Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11th is a day that can never be "redefined".

This isn't about a day of "service" according to some. It's a day to remember and never forget.

I discovered something of interest that should be noted on this day. Out of all the internet search engines. Only Bing, Dogpile and Ask were the only search engines to have 911 memorials on their front page. GoogleYahoo had no displays at all and .


Blogger BarbFD said...

Let us all pray as we remember the horror of what happened 8 years ago- our country is in dire need of prayer that we can all recognize how we have veered off the path of who we are as a country...we came together right after 9/11; even the dems in D.C. stood up behind Pres. Bush, until it became convenient to not only abandon him and our country but even our unique, American culture-
We must learn to pull together again, stand up against liberal wounds, such as political correctness, godlessness, and hatred and once again; be a bright beacon in a world that seems to be seething in hatred.

2:48 PM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

I remember when the movie Schindler's List came out. Jews said that the movie made them very emotional. A reporter asked a older Jewish lady who was a holacaust surviver why she wanted to bring up old painful memories by watching the movie. The lady said "because I never want to forget no matter how painful it is". I was still a wet behind the ears guy when I heard that. I thought at the time that lady and jews who went to see Schindler's list must have been crazy for wanting to inflict self torture on themselves. Now as I have gotten older and much wiser, I understand perfectly their reasoning Barb. So many people have gone on with their lives since 911 almost like it never even happened. I still remember where I was and what I was doing during that day when everything happened. Sometimes I will watch a 911 video just so I wouldn't forget that our country still has Islamic extremists that want to attack us again.

6:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree Barb! That is why I feel that everyone who has forgotten what made this country great are ungrateful!
We have freedoms that most Europeans can only dream. Notice how political correctness has made freedom a thing of the past in western Democracies!

Political Correctness is evil and a soul destroying poison!

7:01 PM  
Blogger BarbFD said...

So do I, Tyrone- I was in the media center at the middle school, where I was speaking to a sales rep. about placing an order for books...every year afterwards, that sales rep. called me on 9/11 for the years I taught there- it was an exceptional experience, being in a school, as the kids had to stay in their homerooms, while parents were calling in, hysterical; principal speaking over intercom- a very strange thing to think about; children crying- middle schoolers are most definitely old enough to realize the nervousness of adults in that sort of situation...

8:53 PM  

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