Friday, February 25, 2011

Bad Jews and Good Negros show up for Public Employee Union protests in Madison

Madison Wisconsin has become ground zero for the greatest freak show on earth. These are some of the "characters" on display who represents the Public Employee Unions not only in Wisconsin but across the country. Don't let liberals fool you when they claim to be compassionate, tolerant and embrace diversity. Once again as I've said many times "LIBERALS ONLY EMBRACE DIVERSITY, WHEN THE PEOPLE OF DIFFERENT RACIAL, ETHNIC OR RELIGIOUS BACKGROUNDS SUPPORT THEM". This fact has been proven countless times, and it will continue to hold true. We've witnessed how liberals treat blacks who don't subscribe to the liberal doctrine. In other words, when non whites don't "know their role" among liberals, the results aren't pretty. You all might be wondering why the title of this story is called "Bad Jews and Good Negros". Once you see this video shot by the Tea Party activist group Freedom Works, it will more then make sense. Freedom Works showed up in Madison recently to counter the PEU protests. A White lady who is a supporter of the Public Employee Union called the gentleman who is a member of Freedom Works "A BAD JEW". In the beginning of the video, a black female PEU supporter asked the retarded question "Why aren't there anyone else of any other color other here". I guess her point was to try and say that Freedom Works had to be some how racist, because there weren't any blacks with them. The black lady was standing right next to the white lady who called the Freedom Works guy a "Bad Jew". I'm sure if that black lady was in attendance not as a support of the Public Employee Union representing the teachers but as a member of Freedom Works, that same white lady who called the guy a "Bad Jew" would have called her a "BAD Negro", "Aunt Jemima" or worse. Well at least that black female is still a "good negro" until she has a "diverse" point that her union friends aren't "tolerant of".

Here's a video I personally put together showing the "hate speech" coming out of Madison by the Public Employee Union. In the supposed era of the new tone of civility and the downing of the venom and spew, once again the left seems to have not gotten the memo from congressional liberal politicians and Obama. For best viewing on this video, expand it to full screen.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The thought police takes down and arrested an 11 year old boy for drawing stick figures.

If our society was mirroring George Orwell's classic novel "1984, this story wouldn't even have been news worthy. I believe that if the government had the power to arrest people just because of what they deem inappropriate thoughts, they would do it in a heart beat. With political correctness, that is in a sense what is happening now. Can you imagine your child being arrested for writing down on paper what he or she had on their mind? An 11 year old boy at the request from his therapist was told to write down his thoughts as a way to channel his behavior away from disrupting his class. This was the consequences.

This was clearly an overreaction by the boy's school. Now because of his arrest, the experience of going to jail will probably cause him more psychological problems then he had before he was handcuffed, finger printed and put in a jail cell.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ed Schultz, Wisconsin State Senate Democratic cowards and greedy public sector union piggies, keep digging your own graves.

Legislators in their respective states are elected to do the job of drafting and voting on legislation. In Wisconsin, the Democratic State Senators have decided they don't want to do their job by being present for the vote on the changing of teacher health care and pension benefits, so they decided to abandon their jobs and flee out the state of Wisconsin.

If you are thinking that the actions of the Wisconsin State Democratic Senators sound "cowardly", then you are not alone. A lot of people are coming to that conclusion. This type of action sad to say isn't anything new to Democratic lawmakers. Back in 2003, Texas Democrats fled the state and went to Oklahoma to stall the newly elected Republican majority's redistricting vote. I like Governor Walker, but he has to be firm with the Democrat Senators who left their jobs in his state. They have in essence abandoned their jobs. To be frank, they need to be fired! No employee could just say they weren't going to go to work simply, because they didn't feel like it, and they were going to show up when they felt like it and still expected to get paid while they were gone. If the Wisconsin Democratic Senators aren't fired, Governor Walker, should make sure they don't receive one dime in tax payer money due to them not fulfilling the job description of the position they ran for in their election. Speaking of getting paid for not contributing anything of value to their employer, a friend showed me a video of the obnoxious, ignorant, blowhard hog Ed Schultz of MSNBC attacking Rush Limbaugh over what Limbaugh said about the freeloaders piggies of Madison

codebase=",0,0,0">The slob has no ratings. I've said it before that people who subscribe to "group think" are easily manipulated. When Ed spewed on about how much Limbaugh made and the sheep in the crowd cheered, Ed never disclosed to the crowd how many millions he is making himself. Go figure why. One of the tactics of the left is to try and convince anyone stupid enough to buy into it that only conservatives or Republicans are the only ones who are "wealthy". Furthermore, people like Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh have earned their wealth in the private sector. Listeners don't pay them. The sponsors of their shows do. I understand full well why Schultz is attacking Limbaugh, he needs Limbaugh to help him get noticed. It won't work though. I came across a CBS News story that actually posted the truth for once. In the CBS News online story near the bottom, the writer wrote something that I've been saying for over three years now about public employee unions.

