Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dr. Alveda King speech at the Restore America's Honor rally.

For those of you who don't know who Dr. Alveda King is, she is the niece of the late Dr. Martin Luther King. I want you all to listen to her speech, and then listen to Al Sharpton's speech. Tell me which one is filled with love and unity and which one is filled with anger and divisiveness. Quick side note, the media didn't cover Dr. Alveda's King speech for a reason. It simply didn't fit their template.

Here's Dr. Alveda King's speech

Here's Al Sharpton's

The media will never learn when it comes to race and conservatism.

You can't teach and old dog new tricks, and you can't teach the liberal dominated media to stop making most of their stories about race when it comes to whites and conservatism. Once again, it looks like the media is trying to drag us back into the racial abyss. I would have loved to have been able to attended the Restore America Rally yesterday. As I said prior in a previous post, it is always the left who keeps harping on the the percentage of non whites in a conservative rally. It goes to highlight who are the ones who truly don't understand the meaning of Dr. King's I have a Dream Speech. Yesterday in Washington DC at the Lincoln Memorial, a CBS News reporter decided to single out black participants in the rally to inform them of the percentage of blacks in the crowd. Hat tip to Newsbusters. With the reporter trying to push her agenda, she exposed her ignorance.

1, Most blacks don't even know who Glen Beck is.

2. Most blacks don't watch Fox News nor listen to talk radio.

3. 95% of blacks voted for Obama.

Of course the media covering "like sharks" the Glen Beck event didn't go over to Sharpton's little gathering to note how few if any whites were at his event. Gee, I wonder why that is?  Nah, I suppose they couldn't have done that. Far and Balanced Journalism is reserved for Fox News without a doubt. The way the CBS story was put together, one would come away thinking that Beck was lecturing the crowd on how to be racially tolerant of blacks. The media is so despicable, but most of you already know that. I wish I could have attended Beck's rally, and prayed that the liberal media whores would have dared stick their microphone and camera in my face, it would have been a segment they would have dropped immediately on their editing floor afterwards. In a way it's scary how well I know how these people operate. Here's some other examples of how liberals in the media obsess over race when conservatives are involved. This is a clip back in November of 2009 during Sarah Palin's book tour. Chris Matthews referred to the people standing in line to buy Palin's book as being "monochromatic". Nora O'Donnell made note that "there were no minorities in this crowd". 

I wonder how many "minorities" stood in line for the a signed copy of Nancy Pelosi's book or some other white liberal's book? Of course people like Matthews and McDonnell would turn a blind eye to such a question.The liberal elites in the media can't comprehend the fact that the more they try to push their agenda the more evidence is being gathered on them. Once again, take a look at the people truly trying to keep America divided on race.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oh yeah, and Al Sharpton and his band of racial antagonistic misfits were in Washington D.C as well.

Al Sharpton and his Action Network were in Washington DC near the Lincoln Memorial today to hold a counter rally to Glen Beck's Restore America Honor Rally. There is a reason why the Associated Press did such a close up on Sharpton in their video. They didn't want to pan out to show how pitifully few the people who came out for his rally were. I guess since Barack didn't give Al any walking around money prior to going on vacation, Al needed to try and keep his name out there for the press. People on the left such as Sharpton have a problem with conservatives, constitutionalists, libertarians etc exercising their free speech rights and right to assemble at the Lincoln Memorial, yet they have no problem with a radical Islamic Iman wanting to build a victory mosque near ground zero, go figure. Am I missing something? Some old fools just don't realize when to sit down. The problem with race in America isn't with the Tea Party, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Glen Beck etc. I'll give you all a hint where the pointer should be pointed.

I have a dream as a black male conservative living in America.

This might raise a few eyebrows. Today marks the 43rd anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's famous I have a dream speech.

