Friday, September 18, 2009

My thoughts on Jimmy "black boy" Carter

Jimmy Carter is like the crazy uncle who lives in the attic. We know he's there, but we hope he never comes down from out the attic.
Even with Obama distancing himself from Carter's comments, Jimmy Carter and Obama loyalists haven't yet figured out that they are actually doing more damage to Obama with their doubling down on the race card then helping him. White liberals are stupid, and black liberals are just way beyond clueless. Race has a funny way of blinding people from the use of common sense. I know for a fact that liberals haven't picked up on this trend pertaining to Obama. Obama's popularity and approval numbers started to decline on the night he commented that the Cambridge Police Department acted stupidly. That was the moment he started to lose Independent voters at an accelerated pace. Obama has yet to recover those voters. These mental goof balls haven't figured out yet that without Independent voters, Obama is destined to follow in the footsteps of that crazy uncle peanut farmer from Georgia. Obama can't win an election with just his kook base alone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tyrone Col Allen West for President. He is a black man who knows the enemy. The president of Afghanistan's borther has the largest poppy field and the Taliban is getting rich off of it. Go to BARE NAKED ISLAM AND HEARD COL. WEST.

5:02 AM  
Blogger gorin002 said...

think was on memri tv appear he said suicide bombers is t a terrorist act
what he should do i don t know
hes a degrees on everything

3:01 PM  

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