"A recent poll shows national support for public employee unions is declining. And private sector unions fear they could be next on the firing line".

This is why I said a few days ago that Governor Walker is on the right side of this issue and Democrats, Obama and the public employee unions are just continuing to dig their graves in the eyes of public opinion. I say give the fools more shovels, and tell them to dig faster and harder. How can the PEU make the case to the citizens of their states that the taxpayers need to pay for 100% of the PEU benefits both health and retirement? How can they do it with a straight face? People are becoming wiser realizing every time they turn around, their lawmakers are wanting to implement some sort of new tax. People are asking "where is the money going". People relate to the acronym in the word T.E.A as connected with the Tea Party, Taxed Enough Already. If the pollsters Gallup, Rasmussen and Zogby haven't done it yet, they need to do a national poll to find out how the nation feels about what is happening in Madison Wisconsin. They also need to poll how Americans feel about the Democrats fleeing into another state to avoid doing their job. I pretty much know what the sentiment of the majority of the nation is, but it will still be good to see it displayed.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wisconsin teachers have used four sick days in a row. I hope they get "better" soon so they can tend to the children they care so much about.

Gee, I hope they feel better. This is the height of flu session by the way. I haven't heard of any reports of a spike in doctor visits by Wisconsin teachers over the last few days. Maybe they are home getting much needed rest. I mean they would never abuse their sick days by using them for non medial related reasons thus depriving "the children" of their "quality" education, parish the thought of course. It would frankly be unimaginable that Wisconsin teachers would purposely deny the children they claim to care so much about from getting an education because of a teacher's "personal agenda". Maybe we can send them a huge get well card. Also, nothing helps like a few hundred bowls of hot chicken soup. Here's a sick Wisconsin teacher right now speaking from her bed at home. What an inspiration she is, I salute her.

Even the World Socialist Web Site have caught wind of the illness plaguing Wisconsin teachers.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Governor Scott Walker and the people of Wisconsin vs the teacher union swine and their self interest.

I've never been a fan of unions. They've always represented the ultimate entity of collective group thinking. I applauded Chris Christie last year for having the balls to stand up to the teacher union piggies in New Jersey.

As much as I despise unions, I absolutely LOATH government unions especially teacher unions! I call them all nothing more then selfish, greedy living high on the troff PIGS!! Teacher Unions swear they care about educating the children, but in the end the issues that seems to get them upset isn't about the "children" but about "money for them not the "children". Democrats and their special interest groups tell us all the time that the "rich" needs to pay their "fair share", yet municipal and teacher unions seem to get ticked off and unnerved when they are asked to do the same thing. We're witnessing what is going on in the state of Wisconsin. The newly elected governor Scott Walker is trying to bring fiscally sanity back to his state, and look who are the ones trying to block him, the teacher union piggies and their democrat allies. I call the teacher union piggies, because they are nothing more then greedy unapologetic swine. This is what has gotten the greedy little porkers so worked up in Madison Wisconsin. The governor wants the teachers in Wisconsin to actually put some of their own money into their health care and retirement benefits. Wow, imagine that right?! Right now the people in Wisconsin are flipping the bill for the benefits of the teacher piggies 100%, and the state can no longer afford it. In the real world known as the private sector, many workers pay for part or most of their health benefits. The workers also put money away every week or two weeks into their self directed retirement account such as a 401k. Ah no, that can't happen in hogsville. The teacher unions have shut down the schools and are starting their third straight day of protests at the Wisconsin state capital.