When Barry Obama was elected, I saw blacks wearing shirt with Dr. King and Barry on it entitled "a dream realized". In many ways, the dream has not been realized. The portion of what Dr. King said that most people memorize is the part where is said "I have a dream that one day a man will not be judged by the color of his skin but by the content of his character". It appears that the people who claim to support Dr. King don't really adhere or understand very well what he was saying. When white and black liberal minded people refer to people who are of different races who are not white and are self professed conservatives as being "sellouts, uncle toms, house niggers, house negros, simple sambos, serving massa etc, who's doing the judging based on the color of a person's skin? I grew up being taught the myth that the Republican Party is full of racists, and the Democratic Party was the party that was "looking out for my best interest". It was something that was repeated to me, but I never really subscribed to it. I started to see things how they really were so to speak when I saw Democrats calling Clarence Thomas call kinds of vile and demeaning names just because he is black and have a different point of view on matters. I asked this question before. Have any of you ever heard a white liberal Democrat refer to another white person as a "token", "house cacusain" or "sellout", because that particular white person doesn't support or belong the Democratic Party? You know the answer, so I won't answer it. Dr. King's speech was about establishing a color blind society, yet look who seems to always make every issue about race in America. Conservatives have been made out to be the racial antagonists by the left, but the claims never seem to stick due to the lack of evidence. With the election of Barack Hussein Obama, America was suppose to have started a new post racial chapter. The ink is still clogged in the pen, and the first word has yet to be written. The same people on the left who claim to support King's words are the same people who constantly use the issue of race as a weapon in order to silence people oppose to their way of thinking. How many times have the Tea Party movement been branded a bunch of racists with no proof the validate the label? When Jeane Garafalo claimed on Keith Olberman's show that Michael Steele suffers from Stockholm Syndrome. I'm sure Jeane would say she supports the words of Dr. King too.

I wondered would she ever said that about a white person. She judged Steele by the color of his skin as do most leftists when it come down to non whites who are conservative in nature. I couldn't help not to burst out laughing yesterday, when I saw a news segment on the CBS Nightly News talking about Glen Becks's Restore America rally at the Lincoln Memorial scheduled for today. They interviewed Al Sharpton for some unknown reason to get his thoughts. I really don't remember much of what he said, he's pretty much irrelevant to mainstream America accept for liberals in the media who continue to prop him up as somehow being worth anything. He of all people had the gull and audacity to say that " Glen Beck's Rally went against Dr. King's Dream". This race hustling poverty pimp has done more to divide this country along the lines of race then anyone I can think of in modern history. Anyways Becks's rally is on the 43th anniversary of Dr. King's speech. I guess the attention to Beck's rally and the fake outrage by the left is because it was being held at the Lincoln Memorial on the 43th anniversary. Contrary to the beliefs of those on the left, they really don't have a say on what day a rally can be held. They aren't the go to people in regards to anything related to Dr. Martin Luther King. The people that have more of a right to mention the words of Dr. King are the people who share the envision of a truly United States where we are all Americans not hyphenated Americans as the political correct crowd wants to classify us as. Americans of all races coming together and chanting U.S.A is the true dream worth pursing.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Finally a David Letterman joke I found funny.

Looks like left on left jokes don't take vacations. When a president starts to lose support among his base, that is definitely not a good sign. David Letterman was one of the few comedians who refrained from making jokes about Barry on his show. He has been too busy obsessing over Sarah Palin instead. I'm not sure if something has changed in the eyes of Letterman towards Obama, because he made a rather direct "joke" when he said " He'll have plenty of time for vacations when his one term is up". I was almost stunned when I heard the audience cheer and support Letterman's joke. Since David's audience is hardly known for being conservative in nature, could this be a sign that Obama is actually losing support among his devoted liberal base, and could Letterman be right about 2012 and the ultimate joke being on Obama?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Can we finally admit that a Community Organizer doesn't know jack about how to fix the economy?

Why would anyone believe that a Community Organizer who was raised by and influenced by Marxists would care about or even know how to jump start a capitalist model economy? Think about that for a moment honestly. When Barry talked about creating "green jobs" and "shovel ready" jobs, I knew right then and there that the economy wouldn't be getting better anytime soon as long as he is in the White House. People who voted for Barack Obama claim that the economy was their number one issue when they pulled the lever. In all fairness, McCain may have been slightly better, because he would have at least had advisers who understand the economy and what it would be needed to get the private sector hiring again. I heard some pretty discouraging news this morning about the state of the housing market. Existing home sales were down in July 27%! It's kind of hard for homes to be sold when millions of homeowners are upside down on their mortgages, the access to credit has been tightened significantly, potential buyers are worried about whether they will have a job tomorrow etc. I'm starting to hear more and more people claim that Obama's priorities are out of alignment. I wonder what finally lead to them that logically conclusion. Next week Obama is going to address the nation on the withdrawal of operation troops from Iraq and is going to New Orleans on the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina to deliver a speech. Call me nuts, but I believe most Americans right now aren't even thinking about Iraq and could care less about post Katrina five years later. They are thinking about the pink slip they just received or may receive from their employer, the foreclosure notice they received or is expecting from their bank, the creditor calling about an unpaid bill and also the despair of not being able to find another job after months of looking. Obama should be addressing the nation on the economy. Even the Washington Post has to admit the obvious at this point. Remember the $8,000 first time house credit that the government gave first time home buyers in an effort to try and stimulate the housing market? It looks like the government's cure made the patient worse rather then better, surprise, surprise.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Looks like Iraq is "Mission Accomplished" afterall

