Thursday, September 08, 2011

MSNBC aired a SEIU attack ad during the GOP debate that MSNBC hosted.

Why exactly did Republicans agree to attend a debate hosted by MSNBC is beyond my comprehension. MSNBC isn't exactly known as a legitimate news organization. This so called network has gone out of it's way over the year and to this day to falsely brand Republicans as racists, bigots etc. Hell, MSNBC even hired a black race hustler as a "political commentator". So it didn't come as a shock when during the last commercial break during the GOP debate hosted by MSNBC that this commercial aired.

Amazing isn't it? MSNBC sold air time to the Service Employee International Union, so they could air an attack ad on the GOP during their debate hosted by MSNBC. Who would have thought something like this could have happened on MSNBC right? I'm being sarcastic of course. I'm sure when the Republican National Committee and others found out about this ad, they must have felt like it was a Pearl Harbor sneak attack committed against the by MSNBC. It goes to the saying "know your enemies". The questions that needs to be answered are

1. Who at MSNBC allowed for that ad to air?
2. Who agreed to it at MSNBC?
3. Who at MSNBC sold SEIU the air time in the first place.

The only way this incident can be dismissed as a shear fluke is if the SEIU attack ad aired on other MSNBC programing and not just that one time buy spot during the debate. As well as I know MSNBC. I doubt that ad aired during other MSNBC programming.


Blogger p. anthony allen said...

Why Did MSNBC Run An Ad From An Anti-Immigrant Group?.

It's all about what you agree with. If the sentiments of the ad are close to or the same as your political point of view, you'll applaud the ad. In the case of the SEIU ad, it tell there story they way they see it, and what they believe. The same goes for the CAPS ad.

I guess you and Breitbart either totally tuned out the CAPS ad, or you both agree with it's content.

I guess MSNBC is taking a page from the Obama playbook. They're attempting to satisfy both sides of the aisle. It won't work though, because people like Breitbart (a.k.a. those on the right) will only take notice when they believe or think someone is attacking them...

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