So much for caring about the education of "the children". The porkers aren't liking Governor Scott plan at all. I guess the governor didn't realize the first cardinal rule of municipal unions, thou shall not pay any of their salary towards benefits that actually benefit them. Little do the piggies realize, they are coming off appearing as greedy, selfish and arrogant to the rest of the country not just to the majority in Wisconsin. The teacher union swine don't realize that they don't have a valid nor moral ground on which to stand on. Private sector workers have lost their jobs, their homes and can barely afford to pay their own health care. Them putting money away for retirement at this point almost seems like a luxury. The teacher union swine can't relate to the plight of normal people who work in the private sector. Oh well, I guess the porkers are saying to the rest of the masses, let them eat slop for as long as the porkers get what they feel"entitled" to. I love it how Democratic politicians talk about how important public education is, yet these same politicians tend to send their precious children to PRIVATE SCHOOLS. Obama has never sent his two daughters to public schools a day in their lives. Oh yeah, King Porker visited Park ville Elementary School here in Maryland yesterday talking about the importance of "public schools". Let's be real, we all know how the game works. Democrats always talk about the need for ever increasing school budgets. Here is how the porkers milk the system and the tax payers.

Teacher receive more money from the states =More teachers are hired and higher salaries for the teachers= More teachers paying dues into the teacher unions=fatter salaries for teacher union bosses=more campaign contributions from the teacher unions to democratic politicians and the democratic party.

As you all can clearly see, it's easy to understand. The teacher unions are one of the Democratic Parties most valued and loyal special interest groups. That is a reason why Obama has now stuck his nose into what is suppose to be a state issue in Wisconsin.

Wait a second. Maybe this is a "teachable moment". By Obama weighing in negatively on the actions of Governor Walker, maybe this is a sign what Obama won't do the same in reigning in the cost associated with union workers as it pertains to their health care and retirement benefits on the federal level So one could conclude that Obama isn't really serious about fixing the fiscally mess in Washington after all, imagine that. What other conclusion could there be? As I see this playing out, it's clear that the big loser isn't going to be the Governor Walker, not by a long shot. Most of the governorships went Republican last year for a reason. Citizens have had enough of being milked by the greedy piglets who make up the municipal and teacher unions. They want responsible and accountable government. They realize that teacher unions are no different or better then they are. It's just hilarious listening to democratic politicians claim they are looking out for the "little guy" meaning the working class yet they are fighting against the little guy in Wisconsin in trying to make the majority continue to feed the hogs who make up the minority. HERE PIGGY, PIGGY, PIGGY, SOO-EEEE SOO-EEE!!!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

White Nationalist Jamie Kelso was shown no love by the young people attending CPAC.

I've said on many occasions that racism knows no one ideology or political party. Some on the left however think otherwise. It is virtually impossible for any social or political movement or organization to screen out the racist and bigoted elements from their groups. This is a video from yesterday of a White Nationalist Jamie Kelso trying to recruit young people at CPAC.

The young people didn't want anything to do with this person, and in the end they ask that Kelso stop trying to affiliate with their causes and groups. Conservatives tend to denounce and distant themselves from the whack nuts who surround them. I attended a Tea Party two years ago in Baltimore. A guy brought and American flag that was upside down. The flying of the America flag upside down is a symbol distress. The people in attendance didn't like the guy's flag, and they asked him to stop waving it. This was an example of the Tea Party folks policing the fringe elements within the rally. Getting back to Jamie Kelso. I wish I could have confronted this "gentlemen", me and him would have had a very interesting and detailed debate to say the least. I've been told that Mr. Kelso is a supporter of Ron Paul. That really doesn't come as a shock to me. This just goes to show that conservatives have to not only focus on the external elements that threaten the movement and the country, but we also have to focus internally to make sure that people like Kelso don't undermine it and start to take hold of it like the cancer people like him represent.

Where is the logic Ann? Ann Coulter wants Chris Christie to run for the republican nomination to prevent Romney from getting it?

As I said before, I like Ann Coulter. She was originally the most hated conservative female long before Sarah Palin stepped onto the nation stage. Ann has said some outrageous comments in the past, normally they could be defended. Her comments about wanting Chris Christie to run in 2012 was a rare comment by Ann that simply can't be defended on the grounds of logic and common sense.

