Thursday, November 05, 2009

Liberal logic on display: Case study Nancy Pelosi

Only a true left wing kook believer could be mental enough to somehow believe that the election night wins for the GOP is somehow a win for liberals. They lost to the people of Maine on one of their core ideological beliefs, and they lost two Governorships in two states that the leader of the Democrat Party won by huge margins just one year prior. Leave it to La La Pelosi to try and make lemonade out of spam.

I can't believe this twit was actually born in Baltimore and is the daughter of former mayor Thomas D'Alesandro. Since Nancy resides in San Fransicko, I guess some of her friends may have slipped her some major "stuff" so she could escape the reality of knowing that Democrats got spanked Tuesday night. At least when Baghdad Bob was lying about how Iraqi forces were pushing back American forces, he was entertaining. Nancy isn't entertaining when she lies. She's just annoying. Obama stumped for Corzine 6 times in New Jersey. New Jersey is an ultra liberal state that elected a conservative Republican, yet Nancy Pelosi said that Democrats won? Barack Obama carried New Jersey by 15 points one year prior. Yeah, Democrats won alright. I heard the tinfoilers talking about how they believe "Sarah Palin" got beat, because she endorsed Dough Hoffman in the New York 23rd race. If Sarah Palin was beat by her endorsing Doug Hoffman on her face book page, then Barack Obama got the living snot kicked out of him for actually campaigning 6 times for Corzine in New Jersey and multiple times for Deeds in Virginia. Either Pelosi is just stupid or she's just stupid. Winning New York 23rd isn't a big win as she wants people to think. She lied when she said it was the first time that a Democrat will hold that seat since the civil war. Where is CNN with their fact check when you really need them? Democrat Michael R. McNulty represented NY-23 from 1989-1993. So contrary to Pelosi's delusion or lying, winning NY-23 wasn't historic. It was just a congressional win. Pelosi can now resume her position of nose to glass tray and inhaling.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Either that or Nancy is in great denial that her party is in trouble.

12:17 AM  
Blogger gorin002 said...

people final get up.
as mark levin say gigant is on the move
this democratic party is t same as it use to be.don t how it was pelosi obama are not proud american
doing something for the country
jobless rate gone up
cap and trade fake health care reform
people geting up.
maby pelosishes a dream dream world

2:38 PM  

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