Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Here's a funny thing about those indepedent voters that the GOP supposedly can't attract.

It looks like the GOP has discovered how to attract independent voters back into the fold. I'm going to do another one of my infamous poll breakdowns. The latest Gallup Poll shows that Republicans have moved ahead of Democrats 48% to 46% in the generic ballot going into next year's midterm elections. Don't look for the latest Gallup poll to headline on the network nightly news and cable news outlets. Fox News might be the lone exception. The headline of the latest Gallup Poll is "Republicans Edge Ahead of Democrats in 2010 Vote". Democrats have been saying that the 2006 and 2008 elections were a blunt rejection by Americans on how the country was being run by Republicans. Their talking point catch phrase was in reference of "the last eight years" of Bush and Republican messing things up. So now the question is how come Republicans are ahead of Democrats going into 2010 just one year removed from Bush? According to liberal logic, Bush should have at least been an eight year plague on the GOP. I said back in 2005 that conservatives were leaving the GOP in large numbers due to the party stabbing it's base in the back on many issues dear to conservatives like immigration and wreck less spending. That was the main reason why they lost control of congress in the first place in 2006. Of course, Democrat liberals tried to spin it by saying that the GOP was losing voters due to the party "going further to the right". Conservatives knew that wasn't the story at all. That excuse was the start of Democrat strategists attempting to play the Republican National Committee for a bunch of chumps and sad to say it worked. This paragraph shows why you should never believe a word that comes out of a lying liberal's mouth"

Gallup "As was the case in last Tuesday's gubernatorial elections, independents are helping the Republicans' cause. In the latest poll, independent registered voters favor the Republican candidate by 52% to 30%. Both parties maintain similar loyalty from their bases, with 91% of Democratic registered voters preferring the Democratic candidate and 93% of Republican voters preferring the Republican." It was independent voters that gave the victory to Chris Christy in New Jersey and Bob McDonnell in Virginia.

Independent voters favor the Republican candidate by a margin of 52% to 30%! That is a 22% lead among independents in favor of Republicans. Here's another point of interest in the Gallup poll.

Gallup "Over the course of the year, independents' preference for the Republican candidate in their districts has grown, from a 1-point advantage in July to the current 22-point gap."

July was the month when the Tea Parties started across the country. The left thought that the tea parties weren't going to accomplish anything. It looks like they were wrong. It was the Tea Party activists that assembled in July that showed up at the Town hall meetings in August while building more momentum along the way. Many of the conservative voters that left the GOP and didn't vote for McCain last year are independent conservative voters. The same reason why they left the GOP is the same reason they would never have voted for John McCain. Liberals can't explain it try as they might.

If the GOP is losing independent voters because of it's imaginary move to the hard right according to the left, why does the GOP have a 22 point lead among those same independents that they supposedly alienated? I said back in February that by the GOP being the "party of no" it would be the best remedy in helping to rebuild it's credibility among conservatives that left the party and became independents. Once again, I was proven right and liberals were once again made to look clueless. This poll validates everything that those "crazy far right wing radio talk show hosts" have been saying from the beginning.
When the GOP does the right thing, the base will be there for them.


Blogger Frank A. Dupree said...

Pelosi, Reid and other liberals referred to those of us who marched on D.C. on 9-12 and 11-5 as right-wing extremists.

Barney Frank, Anderson Cooper and other progressives derogatorily called those of us who marched "tea baggers," mocking the acronym T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already) Party.

I just want them to keep up the fine work they're doing. At this rate, more than 80% of independents will be voting for republicans in the 2010 midterms.

Interesting side note: We made signs and demanded that Congress stop spending too much, start listening to their constituents and read the bills. So, they called us "extremists".

Nidal Hasan sends upwards of 20 emails to an Al-Queda operative, espouses threats of violence to non-believers of Islam, kills 13 soldiers and wounds 38 more. So far, the media has called him "troubled", "stressed", "gunman" and "shooter".

3:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I hope their arrogance blinds them to a very real defeat come 2010 and 2012. I believe this will happen if we all keep the pressure on our elected representatives.
Remind them that we can have them evicted at our discretion.

8:56 PM  

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