First off, Chris Christie may be a fiscal conservative, but that is where his conservatism ends. He is nothing more then a Christie Todd Whitman style New Jersey Republican. Right now, our economy is in the toilet, our debt is nightmarish, and the federal deficits are an eye soar. Ann needs to do some research on Chris Christy if she really thinks he is somehow any different then Mitt Romney. Just a few weeks ago Chris Christie invited Romney to the Governors mansion. So what is the difference between the two socially liberal governors ? If Ann can't make the distinction, then I wonder can she make the distinction between John McCain and Chris Christie? The only difference that I see is that Chris Christie would go after Obama on the campaign trail. Just like Romney, Chris wouldn't have a chance at winning socially conservative states in the primaries. With all the flack by some on the right who have been waving their fingers at Sarah Palin for not finishing out her first term, how could Chris Christie get a pass to run for president seeing that he has just finished his first year in office as Governor? I doubt Ann took those things into consideration. No conservative wants to see another McCain style candidate, but we need to get real in who we would like to see run for the Republican nomination. Replacing a gas fire with an electric fire is no different, they are both still fires. The same goes with Ann and others who want Christie to run in order to beat Romney in the primaries. In the end, the only thing that will be accomplished is that a social liberal republican would have prevented another socially liberal republican from winning the nomination, and that socially liberal nominee would lose just as bad as McCain did.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Could a possible Mitch Daniels candidacy be the X factor in the field of 2012 candidates?

I must say that I am impressed with the potential 2012 field of candidates for the Republican nomination. Three years ago that was simply was not the case. For the first time in a long time, several truly conservative candidates might be in the top tier field. One name that has come out of nowhere and is getting some major buzz by the grassroots conservatives is Governor Mitch Daniels from the state of Indiana. People have been leaving me messages since yesterday telling me I have to check out his speech. After hearing Herman Cain speech, I thought nobody could possible top his speech, I have to admit I was wrong. I have a feeling that if the Ron Paul cult didn't once again take over the voting in the CPAC Straw Poll, Mitch Daniels would have won as most desired to run in 2012. A Mitch Daniels candidacy could mean trouble for the liberal media. As far as I know, Mitch doesn't have any skeleton's in his background, and he has proven that he can electrify the conservative base. He's a two term governor, so the experience factor can't be used by the media. If Mitch Daniels starts to gain traction within the new media, the presumed front runners like Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee and others migh have a problem. This guy is good and the folks at CPAC 2011 thought so as well.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Herman Cain is rigiht. Stupid people are running America.

Those were the words from Herman Cain speaking today at CPAC. I was going to wait until the end of CPAC Sunday to give a recap on the best speakers and my thoughts, but I changed my mind. Liberals do it all the time and never get any flap over it, so I should be able to do it as well, cough cough. I've been meaning to share my thoughts on a possible Herman Cain run for the Republican nomination, but as usual something came up and I forgot. I like Herman Cain a lot, he's a straight shooter. Herman has a firm grasp on common sense thinking.

I think he has a long shot at winning the nomination though due to his lack of name recognition. I also feel however that Obama has made it much more difficult for any other black person to ever be elected president. That's just my opinion, and I hope I am wrong. Even though Obama is no different in governing then how Howard Dean or John Kerry would have governed if they were elected president, they're are going to be people who are going say that "we gave the black guy a chance and look what happened". They won't be able to separate the ideology from the person. Here's another obstacle facing Herman if he decides to run. I remember when Michael Steele won the position as Republican National Committee Chairman, I knew what the liberal response was going to be when he won. It wasn't going to be congratulations. It was that Steele was only picked in an attempt by the GOP to "copy Obama". Of course that claim was beyond stupid, It still didn't stop the left from going forth with the notion. If Herman is serious about running, he should wait until 2016 or 2020 at the earliest. That's just my opinion. I know several conservatives who think very highly of Cain and would like him to run. He has a very impressive business background as the CEO who turned around the Godfather Pizza company, and a person with a business background is really what America desperately needs right now. A community organizer doesn't know anything about stimulating private sector job creation. They are normally the ones demonizing it to being with. Cain wouldn't be the first black person to run for the Republican nomination. Alan Keyes from my state of Maryland ran in 2008. Alan has a very bright conservative mind, but his delivery in communicating his beliefs is a different story. It would be fascinating to watch Herman school Obama on how the economy and capitalism really works. Maybe that opportunity might happen. Time will tell.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Progressives in Palm Spring demostrate how the "new tone of civility should be".

Hey guys and gals, here's hip and out of sight new fad. It's called "liberal racists gone wild"! Apparently this fad has been going on for awhile by those supposed cool cats of "tolerance, diversity and inclusiveness". Last week in Palm Springs California, liberals held a rally.You all heard about this on the news right? The rally was called "Uncloaking the Kochs", which was sponsored by the liberal group Common Cause. Many of the far left groups were in attendance,, AFFCE, The Ruckus Society, 350, Greenpeace, Code Pink, the Progressive Democrats of America. With these types of peace and love liberal organizations in attendance, it had to be given that the "love and compassion" was going to be on full display right? Ah, how about you all watch and judge for yourselves. I'll let these peace loving progressives speak in their "own words". In the era of the "new tone of civility", liberals know how to do it in style.

