Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The gospel according to Chris Matthews on bearing witness to Bill & Barack standing together.

It always sounds weird when I hear liberals use the word god. I guess for starters it's because many of them don't believe in god to begin with, and their lifestyles go counter to the principals of the major religions. Liberals have historically shown great disdain for Christians. They have been called "Jesus Freak". "Holly Rollers", "Bible Thumpers" etc. So when I saw the video of Prissy Chris Matthews gushing while saying that seeing Bill Clinton and Barack Obama side by side was "An Alliance made by God and the Democratic Party". I have to wonder does that moronic , self disillusioned jackass actually listens to what he says before he says it? So according to the gospel of Matthews "not the biblical one" but the "tingly one", the creator of all things living took the time to make sure Bill Clinton was at the White House with Barack Obama? Is that what the disciple Chris Matthews want us to believe? Chris Matthews truly believes he is an intellectual elite. He makes fun of conservatives, but this fool doesn't realize that it is comments like the one he made that is giving people reasons to mock him by using his own words. I saw the video of Matthews yesterday mocking Palin over the Barbara Walter interview. This guy doesn't have room to make fun about anyone. The joke is clearly on him, and he is too stupid to even realize it.The only reason why I or others comment on his remarks are, because they are just so off the wall and idiotic. Is Barack suppose to be god and Bill suppose to represent the Democratic Party? I still don' have the foggiest idea what Mr. Tingles meant in his loony statement. If Bill and Barack together represents "An Alliance made by God and the Democratic Party", then can it be said when the Democrats got curbed stomped a few weeks ago that "God unleashed his wrath upon the Democratic Party"? I doubt that will be written in the gospel of Chris Matthews.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Which God was Matthews referring?
Why would the God of Christianity side with either party. There are many who dont believe in God in both parties.

Notice he didnt say Allah! Allah really is the Hindu Sandskrit word fro god stolen by Muhammad bin Abduallah and made a name. Hindus have 3 million allahs, main allahs are Shiva and Durga. The moon Allah was the main god in Arabia when Hindus ruled Arabia under a kind ruler named Vikram. When Muhammad took Mecca away from Arab pagans or polytheists, he had no name, therefore the Allah of Islam still has no name.All muslims know is god, much like Christendom does tosay after 2000 years.

Chris Matthews is a total dhimmi and doesnt even know it. The government of America are dhimmis and think they are immune.

11:15 AM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

Chris wouldn't dare say anything remotely negative about Allah and Islam. He'll attack a conservative woman, the tea party and others, but even Matthews "knows who he is afraid of.

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Night Train said...

It's a pity. I hear Chris Matthews is actually a nice guy if you meet him, at least that's what Pat Buchanan says. I think I saw a little of one show where they try to say the Democrats like to help people.

Chris Matthews went to Holy Cross University, so as the wikipedia article says he is a Roman Catholic.

Well, I don't need to point out that as Senator Ted Kennedy did too, do these types of Catholics just ignore the rights of the unborn?? There are abortion discussions on the web and this is not one of them but the Democrats have been diabolical with abortion. They see Democrats that stand up for that "partial birth abortion" which Ted Kennedy did as so important with a woman's rights. Even in places like England and much of the rest of the world, late term abortions are not acceptable because there you really have a human being. Okay, for the record, I believe there is a human being all along but just saying. Don't mean to get rapped up in this, I dont' want to call Matthews a "CINO" Catholic in Name only but you do wonder. These people like Pelosi too and others totally ignore religion in regards to abortion. Cafeteria Catholics they call these people. Don't mean to plug this website but I do like to read Operation Rescue occassionally along with Reverend Childers website. If you ever go to , not sure that is a totally acceptable site in regards to being in "good taste", you see them talk about "Klan Parenthood" in regards to "planned parenthood." I don't really know that much about the com website.

But my point is, these people don't need to be pro-life necessarily if they have their reasons but they totally ignore this issue period! It's not a subject a lot of us want to get rapped up in and many do avoid it. People like Matthews show a lack of passion and not just on things like this but about Christmas and are for the ways the courts hurt Christian causes and all that.

1:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris Matthews also known as Tingles in the blogosphere is becoming more of a joke every time he opens his mouth.
Gee, and I thought Justin Bieber fanatics were airheads guess I was mistaken.
I can almost imagine Chris Matthews screaming like a Teeny bopper.

9:39 PM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

Sojournerlove "Chris Matthews also known as Tingles in the blogosphere is becoming more of a joke every time he opens his mouth.
Gee, and I thought Justin Bieber fanatics were airheads guess I was mistaken.I can almost imagine Chris Matthews screaming like a Teeny bopper."

He has become a joke. Let me correct myself sojournerlove, Chris Matthews has ALWAYS BEEN A JOKE. These days, he has just managed to up the severity of how much of a joke he has become. I wish I could find a person who respects and actually takes what Chris says seriously. To us and many others, he's just a talking goof ball.

12:54 PM  

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