Saturday, April 19, 2008

Barack Obama,"Your elitism is showing" Part 2


If the average person was to watch this ad, they would probably say whats racist about it. Two years ago however, this was considered one of the most racist political ads to run during the 2006 midterm elections according to the elite crowd. For those who don't follow politics, Harold Ford was a Democrat congressman running for the U.S Senate in the state of Tennessee against incumbent Republican Senator Bob Corker. Harold ran as a conservative "blue dog" Democrat. He ran on a theme of morals and values, he even produced a political ad with hm inside of a church. Well to sum it up, news came out that Harold Ford attended a playboy party hosted in Jacksonville during the Superbowl. The National RNC produced the attack ad you just saw. Liberals immediately declared the ad to be "racist". Do you all know why? It was because Harold Ford is black, Corker is white, the state is Tennessee, the actress in the ad was portrayed as being a "white" playmate, and the ad was produced by the National Republican Party. With all of those ingredients added up, the ad had to be deemed racist in the eyes of liberals. Liberals were shouting left and right that the National Republican party was trying to get white Tennessee residents into a racial frenzy at Harold Ford. Tennessee is a "southern state" by the way. Elitist liberal Chris Mathews said that he would blame "white" conservatives if Harold Ford lost to Corker. This is part of the transcript from Mathew's show on November 5, 2006.

Alex Witt: "Do you think the white Playboy ad, for lack of a better characterization of that, do you think that hurt him?"

Chris Mathews ""Well, that was a racist ad, and it ripped the scab off the old racial animosities in this country and fears. You see a very attractive -- sexy, if you will -- white woman, a blonde, a floozy, saying that you don't have to come for me, I'm coming for you. And after the commercial, she pops back in after the Republicans have said we agree with the content of this ad, she pops in around the corner and says, 'I'll call you later, Howard.' In other words, she's throwing herself at a black guy. You're talking about opening up all the old fears and angers, that was the most racist ad I think I've ever seen. And anybody that doesn't see it is either not born in America or refuses to accept the reality".

So this goes to show how elitist liberals are. It can be from a white big city liberal like Chris Mathews or it can come from a black big city liberal like Barack Obama. They have the real problem with people who "aren't like them". About the ad, Mathews didn't mention that the actress in the ad was actually "Hispanic" and not white. I just thought I would throw that out there. Las Vegas has a new slogan entitled "Your Vegas is showing". That slogan can apply to elitists like Barack Obama too "Your elitist liberalism is showing".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad the left is too arrogant to keep their traps shut.

Now if only the block voters will actually pay attention to the creeps they are voting for maybe they'll reconsider their allegiance.

I'm referring to blacks who vote for Democrats because they believe the Republicans are racist.

Well I'm not gonna tell them who to vote for but if any of the blacks I'm referring to are Christians I hope they know that the Democrats are vile anti Christian bigots and will stomp on Christians' rights at every given opportunity to do so.

10:28 AM  
Blogger p. anthony allen said...

chilerkle says;"I'm referring to blacks who vote for Democrats because they believe the Republicans are racist.

Well I'm not gonna tell them who to vote for but, ect..."

I don't believe "all" Republicans are racist. You said, "I'm not going to tell them who to vote for", yet you tell them who "not" to vote for.

American politics has been a "two-party" system for 100 years. Thus, whats the difference in telling someone which party to vote for, and which party "not" to vote for?

11:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think I ever said they should vote republican I was implying that the Democratic Party is no friend to Christians regardless of race.

I guess Anthony P. Allen believes only whites are Christian.

I'm a Christian because I don't believe humanity has the answers to the corruption in our world.

I don't believe in the Republican Party anymore than I believe in the Democratic Party.

I vote based on the priniciples of the candidate regardless of his or her political party.

Most of the Democratic Party is rabidly Anti-Christian and pro-infanticide anyway.

I'm well aware that there are devils in the Republican Party too.
I was saying don't vote for Democrats because they supposedly represent black interests because that is a lie.

I don't support sexual immorality,infanticide and the Anti Christian Bigotry that defines the democratic party. If you find those things appalling why are you voting Democrat is what I am asking Black Christians.

I'm talking about real Christians not Phonies like Barrack Obama and Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and their ilk.

Heck Howard Dean is a vile Anti-Christian Bigot he just used White as a qualifier and implied that all Christians were racist and intolerant what a creep.

If the blacks who vote Democrat aren't Christian then my message doesn't apply to them.

4:48 PM  

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