I wasn't the biggest fan of the Iraq war. Even with that being said, I supported the troops accomplishing their goals in order to stabilize Iraq so they could come home victorious. Of course liberals only cared about blaming GW Bush and not the Muslim Extremists who were killing U.S soldiers. To them it was merely political football as usual. I think back to when George Bush landed on the flight deck of the USS Lincoln back on the second month of May 2003. This is right after American soldiers rolled into Baghdad and secured the capital. The mission at the time was accomplished. The banner the navy placed on the USS Lincoln sent liberals into a rag. Every time a U.S soldier was killed thereafter, liberals would mockingly say "mission accomplished" as a way for them to lash out at Bush and those who supported the operation in Iraq. Liberals called Iraq effort a "quagmire" similar to that of the Vietnam War. Ultimately it turned out that they were being melodramatic in their claims. Thursday, U.S Combat troops pulled completely out of Iraq thus ending military operations. Only 50,000 soldiers now remain in Iraq for the purpose of training Iraqi forces. I didn't see or hear any of the Bush haters crowing Mission Accomplished Thursday. I guess it really doesn't matter to them since Bush isn't president anymore. The victory in part goes to George Bush but the overall victory goes to the U.S Military in Iraq who made it possible for them to say "Mission Accomplished" with their heads held high as they come home.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Why would any hispanic person vote for a Republican?

Got to love Harry Reid for being the arrogant, clueless ass wipe that he is. I have yet to have a liberal regardless of race ever ask me why as a black male that I am a staunch conservative. All they know is too attack me for being one instead of inquiring why I am. I have discovered this to be the pattern of how most liberals think. Liberal falsely claim to be all about embracing "diversity", their own words always seem to contradict their claim. For example, this is what Harry Reid had to say about Hispanics and the Republican Party two weeks ago.

It's been said that liberal Democrats seek to divide Americans along the lines of race and class. Reid's comments proved that without a shadow of a doubt. I believe that people regardless of race have the right to belong to any political party they chose. Obviously my beliefs run counter to what many liberals who claim to embrace diversity believe. I've wondered for a long time how white liberals get off calling black conservatives Uncle Toms and House Niggers. I believe that it has to do in part because black liberals empowered them to be able to do so. The slave rhetoric is used mainly be liberals to attack non white conservatives. What Harry Reid said as a white liberal about Hispanics shows who are the modern day slave owners in America. Harry like many liberals believe that non whites are and should be their property, because they aren't white. When I am called a "House Nigger" by black and white liberals, I just laugh, because I know something they will never figure out. The day that black liberals start to question the ideology and policies of liberal Democrats, he or she will be ostracized as well. When you think about it realistically, the plantation hire hierarchy still exists.

Harry is no stranger to racist and racially insensitive remarks. How can anyone forget Reids now famous foot in mouth moment when he was quoted last year in the book "Game Change"saying that Obama, as a black candidate, could be successful thanks, in part, to his "light-skinned" appearance and speaking patterns "with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one."

Back in 2001, President George Bush nominated former Justice Department lawyer Miguel Estrada to a seat on the Federal Court of Appeals. Top Democrats moved quickly to deep six his nomination, because they felt Bush was eventually going to nominate Estrada to the Supreme Court if a position became available. Of course if that would have happened, Miguel Estrada would have been the first American of Hispanic descent to become a Supreme Court Justice. Liberals like Dick Durbin and Harry Reid couldn't allow that to happen of course. In their eyes, Miguel was the "wrong kind " of Hispanic. If liberals truly cared about different ethnic classes like they claim, they wouldn't being saying the things like Harry Reid and others on the left say. If a black person wants to be a Republican, that is his or her choice. If an American of Hispanic descent wants to be a Republican, that is also his or her choice. Liberals really need to practice accepting diversity not just talking about it. Harry said "Need he say more". I say keep on talking Harry. You are just proving everything we've know about how liberalism and diversity truly don't mix.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back on Sunday

Everyone, I'm taking a few days for a little R&R. Hell if the Obama's can take several weeks vacation, I can surely take off a few days. lol

Friday, August 13, 2010

Dr Laura and the double standards on the use of the N word.

