Monday, May 11, 2009

Proof that roaches can evolve into human beings.

This is what the human equivalent of a two-legged cockroach looks and sounds like with the lights on. Meet the mutated spaceman known a Wanda Sykes. She has been passed off in the human world as a comedian. This so called comedian was invited to the White House Correspondents Dinner last night. Nothing she said in her routine was tasteful or respectful at all.

She made "joking" references to Rush Limbaugh being the "20th hijacker" of 911. She also wished that Rush Limbaugh’s kidneys would fail in her routine. Liberals falsely accuse conservatives of using “hate speech”, however it always seems that the evidence of this hate speech they talk about so much leads right back to their own mouths. Wanda Sykes is the perfect example of that. She attacked Sean Hannity as a person that would never fly coach. I don’t believe any rich liberals fly coach or even first class for that matter. They have their own “private planes” for that. Wanda Sykes is a disgusting comedian and a poor excuse for a human being. She just may be related to another disgusting female comedian and human being by the name of Whoopi Goldberg. I can only image what the national outrage would be among liberals if Rush Limbaugh got on his microphone one day and preceded to say that he “wishes Obama’s internal organs would fail” in the near future. Rush Limbaugh would be finished in talk radio period. Wanda Sykes remarks were so distasteful in nature, but that didn't stop Obama from yucking it up over her remarks of wishing another person's death.

Even Obama’s Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was trying to distance Obama from Ms. Sykes "performance" the "next day". He cheered her performance last night. Even the radical loon bat kook liberal Keith Olberman said that Sykes was in bad taste. That says a lot about how radical her performance was.


Anonymous Chilerkle said...

I agree she is a roach and so are most liberals in general.
I really find liberals super repulsive and pathetic excuses for human beings. These people preach about tolerance and open-mindedness while being the most vile bigots!
I despise Obama and the worst thing I want to happen to him is for him to be impeached and exposed for the fraud he is!
Yes I want Obama to fail in his attempt to subvert our nation so Liberals can bite me!

12:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was out with some friends last night, and one of my friends was telling me about her daugter having severe allergies. They tested her to see if she was allergic to cockroaches.!? Guess what? She's allergic... so I told her to stay away from Wanda Sykes! I'm not sure if she "got it"?
I agree with Chilerkle... most liberals are vile. Don't hate me, but I was listening to the Stephanie Miller show (she's a liberal DJ here in Chicago and just wanted to hear what "the other side" is saying) and I swear, they are the most ignorant, self serving group of idiots I've ever listened to. They are the Jim Joneses of our country that keep leading people into hatred of anyone or anything that is different from them. "You must agree with us... we are right righteous, we know what we are saying doesn't make any sense, but you will follow..." Do some of these libs even have any morals? Do they actually believe what they spew??

11:59 AM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

Obama actually laughed about a person wishing another person death. I still can't get over that Chilerkle. It doesn't surprise me that he did it, I just didn't expected him to have done it. Liberals are hard wired in their ignorance, they ACTUAL believe that they aren't bigoted when they are most definitely. This is why I don't hold any punches with liberals. They don't like opposing views points, and I can care less. They want to attack me other others based on gender and race and not agreeing with them. I say to hell with them Chilerkle.

11:31 PM  
Blogger Thuyen Tran said...

Olbermann has less room than her to talk about bad taste given his recent comments about folks like Prejean and others. I agree otherwise with you, CB, that the jokes about Palin and Limbaugh were "funny" along the level of that British politician who recently got heat for that kind of "joke."

1:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How T got her groove back Chi Town is the Islamic base now for Arabs and Pakistanis. On the east coast there are 35 terrorist camps set up for religious camping! LOL. they have gunds and I Hate America messages for camping. No camels yet but no pigs either. Plenty of roaches, though.

Sear Tower will be here for a while as the Haitians were jailed in Liberty City, Florida.

7:27 AM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

Thuyen Tran "Olbermann has less room than her to talk about bad taste given his recent comments about folks like Prejean and others. I agree otherwise with you, CB, that the jokes about Palin and Limbaugh were "funny" along the level of that British politician who recently got heat for that kind of "joke."

Isn't that the truth Thuyen. I heard that Olberman signed a new contract with MSNBC. It is reported that he'll be making over seven million dollars a year!! I have no problem with capitalism as you know, but how in the world can a person that gets no ratings be paid do freaking much?! Since G.E is getting bailout money, I wonder could Obama be kicking Olberman a sweet deal, because Olberman is a loyal fanatic of Obama? If anyone makes a "joke" about Obama, he or she will be smeared in the racist title in 0.3 seconds flat by Obama loyalists. If someone made fun of Wanda's "sexual preference", he or she would be called a homophobe or using "hate speech" in 0.5 seconds flat. Humor is suppose to go both ways Thuyem, but they don't see it that way obviously. The whole chimp episode controversy in the New York Post is a classic example.

10:35 AM  

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