Thursday, May 14, 2009

Time for Colin Powell to exit "party left" Part 1

Moderate Republicans make me as ill as liberal Democrats. One of the biggest marketing slogans of the GOP is also its biggest weakness. The Republican Party refers to itself as the “big tent party”. The title describes what it really is. It’s more or less a three ring political party circus. In the first ring, there are the liberal Republicans. People like Governor Arnold Schwarznegger, Senator Olympia and Senator Susan Collins and General Colin Powell represent them. In the second ring are the moderate Republicans. Senator John McCain, Senator Lindsey Graham, Former President George Bush represents them; in the third ring are the conservative Republicans. Senator Jim Demint, Congressman Ron Paul, Former Vice President Dick Cheney. I can go on and on, and I wouldn’t even scratch the surface. I’ve commented on the problems of the GOP for almost three years now. I started speaking out the day after republicans lost control of congress in 2006. It’s pretty sad that the GOP has become a party of slow learners to such and easy to understand explanation on why they lost in 2006 and the presidency in 2008. I’ve been listening to Colin “Blow” Powell flap his gums to any liberal media outlet that woulld listen. He’s been making his rounds attacking Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney, Ann Coulter and Governor Sarah Palin as to “what is wrong with the GOP”. Powell comes off sounding like the crazy uncle of a person that lives in the attic. Powell may think he has some “influence” within the Republican Party, but he is sadly mistaken. Liberal “Democrats” will give Powell a forum in which be can present himself as something that he isn't. They only do it, because he fulfills the role of their "useful idiot".

Sure the liberal and moderate wings within the Republican Party are trying to gain control, but Powell isn’t their leader or even an influential player with in their ranks. Last year yet again demonstrated something that history has proven out. Liberal and moderate Republicans can’t win elections. John McLame was the moderate Republican’s “prototype” candidate. McCain was supposed to have ushered in a new era and identity for the Republican Party as the “party of the center”. The party was over on November 4th 2008, and they still haven’t wised up yet it appears. By Powell endorsing Obama, he not only backstabbed his so called“beloved friend” that being McCain; he also went against the candidate that represented the ideology that he claimed the party should represent. Dick Cheney said it best.

This is a must read story by Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe entitled "The party of Colin Powell". Mr. Jacoby spelled out in detail how Colin Powell's own actions and statements have harmed his status within the Republican Party.


Anonymous Chilerkle said...

I think Colin Powell is a tool. I was still saddened that he allowed the left wing media to play him like a violin. These are the same people who called him an Uncle Tom and attacked him racially(personally). If I was Colin Powell I would be the left's most dangerous enemy. I would never kiss up to people who belittled me in such a personal and vicious.

I don't Powell is as smart as he has been made out to be. Even if he is not a conservative he shouldn't allow those people to insult him and get away with it.

Doesn't he realize that they still view him as a house negro even though he is supposedly on their team now.

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