Sunday, August 08, 2010

A funny thing about the "summer of recovery thingey".

Sarah Palin was definitely on to something when she mocked Obama's campaign slogan on "Hope & Change" when she addressed the Tea Party convention.

People right now in our country aren't full of hope but they definitely want change. It isn't the hope and change Obama and Democrats have in mind though. Obama is now going around trying to invoke the name of his predecessor George W Bush in a desperate attempt to deflect criticism off of Barry for his handling of the economy. I'm sure bringing up Bush's name will "we weed up" his loyal fringe base, but independent voters aren't buying it. One of his advisers should have informed Barry and even David Axlerod that since George Bush is no longer in the nation's spotlight, Bush has a limited shelf life in which he can be used as cover for Barry. Well the shelf life of W is over, and it is now all on Barry and the Democratic Party. I was only six years old when the misery index was used to gage the sentiment of the nation under the Jimmy Carter administration. It is now time to bring back that blast from the past to gage the mood of the country under Barry. Members of the media are trying to mediate their reporting on how truly bad economically it is in the country in order to shield widening dissatisfaction of Obama's and the Democratic controlled congress reckless policies. A few weeks ago, Barry claimed that our country was entering in the "summer of recovery". It would seem that the people are smarter then Barry, Biden and ruling class elites on this subject. I guess they don't believe this is the summer of recovery, because they actually have to live in this economy and actually have first hand knowledge on how bad things truly are.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad Sarah Palin is going for the jugular when it comes to Obama's so called summer of recovery. What about the Oil spill in the Gulf. I was hoping to go to the beach before the Oil spill incident. I think it's gonna be a while before it's cleaned up. The beach would have been a nice distraction from what ills our country.
I'm mad as a hornet that his wife is going on a luxury vacation with taxpayer money.

5:53 PM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

I predict Sarah Palin is going to run and will be the next president of the United States Sojournerlove. Of course liberals will think I am out of my mind, but I see her as doing what is necessary to contrast herself from Obama and take him on on the issues. She was right when she said hows that hopey changey stuff working out for ya. Pretty much it was similar to what Ronald Reagan said when he said "are you better off now then you were four years ago". She Palin comes out with a contrasting vision for the economy she will win hands down.

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