It looked like there wasn't much love for the black guy mentioned. Not Obama, I meant Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. If I didn't know better, I would have sworn that a bunch of white progressives said that Clarence Thomas should be "sent back to the fields.” β€œStrung up.”hung β€œand"lynched". Nah, I must have misinterpreted what was said. That can't be what was said. Liberals are about racial diversity right? That is what they tell us constantly. Hell, they have it trademarked. It can't be that liberals "only accept racial diversity when people of a different race supports their views". I can imagine if a white Tea Party person was taped saying "Obama needs to go back to the fields". That story would be on a 24/7 news cycle for weeks. I've noticed that whenever liberal groups gather, the "tone" of their rhetoric is never "peaceful or civil". Maybe I'm missing something again, but the messages always appear hateful and vile. Seriously, am I missing something? I posted awhile back that liberals of today are nothing like the flower child liberals of the 60's. Liberals of today are coming off as the racist hate mongers they accuse conservatives of being. The fangs of hate would have really been on display if the guy would have asked what should happen to Sarah Palin, Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sarah Palin gave a "Reaganesque" speech at the Reagan Ranch Center.

Sarah Palin gave a great speech yesterday at the Reagan Ranch Center.The event was sponsored by the Young American's Foundation. Her speech was so good that even the media had to admit her speech was "Reaganesque" in nature. It must have been heart breaking for the media to not be have been able to take Palin's words out of context.

Oh well, there is always the next hour, minute, second. I know why Mike Regan said that his father and Palin are alike in many ways. That comparison makes more sense then that of the left trying to compare Obama with Reagan. Reagan was attacked by the media relentlessly, and Palin has had it twenty times worse. Liberals despised Reagan, and liberals loath Palin. Reagan believed and Palin believes greatly in American exceptionlism. Just like Palin, Reagan wasn't liked by the inside establishment of the Republican party. These GOP insiders are the people who act fake in celebrating Ronald Reagan's birthday today, but tomorrow will go right back to claiming that the era of Reagan is over. As long as people like Sarah Palin are around, Reagan's message will never die and the GOP will never be able to remove itself from the influences of Ronald Wilson Reagan.

General Electric and Ronald Reagan's 100th Centennial celebration.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Happy 100th Birthday Gipper!!! Part 2

Two of the biggest electoral college victories belonged to President Reagan. He destroyed Jimmy Carter 489 Reagan to 49 for Carter in the 1980 election.

Candidates who run as conservatives tend to win in landslides against liberals. The same happened for Reagan in his 1984 campaign against Walter Mondale. Reagan managed to beat Mondale by a bigger number then he beat Carter four years earlier, 525 for Reagan to 13 for Mondale.

Here are the facts.

McCain wasn't a conservative, and he lost to Obama.

Bob Dole wasn't a conservative, and he lost to Bill Clinton.

Herbert Walker Bush won from running on the coat tails of Reagan but lost to Clinton after become showing his was a non conservative.

In 2010, the Republicans retook control of the house of representatives and made huge gains in the senate running as conservatives.

Republicans lost control of congress back in 2006, because they became big government fiscal liberal spenders.

Republicans captured control of congress in 1994, because they ran as conservatives on the platform of the "contract with America".

Even though George Walker Bush was more of neoconservative, he was still seen as being a conservative as compared to Al Gore and John Kerry.

Most Americans identify themselves as being conservative as opposed to being liberal or moderate. This has been the case for many decades. Reagan resonated with Americans, because "he spoke their language". It is beyond stupid for the Republican Party to try and claim that the era of Reagan is over. Things don't need fixing until they are proven broken and no longer work. For them to say that the era of Reagan is over is them unknowingly saying that the era of conservatism is over, and that is a bald faced lie hands down. If Republicans want to take back the White House in 19 months, they better learn the lesson of what has worked for them and has yet to fail, running on a staunch conservative platform just like Reagan did.

