Monday, October 25, 2010

Independent voters siding with the GOP in the midterms

Call this another no duh moment. I'll glad that the bias frauds over at the Politico who pass themselves off as non bias politico analysts were able to actually get the facts right for once. Every dog has it's day eventual including the yellow dog dems at Politico. Recently the Politico in conjunction with George Washington University conducted a poll to gauge how independent voters are going to vote come next Tuesday. Well, the verdict is in. Independent voters are siding with the GOP. To be honest, the results are not surprising to me. I predicted independent voters were going to break for the GOP the day after Obama inked Obamacare into law. Many of the members of the Tea Party are Independent registered conservatives. These are the people who were once registered Republicans that left the GOP back i n 2006, because the party lost it's way and became an almost mirror image of the Democratic Party. The Democrats are stupid enough to actually believe that most Americans wanted them in power. The fact is that the conservative core of the Republican Party stayed home, and those who did vote voted for Blue Dog conservative Democrats that were running in southern states. It's odd that the elites over at the Politico can't see what is going on here. From when Ronald Reagan won in 1980 to the last year of George W Bush in 2008, the Republican Party controlled the White House for 5 out of 7 terms or to put it another way 20 out of 28 years. America has always been a center to right country. As these disenfranchised independent conservatives gathered their strength in numbers through the Tea Party movement, it was only natural that those independent conservatives were going to lean towards the GOP in this midterm election cycle primarily due to the hard left the nation has taken under Obama, Pelosi and Reid. If the Independent conservatives continue to stay engaged though the Tea Party after the midterms next week, it will not be good for Obama come 2012. Since these Independent Tea Party folks aren't Republican loyalists or flunkies, they won't allow themselves to be used, abused and lied to like the special interest groups of the Democratic Party.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is good tidings for those of us who wanted to stop Obama and other progressives from bringing our nation to ruin. I hope that not only do we stop Progressives from enacting more damaging policies but that we also do not become complacent and have the events we're protesting repeat themselves.

I look forward to the humiliation of the Progressives.

9:56 AM  
Blogger TSVDP said...

"Hail to the Redskins!
Hail Victory!
Braves on the Warpath!
Fight for old D.C.!"


For some reason, that song got in my mind over the coming election Tyrone.

Tyrone, you sometimes put comments on Rappers up on your blog, maybe it's in your profile but you should clue us in on some music you like, of course, most of us like music across a wide spectrum of genres. None the less, clue us in!

2:02 PM  
Blogger TSVDP said...

Tyrone: Forgive me for adding on to my prior comment, I'm certainly no Redskins fan, don't hate them either.

But I have a serious question for you. We here, the country is having tough times in terms of unemployment.

Other stories say, employment with the government in DC right now working for the government is relatively good.

Any comment about this? I believe in some roles for the government but obviously not in excess, unions for government workers, etc.

2:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

david jeffers and i we are in opnion or i am that obama is destroying this nation with in
but tom marr does t agree maby moderator either mi opnion


4:19 PM  

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