Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sarah Palin to go rogue on November 17th.

Sarah Palin has finished writing her memoir a few months ahead of schedule. When I heard the title of her book, I shook my head, smiled then chuckled. Days before the election, stories were leaked from within the McCain camp that Sarah Palin was going "rogue". The rumor was that Sarah sensed that McCain was going to lose the election, so she was starting to organize for 2012 before the 2008 concluded.

Well much to my delight, Sarah named her book "Going Rogue:An American Life".
The pseudo intellectuals over at the Huffington Post are already crying about Palin's book. They are critcizing the title she picked. The headline from the Huffington Post story written by RJ Eskow reads "Why Would Anyone Call Their Book "Going Rogue"Answer below. Even though this is a Huffington Post story, I recommend everyone read it. If you want to know how mentally disturbed liberals are over the exiastance of Sarah Palin, look no further. Eskow in his story went as far as to give the dictionary definitions of the word "rogue". I know if Sarah would have named her book "A Maverick:The Sarah Palin Story", Eskow would be criticizing her for the use of the word "Maverick". I think Sarah's use of the word "Rogue" in her book is pure genius. Liberals tried staining her with the Rogue brand, but Sarah has taken their own attack word against her, and she has "made it her own word of strength in describing her". It's like she was handed lemons by her haters, yet she just turned around and made lemonade out of them instead. Palin's book is going to be a huge seller. Books written by conservatives tend to do very well anyways, but Palin's book is going to set records. The official release date for Sarah's book is November 17th. The pre order demand for Sarah's book is so huge, it is already "number one on the Barnes & Noble Best Seller list, and it was only 24 hours ago since it was announced that her book was finished! That is simple amazing. The fringe haters of Sarah Palin are beside themselves. They are setting up accounts on Barnes & Noble just so they can leave negative remarks about the book, yet the book hasn't even been released yet. I can't wait to see them self destruct, when Sarah's book is number one of the New York Time's best seller list. That will be a day to remember. Some are openly saying that her book could surpass the sales of both of Rush Limbaugh's books combined! If I could give Sarah one bit of advice, I would ask her not to give Oprah Winfrey the privilege of having her for an interview. I would also ask Sarah to bypass shows like the "The View". The liberal media outlets frankly don't deserve and interview with Palin after how venomously they treated her during the campaign and still do to this day. I know Sarah would never tell them to "go to hell", but I hope she does do it with her actions during her book promotions by not giving them access to her. She doesn't need them to help promote her book anyways. The best benefit of Sarah's book is that she gets to tell her readers what her thoughts are without the bias of the media distorting and smearing what she says. The media has yet to review Mark Levin's book "Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto". Mark's book has been number one on the New York Times best seller list for over four months. I doubt the media is going to snub reviewing Sarah's book. I know they are going to review the book with the mission solely to hatchet it to death with criticism. November 17th is going to be a joyful day for the fans of Sarah Palin and a day of severe discomfort and mental anguish for her enemies who wish she would simply just go away. This is Rush Limbaugh's take on Sarah Palin and the media's perception of Sarah, and he 100% nails it.


Blogger Frank A. Dupree said...

I'm willing to bet that those whom are opposed to Sarah Palin will not read her book. They'll probably read excerpts and base their reviews on comments and quotes taken out of context. At least we know that they'll read it because they (the left) hate Palin but feel the need to constantly attack her. Unlike Mark Levin's "Liberty and Tyranny" which was never reviewed even though it sold over a million copies, Sarah Palin's new book will be read, trashed and misinterpreted by those on the left who hate her.

6:14 AM  
Anonymous Lovebug said...

I have no doubt that Sarah Palin's book will do well. I wish her all the best, whatever she does in the future. I just wish that the liberal media would leave her alone, their negativity towards her defies logic because she has not done anything wrong. But I know that the negativity is not going to stop anytime soon.

7:13 PM  

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