Sunday, January 31, 2010

It must have been the warm weather in Tampa that made Obama do it.

We've heard the excuses by the left on why Obama can't seem to help himself from bowing to people. It has gotten so bad that even the Japanese are starting to wonder what is up with this guy. Obama's loyal drones have given every conceivable excuse under the sun and even the moon to why Obama can't help himself not bow when in front of some sort of leader. The excuse I've hear the most is that Obama is merely showing respect to other world leaders. If that is truly the case and their best explanation, I wonder can they explain why Obama was shown Thursday bowing to the "MAYOR OF TAMPA" Pam Iorio?! The Mayor may be an important person to the people of Tampa, but she isn't no Angela Merkel of Germany. Maybe Obama can use some of the stimulus money to go to Walmart and buy himself a back brace to help him with his case of the bows. 


Anonymous Barbara said...

When I first saw the photo, read your commentaty, I thought "let me take another look" hoping to find some redeeming factor ... nope ... our President is a doof. He is a talking, talking, talking doof. Even if he is trying to listen ... which is what I first thought might be happening ... he is a doof. How in the world are we going to spring back from this use less person? Gosh, I guess I can look forward to where he takes Mrs. Useless out for Valentine's Day ... that's the next big thing to hit the media. Oh man are we in trouble or what! Bring on November, quick, fast and in a hurry! Of course, that won't stop this sort of ... whatever he is doing.

12:11 AM  
Blogger Adrian said...

He just suffers from IBS: Irritable Bow Syndrome. Jeez, what a weak man.

11:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama will always bow because A. he probably never was an American citizen or B. a self-loathing American the type of individual I detest the most!
Either way Obama never fails to prove me wrong about his evil designs for this nation.

12:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iorio does sound like a Japanese name, but I guess no one told Obama that Pam Iorio is Italian.

I have known a lot of Asian Americans and I never bow to any one; it would be too stereotypical and politically incorrect to me.

9:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not all is cut & dry as you disrespectfully distort. As an Independent, we tire of being caught in the crossfire between Libs & Cons. Neither knows its tail from its elbow because both are cross-dressing from the same drawers. Palin feigns Christianity while rendering a thumbs up to "beer drinkers", tea partyers and the "good ol boys"(house Negroes incl). Libs, Dems, Obamaians are like "alleged" shoplifters caught on camera during a blackout. They put on their best faces for the cameras while holding the loot, looking to exit stage right or left. Independently thinking, neither is an option to be admired. If being Conservative requires being Christlike, why is it that none ever quote HIM? Nor do actions of totally refusing to help your brother(black, wht or Haitian)fit the bill of "What would Jesus do?" The only cut and dry thing is that on Judgment Day, GOD will either say, 'well done MY faithful servant' OR 'I NEVER KNEW YOU'. Knowing this, I wouldn't be so eager to slap out my Anti-Obama, Reagan-loving, Palin-protecting or Limbaugh-hating Card if I were you. "There shall be no other gods...". As a dying-hard Conservative, you do have a liberal choice-"Be angry and sin not."

8:22 PM  

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