I heard about the story this morning that Dr. Laura used the word nigger on her show, and I heard about it again tonight on the nightly news. The media senses blood since Dr. Laura is a white conservative female. Dr. Laura later went on to apologize, for why I have no idea. I guess the forces of political correctness was knocking on her door after her broadcast ended the other day.

My first thoughts were this. Did Dr. Laura call a black caller a "nigger" or was she just saying the word to make a point about something. If it was the later rather then the first, I could care less that Dr Laura used it. Well I finally got around to listening to the the exchange that lead up to the word being used. It started when a black woman who is married to a white guy called her show, and she complained that her husband's family weren't sensitive to her being black. She was also upset that her husband doesn't try to correct them. After listening to the lady, I came to the conclusion that she was the problem not Dr. Laura. Dr. Laura made a reference that black people use the word nigger, and there are no consequences for their use of the word, which is accurate.

The black female caller took exception that Dr. Laura used the word at all. Dr. Laura wasn't about to submit to political correctness, so she reinforced and double downed on her previous comment about how blacks use the word and nothing comes from it. Dr. Laura made an interesting point that completely went over the head of the black lady caller. If she can't handle being in an interracial marriage, she shouldn't have married outside her race. I have three close friends who are white.. We talk about anything and everything including race when it becomes a story. Talking about race doesn't bother me, because I am not oversensitive about it. My friends know how I am, so they are open about it. The caller on the other hand was trying to place her racial insecurity onto Dr. Laura, and Dr. Laura wasn't going to accept it. If a white person uses the word nigger, I am not going to curl up in the fiddle position in the middle of the floor and wet my pants, especially when the word isn't targeted at me or used in a racist manner. The black female caller proved that there is a double standard when it comes to the use of the word. If we truly want to embrace equality, then a word should be wrong to use "REGARDLESS OF THE PERSON OF THE RACE USING IT". When rappers use the word nigger, do blacks get offended? The answer is obvious. They can't be but so offended, when they are blasting the word being used through the speakers of their cars. Here is an example of what I mean. This is a rap "song" by the rapper NAS entitled NIGGER.

I guess the moral of this story is simple. Blacks or any other ethnicity who are oversensitive about the issue of race SHOULD NOT MARRY SOMEONE OF A DIFFERENT RACE. Dr. Laura was absolutely right. I feel sorry for the caller's husband. Also, so where does the double standard ends? If the late comedian Richard Pryor "who was black" was still alive and doing stand up comedy, would he have to apologize for his famous "super nigger" skit?


Not all blacks are feeling the "hope & change" after voting for Obama.

Believe it or not, but not every black person who sung the praises of Barack Obama's nineteen months ago are singing his praises now. As with any candidate campaigning for political office, people understand that the campaign rhetoric and slogans used turning the campaign become meaningless once the candidate is elected into office. Take Barack Hussein Obama for example. Obama carried 95% of black voters back in 2008. I thought there would be no way that blacks would even entertain abandoning him if his policies turned out to adversely impact them. I guess I can say that I was wrong. Back in March, I read a story on MSNBC website entitled "Blacks, Hispanics lose sleep over the economy". Though the story made sense. I doubted blacks would question Obama's economic policies nor turn against them. After reading the story, I though of a question. If blacks and Hispanics are losing sleep over the economy under Obama, then did that mean that they weren't losing sleep over the economy for most of Bush's two term presidency? Under the leadership of the first democratic liberal black president, it would appear that blacks are suffering more so then they have ever had under a white moderate to conservative president, go fiugure. Of course it has nothing to do with skin color, it has to do with economy policies. According to the website, "The jobless rate for Blacks continues to be nearly twice that of whites. And Black men continue to have the highest rate of unemployment of any group", 1 in every 4 blacks are underemployed". Well it looks like blacks are starting to realize that racial pride and faith in Obama doesn't help when it comes to paying their bills. I remember like it was just yesterday, when the optimism of "hope and change" ran wild among blacks. Here's the infamous video of Peggy Joseph gushing at an Obama campaign rally in describing what an Obama presidency would mean to her.

