Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Maxine Waters came very close to actually having a coherent thought.

Notice I said she "came close". Congresswoman Maxine Waters is the non fictional female version of Forrest Gump. Instead of "stupid is what stupid does", she's just the walking definition of stupid period. Anyways, Maxine "stuck on stupid" Waters was a guest on the Bill Press liberal radio talk show. I didn't know liberal talk radio still existed. During the segment, Maxine actually sounded like she was making sense. She said she wanted the media to interview the people who are attending the Tea Parties across the country. True to form though, Maxine blew her chance at intellectual redemption by referring to the tea party activists as "teabaggers".

Since the term "teabagger" is a crude reference to a sexual act. I guess liberals use it, because they must be sexual oppressed somehow. Anyways, Kerosene Maxine resorted to her true form and demonstrated why she is indeed a perfect mascot to represent liberalism. This is also the same dim bulb who said she would be all about taking over the oil companies.

I guess why stop with the banks, auto manufactures, mortgage originators, insurance companies and health care right?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maxine and Watson are both so ill-informed. They think Democrats are nice. The dems wanted to keep slavery and were KKK and NAZI. they gained black votes when they gave welfare to blacks and forced the man out of the home and destroyed the black family. Margaret Sanger used this occaSION TO DO pLANNED pARENTHOOD and used naive black pastors to help destroy over 20 million blaCKS THROUG ABORTION. tHIS IS THE AMOUNT of illegal aliens in America. Planned Parenthood is nopw run by blacks who dont even know what they do. It is a shame and now the men surrounding Obama plan to force abortion on unworthy Americans like black gangs and welfare mothers. Olf people will die to save money. WAKE UP AMERICA. Germany was a democatic Socialist naTION THEN BECAME A nAZI ONE.

10:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't stand Maxine Waters and people like her. They set back the achievements of civil rights movement by fifty years. They look for racism under every rock and every nook and cranny. They whine and moan about racism both real and imagined(majority of it being imagined)!

Most of the racists are in the Democrat Party. They presume to represent the interests of all non-whites( I hate the term minority). A very racist notion in deed because of the fact that every man, woman and child is an individual. Are Liberal Democrats implying that only whites are individuals while blacks,Asians,Jews,Arabs and Hispanics are not? Grrrr!

12:35 PM  

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