Saturday, February 06, 2010

Happy Birthday Gipper!! Part 1

I almost didn't get a chance to comment on the birthday of the late great President Ronald Wilson Reagan. Here in Baltimore, we received over two and a half feet of snow. I've been busy all day shoveling. I wasn't going to let Reagan's birthday pass without me saying anything. Today would have been Ronald Reagan's 99th birthday. The 80's was one of the greatest decades in our country's history. I still remember the 80's with great fondness. Liberals called it the "decade of excess". Normal people called it the "decade of prosperity". I was an 8 years old student at Dallas F Nicholas Elementary School here in Baltimore at the time. My teacher gathered all of us together to watch a historic event. That event was the inauguration of Ronald Wilson Reagan as our 40th president. I never even heard of Ronald Reagan prior to his speech, but his speech was something I would remember to this day. Of course at 8 years old, I didn't know squat about politics. All I knew was that when Reagan was speaking, I became more intrigued with every word he spoke. I felt good about myself just by listening to a person I've never meet before. These days that person would be called a motivational speaker. Reagan was the ultimate motivational president. He inspired Americans to be all they can be, because they are Americans. When Reagan spoke, he made Americans feel proud to be Americans. Ronald Reagan was definitely a pro nationalist, because he believed very much in the support and love of this country. I remember when Bill Clinton said that "we must prepare for the day that we are no longer the world's superpower nation". Ronald Reagan would have never in his life uttered those words. People like Barack Obama are more then happy to tear down America in front of the world, Reagan was the ultimate ambassador in promoting the ideals and values that made America great. This is why President Reagan referred to America being a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere. Freedom loving people agreed with him as well.

It irritates me when I hear ungrateful people who were born in America trashes it. These people tend to be liberals by nature. To them, this country can do no right in their eyes. Even with that being said, these same people will never pack up their belongings and leave America. There are people from other countries that risk their lives in the "attempt" just to come to this country. That is why Reagan referred to America as a "shinning city upon a hill". Reagan was a leader by strength and not by appeasement. I still remember the slogan that became famous during his administration, "trust but verify". Reagan thank goodness wasn't no Neville Chamberlain or Jimmy Carter type of leader.

Hopefully in 2012, a person will step forth who shares the values of Ronald Reagan and will become the leader of our nation that we desperately need.


Blogger GregGVDC said...

Having lived just a few short steps from the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, I would often visit this place and wonder why all the hooplah. I was at the time a California educated Liberal (hence the reason for the many, many mis spellings).
Last year, I flew back to LA and visited this library while on my trip. Having been transformed to a staunch Conservative, by my own free will let me add, I understood the reason now. It wasnt just Reagan, but many common people as well that I was able to connect with and articulate Conservatism to me.
There will be no other like him.
Many books have been written about this man, but none of them define what Reagan really was like some of the wonderful people you happen to run into at the Library. People that knew him, worked with him, and shared his ups and downs alongside the man.
Tyrone, hopefully you can make this trip, if you havent already.

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