Saturday, May 09, 2009

The "Goddaughter" has a few choice words for brazen liberal cattle that want to attack the Tea Party activists.

Liberals can't seem to let the Tea Parties go. That is how you know they were a success. The same goes for Governor Palin. The election has been over for over a half a year now, but liberals can't let go of their focused hate towards her. Liberals for the most part are starting to turn down their rhetoric towards George Bush, because he is not now considered a threat to them. The Tea Party activists and Palin are a different story. Sharise aka "The Godmother" explains it very well. When you mess with one member of the family, you are messing with us all. Liberals are foolish if they think they can simply attack us without fear of any recourse. Liberals hated this round of Tea Parties, so I know they aren't going to like the second round on the 4th of July.

This is one of my recent videos that I accidentally deleted from my posts, but it fits into the scheme of Sharise's video perfectly. It is way past time for conservatives across the nation to fight back against these kooky liberal drones.


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