Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gas up that truck Scott Brown, you're going to Washington!

It took Obama just one year to become toxic to the Democratic party. It took Bush eight years for him to be a liability to the Republican party. Scott Brown has shocked the political world with his politically earth shattering win. When Obama and Kerry made fun of Scott for driving a pick up truck, I knew that their words were just helping to dig the political grave of Martha Coakley.

It can now be said that Barack Obama has no political capital left. Right now, he'd be better off just jetting off for another date night with Michelle. What does this historic election win says about Obama? Obama's "mojo" couldn't help a liberal candidate win in a liberal state, so what influence does he have as the leader of the Democratic party? The liberal lion Ted Kennedy was a senator of Massachusetts for 47 years, yet it took less then one year for a moderate-conservative candidate to win that seat. The election of Barack Obama has to be at this point the best gift the GOP could have ever wished for. Republicans should now be finding ways to get Obama to campaign for other Democrats this year. In essence, the man has become a jinx to his party. The people tried to tell Obama, Pelosi and Reid that America is a center-right nation. They didn't want listen. It was easier for them and their supporters to just label the people as "tea baggers" and members of the "mob".

The lesson learned by the victory of Scott Brown is that "trying to polarize people with opposing views doesn't help to win elections". Their attacks on Scott Brown because he drives pick up truck is no different then when the liberal elites attacked Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin. Hate, venom and smears don't play well among independent voters. Scott Brown won among independent voters by a margin of 73% to 25%. That is nearly a 3 to 1 margin. How embarrassing is it that Obama and Bill Clinton had to come into what was suppose to have been a solidly blue state to try and help a well known liberal candidate beat a politically unknown Republican candidate? What's more embarrassing is that it didn't work.


Blogger Samuel Gonzalez said...


We're on the same wavelength. I been saying the same things you say for years. I'm adding your blog to my Blog list.

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The Last Tradition

12:30 PM  
Blogger GregGVDC said...

A perfect example of something I have been screaming about for years.


Still, Since this man ran as a Conservative, I will be watching him very carefully and making sure he does not stray, the Washington way.

Obama and his Media puppets still claim that Healthcare reform is what the people want. Yet, the polls, tea-parties, and many other voices representing the American people claim otherwise. Browns election win was not about opposing Obama, but opposing the agenda pushed forth that does not represent the people. The liberals have already stated the usual excuses, from racism, sexism, and lousy campaigns,to the soon to be played election fraud accusations.

The Republicans must use this as a model for future campaigns, and never forget that the people whom place them, can replace them.

3:42 PM  
Blogger p. anthony allen said...

Congratulations to Senator-elect Brown and his family....

Now...with that being said, I HOPE HE FAILS!

7:40 PM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

GregGVDC "A perfect example of something I have been screaming about for years.

Today, people like David Brooks, Colin Powell, Chuck Hagel all have egg on their faces Greg. Two Republicans ran as conservatives in the solidly blue states of New Jersey and Massachusetts and the rest is history. The liberal talking heads still can't come to grips with that. If this trend becomes the norm during and after the republican primaries, we just may be able to take control of the house and senate. Anything is possible after last night. You know greg, even if Brown isn't 100% conservative on some issues, I can accept it. Brown is definitely NOT going to be like Teddy or Olympia Snow and Susan Colins. His speech last night was purely conservative and he hit on all the right notes.

8:06 PM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

p allen "Congratulations to Senator-elect Brown and his family....Now...with that being said, I HOPE HE FAILS!"

lol, it looks like the wheels on the Obama express are starting to come off allen, and to think this is just the beginning. We still have 10 whole months to go until JUDGEMENT DAY for liberal in congress. Brown can't fail, because his views are aligned with the rest of the country allen. The reason why Obama has collapsed is because his views are opposite of mainstream America. Once again allen, take a good look at the percentage brown won amaong independent voters in Massachusetts. He won by 75%!!!! The only way Scott Brown can fail is if he stars acting like Obama, Pelosi and Reid. As long as he does the opposite, he'll do just fine!! Teddy is rolling over in his grave. :-)

8:11 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

great results from people who are sick of the obama-pelosi-reid trip to socialism and more spending and ignoring of the constituents. I hope this is just the beginning of real "transformational-change". What about Keith Olbermann declaring Massachusetts to now "officially" being a "racist state"?

1:41 AM  
Blogger GregGVDC said...

Mr. Tent Trash said...
What about Keith Olbermann declaring Massachusetts to now "officially" being a "racist state"?

Olbermans comments were as predictable as my next cup of coffee. When Liberalism fails, its always the fault of some psudo racism, sexism, or the ever loving George Bush to blame. They never look at their own ideas as the reasoning for their failures. Olberman "bathtub boy" is nothing more than a male Rosie Odonell with a nightly "news" show, if you want to call it that. Even Jon Stewart bashes him, which is pathetic, yet funny. Rachel Maddow, whom has a nightly following under a million nutcases, is no better.

5:21 PM  
Blogger Willi said...

Hi Tyrone,

During Bush administration the House or Senate was majority Republican. Right? Please remind me.(A little history lesson) Again I want to take the analytical approach. What was the agenda then? Maybe I'm seeking the scholarly or academic slant. It would be great if you could speak about the following:

What is the distinct different between Bush and his republican house majority and Obama’s in terms of representing what the American people want?

Be objective. Why did the democrates get the majority in the first place? Why aren't you seizing the opportunity to address this from the conservative perspective? So that the American people can see some reoccuring patterns.

Is there a civil war in the parties and I'm in the middle?

I'm this a number game?

4:24 AM  
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