on CNN. I was surprised Michael went back on CNN after the Peral Harbor sneak attack setup that D.L Hughley did on him by putting Steele against Rush Limbaugh. I guess that episode was water under the bridge, and it looks like Michael has finally gotten his game together in learning how to not let liberal hosts set him up in order to control the interviews. Wolf asked Michael about the comments of the racially deranged flake congressman Hank Johnson from Georgia. Michael gave an excellent response. Wolf then tried to bring up the issue of race within the Republican Party as it pertained to racial representation. Wolf made mention to the lack of ethnic groups in congress that are Republican Michael Steele's response should be the template for how to respond to that common liberal ploy by liberals on that so called "lacks diversity" within the Republican Party.

Steele was right on target. Liberals can talk all day and night about how 90% of blacks vote Democrat. To me it sounds very childish. It's like saying nah, nah, nah, nah, nah we have more colored people in our party then you do. That was actually how Wolf Blitzer tried to frame it. Michael brilliantly stated that the Democratic Party did nothing to earn the loyalty of blacks and other racial groups. Steele echoed what I've been saying since day one of this blog. The only thing of value that the Democratic Party has given blacks is "lip service". Sometimes I wonder what would the leadership of the Democratic Party do if they didn't have the "Republican bogeyman" around in order to target black "fear" against. Wolf like most liberals wanted to talk about the "quantity" of black support towards the Democrat Party, but he couldn't give any examples to Michael on why Democrats deserve 90% support. Michael brought up the fact that blacks live in concentrated poverty within the inner cities, and those cities have been run solely by Democrats for decades. Democrats have run the same public school system in which many blacks students either dropout or are pushed through the system in order to pad their "academic statistics". Liberal Democrats think it's actually normal for 90% of a racial group to belong to the Democrat Party. I believe it's a waste of political capital. No racial group should be overweight in one political party. The black overweight in the Democrat Party is the reason why Democrats can give "lip service" to blacks. They know they have their votes locked up. The old saying goes "why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free"? I can't remember the last time Democrats on the local, state or national level said what they are going to do in order to help empower blacks lift them out of poverty? Democrat politicians realized they don't have to actually "work for the votes of blacks", they just "EXPECT IT" instead. This is the main reason why blacks who aren't Democrats are called "traitors" by black Democrats and even white Democrats. As the income per capita within the inner cities continue to sink further and further, what is the Democratic response? As unemployment among blacks out pace that of other racial groups, what is the Democrat response? As drug addiction and crime continue to plaque the black community on a percentage basis, what is the Democratic response? I don't even want to see 90% of blacks become Republicans. Their loyality should be to themselves and not to a party. The loyalty to the Democratic Party by many blacks reminds me so much of the movie "The Wiz". They danced with joy and believed in the all mighty Oz, they just never noticed Richard Pryor beyond the curtain. Everything that looks like gold always isn't.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Dems used blacks to get on top, yet it was the Dems. who wanted to keep slavery, no voting for blacks.
kkk were all Dems. Nazi were democratic socialist.
Like Islam uses blacks to get over, the Dems who are now socialist-communist are and have done the same thing. Harvard has now brought back JIM CROW under Islam which the Dems support-ASK OBAMA.

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Lena said...

Go Michael Steele. I notice that a lot of the places run by Democrats have high crime rates too!

3:25 PM  
Blogger arlenearmy said...

The more the race card is played, the more the democrat party bleeds. Although blacks are the firewall of the dem party, blacks still are out-numbered nationally.

Though playing the race-card is a game changer, the democrat party will suffer behind it. Biden realizes this. We shall see in 2010.

11:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hurray Michael Steele thank you for proving that Democrats are full of hot air when it comes to showing compassion for "minorities" LOL!

Notice that Hollywood portrays non-whites in a stereotypical manner and yet these very same Hollywood types have the nerve to say they are more enlightened when it comes to social issues. How pathetic and hypocritical!

Yup thank you Michael Steele for reminding me why I don't vote Democrat. Democrats must think individuality is for white people. So the real question is who are the white supremacist party. I say the Democrats based on Logic alone.

1:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Keep up the good work, Tyrone. I definitely do not envy you or Michael Steele or any other melanin-enhanced conservatives. You get it much worse than us melanin-deprived conservatives.

If you can read through the code well enough, you'll see I gave you props in my article Don't Link Surf.

It is very frustrating that Democrats think they have a right to the black vote, despite the Democrat history, as exposed by Black&Right (and reproduced on my site with his permission). It is more frustrating that such an extreme majority of non-whites vote Democrat, given the Democrat legacy.

My prayers are with you as you put up a good fight to unshackle the minds of people who have an unfair advantage when measuring sun-tans.

(CAPSLOCK INTENTIONAL.) I HOPE YOU CAN DELETE THIS PORTION BEFORE POSTING. IF NOT, DELETE THE WHOLE THING. BUT MY OFFER STILL STANDS. (Okay, capslock started hurting my head.) I would be very interested in having you cross-posting articles onto my blogsite, Yes, I want more exposure for my blogsite. But I want to gain that exposure from the work of intelligent folk, which is why I am asking you if you want to cross-post on my site or not. That is why I asked you in an email, although I don't know if it even made it through your filters or not.

7:27 AM  
Blogger Frank A. Dupree said...

Did you all notice that after Steele refuted Blitzer's claim about the Tea-Party signs, he tried to paint Congress as racists by pointing out that there are no "people of color" on the side where the Republicans sit? Steele did a nice job and shut Blitzer down.

3:46 AM  

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