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Obama Adviser: Catholic Church Insulting Jesus

I said it before that liberals want to change Christianity in order to support their perverse lifestyle. I guess thanks are in order for an Obama advisor for proving me correct. Harry Knox. is an adviser to Barack Obama's Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. This mentally screwed up person accused Pope Benedict XVI of "insulting Jesus" in statements about condom use. This is where the story becomes laughable. Mr. Knox is a “homosexual rights activist”. I still don’t understand what rights homos don’t have that heterosexuals do have. Anyways Mr. Knox said, “The leader of the Roman Catholic Church is “hurting people in the name of Jesus” and sending the message that “violence and human rights abuses against LGBT people are acceptable.” People like Knox really irritate me for several reasons. They constantly use the approach of calling others that don’t agree with their agenda as “bigoted” or “promoting hate”. Miss California was labeled as being “anti gay” just because she supports traditional marriage. She didn’t mention or promote anything about attacking gays or lesbians. This tactic by the left really must be confronted and thrown back in their faces. I would really like to ask Mr. Knox about his religious background. The Pope doesn’t hate anyone. Knox is simply upset that traditional Christians will not alter their faith to accommodate their sinful lifestyles. I guess praying for gays and lesbians to renounce their sexual lifestyles is considered “hurting other people in the name of Jesus”. Liberals wanted a more “liberal” person to have been selected Pope when John Paul died a few years ago. They didn’t get their wish. Liberals are constantly trying to change the constitution, and their attempts to alter theological teachings are no different. If religious traditionalist supported the lifestyles of the left, they wouldn’t have a need to use attack words such as “Jesus freaks”, “Bible Thumpers” and “Holly Rollers”. The distain for Evangelical Christians by the left is due primarily because of the Christian denomination’s “traditional” beliefs. Liberals like Mr. Knox probably don’t believe that homosexuality is even a sin. Homosexuality is a sin regardless. They are only fooling themselves believing otherwise. Knox bashed the Pope back in April of 2007; he accused the Catholic Church of behavior that was “immoral and insulting to Jesus”. That statement by Knox is like the pot calling the kettle black”. If homosexuality were “moral”, the creator of all living things would have created all living things one sex. Knox went on the say that the Church's positions include “spiritual and emotional violence.” So when people commit acts that are wrong and are told they are doing wrong, is that committing spiritual and emotional violence against those who do it? These people are wrapped very tight in trying to defend their immoral behavior. The so called Christians that Obama hung around with from his Trinity days up until day are as fake and deceptive as a three dollar bill.


Anonymous Chilerkle said...

I can't stand Liberals especially the rabid evangelic Atheists they are hundred times worse than gay rights crusaders. They try to impose their bullcrap on us every chance they get. I say its long over due for the people of the faith to fight back.

These people insult Jesus by denying the truth of God's Word how arrogant can Gay Rights crusaders and Liberal Christians get! I find a liberal Christian to be worse than PETA activist even after they had a bath!

If anyone is guilty of insulting Jesus it is Harry Knox
and so called Gay Christians and Christians who pick and choose from the scriptures!

9:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Catholic church hasstrayed so far freom the bible it is insulting to any intelligence. The Mafia saved Rome once from the Muslims, that is why there is a wall now and it is called the Vatican city. When the Pope apoogize for saying exactly what the Muslims said about Byzantine history, he gave the Muslims world ambunition to destroy Rome. Now they want to build a mosque right in fron of the Vatican to intimidate. The Muslims did what the Pope said they had done, as now Constantinople is now Istanbul ruled by Muslims who killed every christian they could find. All white!
The Pope is not god and as such should take a second place to the teaching of the Bible.

Peter was married and Popes are not to marry. The bible said it was wrong to teach men not to maRRY. I Tim 3:1-5.

He didnt even talk to the priest who denied the holocaust, where 25 million people were killed, not JUST 6 million Jews. MOST of the German Blacks were sterilized and deported. Those light enough to pass were Nazis like the Pope once was. Black Germans were called Rhineland Bastards. Until the Catholic church has the guts to stand up to Islamic tryanny they will be occupied soon by Islam as will American Black Baprtist and Methodists.

10:38 AM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

Chilerkle "I can't stand Liberals especially the rabid evangelic Atheists they are hundred times worse than gay rights crusaders. "

They both make me ill on my stomach Chilerkle. The fools thinks it is the Pope that is being "bigoted", yet the Pope is merely fooling scripture as do most "true" Christians. Fake Catholic Universities like Georgetown and Notre Dame are a disgrace. They should just refer to themselves and secular instead. This "flaming" fools of stupidity believe that people that want to uphold traditional marriage are "homophobes", however these same people haven't even proven that homosexuality is even a "normal" lifestyle in which to validate the changing of marriage in the first place. When I hear of "gay pastors" like Gene Robinson. I want to throw up in disgust. Fake Christians that advocate this stuff just as bad of a disgrace. I love it how they try to fool others that don't agree with them in to saying that they should have"tolerance" and "equality". Sin is still sin.

So they expect Christians to embrace sin in the name of "tolerance". This is pure social and moral insanity.

Chilerkle "They try to impose their bullcrap on us every chance they get"

Yes they do Chilerkle, and it is time for conservatives to fight back against these idiots just as hard if not harder. I don't care if I'm called a "homophobe". Them calling me a word isn't going to change my stance on traditional marriage. I've been called a lot worse from the "tolerant" left, and I'm still a conservative that much more. That is what the right needs to do. They keep using their rhetoric of calling gay marriage opponents homophobes and bigots, because the right doesn't simply ignore it.

Chilerkle " I say its long over due for the people of the faith to fight back."

Its way way away past time Chilerkle. As they continue to overreach, people are going to get more ticked off and finally enough will be enough. People can only be pushed around for so long.

10:44 AM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

anon "The Pope is not god and as such should take a second place to the teaching of the Bible."

That is true bebe. The left feels if that can discredit the Pope, they can destroy or alter the Catholic faith to their liking. The Pope shouldn't apologize for anything regarding the Muslim world. The majority of the world conflicts regarding religion was started by Muslims, and that hasn't changed to this day. There is a video of Ann Coulter talking about the Islamci violence in the world while she was speaking at John Hopkins University. I will post it sometime this week.

10:52 AM  
Blogger JMK said...

EVERY major religion preaches that homosexuality is an abomination.

Whether one accepts that as truth or not, there's NO question that the 1st Amendment protects their right to preach what their faiths have handed down...that's the essence of that "freedom of religion" clause.

Apparently the Left doesn't quite get that.

9:54 PM  

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