Friday, December 10, 2010

In the era of Hope & Change, why is former president George W Bush's approval rating higher then that of Barry O?

I guess the old saying is true. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. In the case of former president George W Bush, I would never have thought that would be the case for most Americans. According to a Gallup poll, former president George W Bush has a higher job approval number then Barack Obama. No, this isn't an April Fools joke. What I find fascinating about former president's Bush's approval numbers is that they have sharply increased since he left office. Bush's approval rating was at 25% once he left office. Now it's around 47%. I believe people are looking back at the Bush years and are realizing some very key contrasts as compared to the current Obama years. For six out of the eight years under the Bush administration the economy was in pretty much decent shape. The unemployment rate was near full employment at 5.3% Sometimes you never know how good you had something until it is gone. Bush was still a big government republican who didn't veto any spending bills, but at least he wasn't Obama. Two weeks ago, Bush was on the Jay Leno show to promote his book "Decision Points". The audience was very gracious to Bush, not one person booed him. When Bush made the reference about one of his proudest accomplishments being that he kept the homeland safe, the audience gave him a thunderous applause.If Obama keeps being himself, pretty soon even Jimmy Carter may look more appealing. On second thought, I take that back for now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So true I give George W. Bush credit for all the things he did right like keeping us safe. I admit his spending was a problem but he seems like he actually loves America unlike Obama and his disgusting apology tours.

I find it ironic that he's viewed more fondly than Obama especially after all the years he's been trashed by the media.

2:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bush's approval ratings are ascending, while Obama's continue to descend, due to the fact that some intelligent blacks, finally became aware of the fact that their circumstances weren't gonna changed overnight, with a marginally talented, semi-black president, occupying the White House!
How sad, that this man now has to turn to America's "first Black President", "Brotha BILL", for some expedient, assistance! Watching Bill sharing the podium with that political lightweight, over the weekend, was quite trifling, and made you kinda wonder, who was really running the country! - Renee

12:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How sad that this man has to turn to america's "First Black President", "Brotha Bill" for some expedient assistance! Watching Bill sharing the podium with that political lightweight, over the weekend was quite trifling, and made you kind wonder,just who is really running the country! LOL! Renee

2:30 PM  
Anonymous Night Train said...

Clinton and Obama have had their run ins so this is interesting.

Remember too, isn't there something where Bill Clinton is actually called the Nation's first black president?? And I went and hunted down the source of this, seems a Toni Morrison wrote this for New Yorker magazine October 1998 for anyone interested.


Personally, I don't like the Bill Clinton Policies or Hillary's but as a person, I think Bill is okay and not sure if they should have brought up and impeached him but I am not a Constitutional Lawyer, So no one get upset, I'm not real informed on the laws involved.

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