Monday, December 13, 2010

Impeached former president Clinton comes to the rescue of the inexperienced current president Obama.

You just got to laugh, when liberals and even some foolish republicans claim that a person like Sarah Palin isn't "ready" to be president or "lacks the experience". When I witness on a daily basis how much of a disaster Barack Obama has been in the position of president, I know how fraudulent the claims are by liberals about Palin, because Obama's supporters still support Obama tooth and nail regardless. Barry has never held any positions that called for "leadership" experience. That lack of experience has shown it's ugly head on many occasions. Obama has become toxic to the democratic party in less then two years. It took Bush six years to become toxic to the republican party. Obama has become so weak as a leader, he had to go out and ask his enemy and impeached former president William Jefferson Clinton to help him try and sell Obama's tax comprise bill to Democrats in congress. At Friday's press conference, former president Clinton actually took over questions from Obama that Obama or his press secretary Gibbs should have been answering.

Watching Bill answering the questions from the press made me think is Obama truly in over his head? In the eight years of the Bush Administration, I don't believe I witnessed one time Bush's daddy Herbert Walker coming in to field questions for his son George. Bush was not my ideal president, but at least the man took care of "his own presidential business". The excuse that Obama gave to allow himself to leave the press conference was shallow. “I’ve been keeping the first lady waiting so I’m going to take off.” The tax cut extension is the biggest legislation facing the country right now, and Obama pretty much said that "not keeping his wife waiting" was more important then answering the questions from his lap dog press about the current state of the legislation. I thought for a second I was in a time warp watching and listening to Bill appear as the president while the press referred to Bill as "Mr. President". I have to question Bill's motives for coming to the rookie's aid. It would give Bill and Hillary much pleasure to watch Obama's presidency crash and burn, but Bill likes the attention, and I believe he sees a role of being able to come in a play the hero in saving the Democratic Party from Obama.


Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

In the book "Game Change", it was Bill who was upset that Ted Kennedy was going to endorse Barack over Hillary. He told Ted "Come on ted, a few years ago this guy "obama" would be "serving us coffee". Funny how the media didn't mention this when they were nice and warm seeing Bill and Barack standing side by side.

12:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Bill Clinton helping Obama out or making him look more pathetic?
This scenario is proving to be more entertaining.

9:41 PM  

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