Thursday, October 01, 2009

Meet the media's new useful GOP idiot for 2012. Part 1

If you understand the media, you can easily understand how they operate politically. During the Republican primaries last year, the media promoted John McCain up and down and left and right. The liberal New York Times came out and endorsed John McCain. Anyone who follows politics knew why the media endorsed and talked up McCain during the primaries. John was the most reliable Republican to undermine the GOP agenda. That is how he got the name the "maverick". The media loved him, because he was their GOP "useful idiot". Democrats loved him for the same reason.

The only reason the media spoke kindly of McCain during the primaries was, because they wanted to make sure that a conservative candidate didn't win the Republican nomination. Liberals in the media knew that John McCain wouldn't be able to rally conservatives around him. True to form, that is exactly what happened. I said before that John picked Sarah Palin out of necessity. The media knows that Sarah Palin isn't a John McCain clone. Now lets focus on the media's new 2012 Republican useful idiot. A few months after last year's election, the media started throwing out the names of possible 2012 Republican candidates. The one name that kept getting positive press was Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota. Tim Pawlenty immediately went on my radar screen back in February. The media doesn't give positive press to "true conservatives". That treatment is only reserved for Republicans In Name Only "RINO". So when the media started writing glowing reviews about Governor Pawlenty as a possible 2012 candidate, I knew the media was up to something. I came across a story today from the Politico. The story is in reference to Governor Pawlenty setting the ground work for a possible 2012 run. The story of course was absolutely positive. I couldn't find any negative jabs at him. I might be ahead of the curve in my thoughts about Pawlenty and the media's coverage of him. I have a strong feeling that the media is gong to hitch their support behind Tim Pawlenty in which to try and take out Sarah Palin in the Republican Primaries and to have the same scenario as last year play out in the General Election against Obama.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well rest assure I have no interest in voting for another RINO. Tim Pawlenty is definitely not the guy I will be pulling the lever for! I suspect he's another John McCain. Thanks for the warning CB. Without you and the alternative media I would have no way of obtaining information about what's going on. I also visit American Thinker from time to time.

I'll definitely encourage people to vote for Sarah Palin. Only thing I've learned from the Obama nightmare is never trust any candidate the media heaps glowing praise upon.

In fact I don't trust the media at all. The fact that they've probably promoted a foreigner usurper wouldn't shock me if they knew he wasn't a citizen and kept it from us.

Even if he isn't a citizen the fact that he hates this country is enough for me to ensure that he's a one hit wonder.

5:25 PM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

This is how the media is going to play it out Almondtea. They are going to start sometime late next year writing stories about how Tim Pawlenty is the perfect candidate to reunify the Republican Party. These are gong to be "bait stories". They will be written for the sole purpose of suckering conservatives into believing that Pawlenty can beat Obama. The media knows Palin is their main target. November 17th will be the day the media will be blasting with both barrels aimed at Sarah. Liberals have taken noticed of the early success of Palin's book. They thought she was finished when she resigned. I expect they will "double down" on their attacks on Sarah as she emerges to promote her book almondtea.

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