Many blacks did help him become president, so where is their help from Barack? What a difference nineteen months can make. With blacks taking the full brunt of this lousy economy harder then any other racial group, the theme once echoed by blacks of "Hope & Change" has been replaced with "Need & Desperation". Two days ago, a near riot broke out in Atlanta over a shortage of applications for Atlanta residence to get on a Section 8 Housing waiting list!. 62 people were injured.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

According to Reuters, It is estimated that roughly 40 million people are now collecting food stamps in the United States, which is an all time high.
Some blacks are finally starting to figure out what is going on and are learning the hard lesson that being pro Obama doesn't always translate into supporting someone who has"their best interests" in mind. Meet Michelle Rena Jones. She was as staunch an Obama supporter as one could possibly find. She's also black. In 2008 Michelle said "“we cheered, hollered, partied, celebrated.” Less then two years later, she isn't partying, cheering, celebrating or hollering anymore. I have a feeling that a growing number of blacks aren't doing the same anymore

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tolerant liberals wished Sarah Palin and her family were the ones killed in the plane crash in Alaska.

Many liberals have deep emotional issues. They never ever seem to be happy about anything. I've been told all the time by the left that the concentration of hatred comes from the right, yet they can never provide evidence of it. I know however that the opposite is true for liberals. People always tell me that I am a very analytical person. That would explain why I am a conservative rather then a liberal. When you sit back an observe events as they unfold, eventually you will start to see patterns forming. Liberals can tell me all they like until their faces turn blue that conservatives are the ones full of hate, but I have observed liberal behavior for well over a decade and I know better. I've seen how liberals responded to George Bush for 8 years and I witnessed back in August of 2008 through to this day how liberals respond to Sarah Palin. I have never seen people exhibit so much rabid hatred towards a woman they don't even know and never even met. When former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens died in a plane crash yesterday in Alaska, one would think that the tragic event would be marked for a time of mourning for himself and the people who died in the crash right? Any normal person with an ounce of common decency would agree. We can scratch a certain percentage of the left off that list. I was reading some Sarah Palin stories on conservatives4palin. I can across the story written by Stacy Drake entitled "Democrats use Stevens tragedy to wish Death on Palin". It's no big secret that I'm not a Barack or Michelle Obama fan. Even with that being said, I would never wish them harm due to our deep ideological differences. That's just the way I am. Ms. Drake gathered the responses by "compassionate liberals" who wrote on Steven's death. You'll notice that the responses showed no compassion towards the tragedy of Senator Stevens. What it did show is how venomous some on the left are in wishing "Sarah Palin and her family" had been on that plane instead. Never again do I want to here a liberal ever talk about so called hate speech of conservative talk radio. Rush Limbaugh once said that liberals are miserable people by design. I would have to agree. They have the presidency and control of congress, yet they are still howling mad. Liberalism is a mental disorder and comments wishing death on Sarah Palin and her family just proves that. The illusion of them being compassionate is fading away with every word they speak. I guess we are seeing the true hate mongers on display. What ever happened to those innocent flower power hippie liberals of the 60's and 70's?

Monday, August 09, 2010

My thoughts on Michelle Obama's bogus Journey to Spain.

Here's a rare treat. Since I haven't done a youtube video in awhile. I decided to make one explaining why most Americans are ticked off at Michelle Obama's vacation to Spain.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

And the record keeps on scratching for Chris Matthews.

Still stuck on race and stuck on stupid is Chris Matthews. On Chris Matthew's lowly rated show Friday, he asked Republican Congressman Bob Inglis from South Carolina if Republicans oppose President Obama because of his race. FYI, Bob was on Matthews show a few months ago in which Chris tried to get Bob to attack Rush Limbaugh and the Tea Party activists.

Matthews asked, "What is it that`s gotten into your Party`s water supply, the Republican Party`s water supply, that makes them strangely hostile to the president, not just against his policies, but personally? Is it race?"

Either liberals like Chris have a very short attention span or he thinks the rest of us do. Chris may be suffering from memory fatigue, because he himself back in November  attacked his chocolate stud puppy.

Chris must have forgotten the times that he verbally trashed George W Bush during Bush's two terms as President. I'm sure when Chris as a liberal Democrat was trashing Bush who was a moderate to conservative Republican wasn't doing so, because Bush is white right? As for Barry O, we would never call Chris Matthews who is once again "white" a "racist" for criticizing Obama who is "black".  I doubt Chris would ever call his Democratic friends who make up the majority of the House Ethics Committee and who are also white "racists" for going after Charles Rangel and Maxine Waters who are black. The Congressional Black Caucus may feel differently about that though. Chris fails to mention that it isn't house republicans who are bringing Waters and Rangel up on ethics violations. Chris's utter stupidity and out right cluelessness is frankly why nobody on the right or even the center really takes what he says seriously. It's just fun exposing and goofing on him.

