Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just when you thought Barack Obama wasn't manly enough, then this comes along,

Ok, sorry if I grossed anyone out. It's been said that Obama hasn't met a dictator who's ass he wouldn't kiss. Obama hasn't gone homosexual on anyone that I know of. I'm sure Moochelle would be the first to know if he was kind of lite in the loafers so to speak. These pictures are apart of some ad campaign by the Italian marketing group Benton for the "unhate" foundation. Now I can go and have my eyes washed out with bleach. lol


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those look like doctored photos. I don't recall Obama meeting with Hugo Chavez.

However, it would seem that Obama has been "kissing butt" to foreign leaders.

3:18 AM  
Blogger Speedy G said...

The met, alright.... but they are also "doctored".

4:13 PM  
Anonymous merging21 said...

This photoshop furthers the genocidal gradualism of the homosexual lobby and its supporters. The intent, unfolding for at least the past 40 years, is to desensitize society to same-sex / lip kissing. Next, perhaps next season in a TV program, they will include same sex kissing, and monitor the response (or lack of) from the viewing public. Shock, outrage, or protest may be little or none, if it comes after repeated showings of such ungodly pictures as the one above, and also after repeated hurling of the doublespeak term "homophobic." The frog has been in the water for years. James 4:7, we must "Resist the devil."

8:48 AM  

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