A funny thing about the "summer of recovery thingey".

Sarah Palin was definitely on to something when she mocked Obama's campaign slogan on "Hope & Change" when she addressed the Tea Party convention.

People right now in our country aren't full of hope but they definitely want change. It isn't the hope and change Obama and Democrats have in mind though. Obama is now going around trying to invoke the name of his predecessor George W Bush in a desperate attempt to deflect criticism off of Barry for his handling of the economy. I'm sure bringing up Bush's name will "we weed up" his loyal fringe base, but independent voters aren't buying it. One of his advisers should have informed Barry and even David Axlerod that since George Bush is no longer in the nation's spotlight, Bush has a limited shelf life in which he can be used as cover for Barry. Well the shelf life of W is over, and it is now all on Barry and the Democratic Party. I was only six years old when the misery index was used to gage the sentiment of the nation under the Jimmy Carter administration. It is now time to bring back that blast from the past to gage the mood of the country under Barry. Members of the media are trying to mediate their reporting on how truly bad economically it is in the country in order to shield widening dissatisfaction of Obama's and the Democratic controlled congress reckless policies. A few weeks ago, Barry claimed that our country was entering in the "summer of recovery". It would seem that the people are smarter then Barry, Biden and ruling class elites on this subject. I guess they don't believe this is the summer of recovery, because they actually have to live in this economy and actually have first hand knowledge on how bad things truly are.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

What does the definition of the word "sacrifice" mean to the Obamas?

I can't stand hypocrites.  That would explain why I have such a low tolerance for most liberals. These people have such an annotated mindset that they can shake their finger at other people for doing something, but they never shake their finger at themselves when they do the exact same thing. Just after the Presidential Election, Barack called for " economic sacrifice in the face of a deepening financial mess". Americans have had to sacrifice their lifestyles ever since this recession materialized not because Obama told them too. Households have cut up their credit cards, not eating out as often, canceling their cable television, brown bagging their lunch etc. As we all know by now, everything with Obama is frankly just about words. I've lost track how many times Barack has been on vacation just in the month of July. Here is why Barack and Michelle Obama are so out of touch with the American people. For her to take 40 of her friends and fly over to Spain to live it up on the tax payer's dime is beyond arrogant. 

She is basically thumbing her nose at all of us. Even Bill Clinton once said when he was president "I feel your pain". What has a  lot of people pissed off at Michelle is that she not only is splurging on the tax payer's dime during at time of deep economic hurt among the citizens, but she is doing it overseas instead of on American soil. I frankly don't know what is so fascinating about the beaches of Spain. Maybe she and her click decided to fly off to Spain on Air Force 2, because Spain now has a socialist government. I don't believe that she cares one bit about this country or it's people. Michelle said the following at the University of South Carolina back in 2008 "

"It's easier to hold on to your own stereotypes and misconceptions, it makes you feel justified in your own ignorance...That's America"

Barack once said that "Americans are stretching every dollar in these economic times, and they should expect their government to do the same". I guess something got lost in translation between himself and Michelle.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

At least a dollar can still buy something.

The old saying goes "a fool and his money are soon departed", even if it is just one dollar in this case. Talk about the bargain of the decade right? You might not be able to buy a cup of coffee for a dollar, but apparently you can buy a failed liberal magazine for just one dollar. Some poor smuck has finally come forward to buy a money pit masquerading itself off as a weekly news publication. I thought it was embarrassing when the once high profile brokerage firm Bear Stern sold itself to JP Morgan Chase for just three dollars a share back in 2008, but the Newsweek sale has that beat. Ladies and Gentlemen, the sucker I meant buyer of Newsweek is Mr. Sidney Harmon. Mr. Harmon besides obviously having money to burn is the co founder of Harman Kardon Inc. Harmon Kardon is known throughout the stereo equipment industry. His wife Jane Harman is the ultra liberal Californian congresswoman. Jane also just happens to be the third-wealthiest member of Congress, with a net worth of at least $112 million. I thought the Republican Party was suppose to be the "party of the rich" according to Barry Obama.  The Harmons are rich Democrats. Mr. Harmon doesn't have any experience in the media industry, and he didn't present any plans for attempting to turn around Newsweek. As long as the content remains the same, the magazine will continue to bleed money hand over fist. No changing of the board, editors, personnel will change that. What would I pay for Newsweek if I was presented with the offer?