Happy 100th Birthday Gipper!!! Part 1

I don't have much respect for most political figures. Most of them seem to only care about their re election the moment they are sworn in so they can cling to their precious power and perks. There is one political figure that I've always had the greatest respect and admiration for. His name is Ronald Wilson Reagan, our 40th president. I was fortunate enough at the age of nine to have been privileged to watch Ronald Reagan's first inaugural speech in 1981. I didn't know squat about politics, all I knew was that for some reason I liked what he was saying. Little did I know that his words, beliefs and values would mold me into the person I am today. Reagan was awesome simply, because he was grounded in "common sense thinking".

Now that I'm older and wiser, I can greatly appreciate the words of Ronnie that clearly separates him from 98% of the presidents that came before him and all the presidents that have preceded him. At one time in his life, Ronald Reagan was a liberal Democrat. What fascinates me about knowing that is that he realized that the communist influence had invaded the Democratic Party, and he realized the threat of communism to this country. One of Reagan's famous lines is "I didn't leave the Democratic Party, the party left me". Liberals hated Reagan back during his presidency and even to this day, that is why it's so laughable that Time magazine and other liberal hacks in the media would have the gull to try and connect Barack Obama with Ronald Reagan in an attempt to make Obama appear to be centrist or even conservative. They hated Reagan, yet now they have no problem pimping him in death practically presenting him as being a favored son of the left. I've said before that the left has no shame in exploiting anything or anyone if they believe they can benefit from it politically. Ronald Reagan was known as the "great communicator". If you listen to Reagan speeches, you will notice that his speeches are based on "substance" not platitudes like other presidents including the current one. Reagan's greatest gift was that he was able to communicate the problems facing the country in a direct manner, and he was able to communicate how common sense conservatism was the answer to those problems. Before Ronald Reagan was elected governor of California, he gave a speech about how self serving politicians would try and pass socialist health care in America. It was like the man had a crystal ball into the future. Listen to Reagan's speech on socialist health care decades ago , and then think about Obamacare, how it was presented, and how it was deceptively passed and how it is being enforced.

Reagan hated communism with a passion. He knew the tactics communists used to try and get a foot hold into American society via the schools, the government, the courts, the media etc. Reagan was attacked by the left, but he had an uncanny ability to absorb it and actually disarm their attacks with his wit and charm. To this day, Ronald Wilson Reagan has remained an American icon and rightfully so.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Jimmy Carter v2.0: Obama and the possible fall of Egypt

Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. In this case, Obama knows full well about how Iran became a country ruled by hardliner Islamic fundamentalist. Since his supporters tag him as being the smartest person ever to become president, I will just take a leap of faith this once and assume they are right for the sake of me writing this. If Obama is as smart as advertised, then he should know about the historical comparison between Iranian pre Islamic rule and Egypt now. Once upon a time, the country of Iran was actually a friend to the United States thanks to the Shah of Iran. The Shah wasn't a perfect leader, but he kept order in Iran and the Islamic hardliners at bay. The U.S was one of the Shahs most power allies outside the Middle East. When Carter became president, that all changed, it also set into motion a chain of events that lead to not only the Shah being toppled from power, but it also lead to the Iranian Revolution in 1979 which lead the rise of the Grand Ayatollah Khomeini who assumed power. The scenario which lead to the fall of the Shah is similar to what Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is going through right now. Iran was experiencing high unemployment just like Egypt is right now. In 1978, Iranian protesters took to the streets. The Iranians claimed they wanted more freedoms just like the Egyptian protesters claim they want now. The Iranians claimed they wanted to root out corruption just like the Egyptian protesters claim they want now. With the example of Iran, the protesters never got what they wanted when the Shah's government was toppled. What they got was far worse then they've ever experienced under the Shah to this day. With the case of Egypt, many are speculating that the uprisings in Egypt and in other Middle Eastern countries over the past few weeks is being spearheaded by the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is an Islamic fundamentalist group that has been trying to seize power for many years.

If indeed the TMB are ones pulling the strings in this "uprising", it could end in a repeat of 1979 Iran. Carter wanted to be seen as being on the side of the Iranian people back in 78. Obama wants to be seen as being on the side of the Egyptian people in 2011. Last year Obama went to Cairo Egypt and gave a speech to the Muslim world. A stable non Islamic extremist country is crucial to the security of the State of Israel. There is no debate. If the Muslim Brotherhoods fills the political vacuum and assumes power, all hell practically is going to break lose in the Middle East. If Obama is smart as those of his supporters claim, he should be well aware of the consequences of the collapse of Mubarak's government. The ramification to not just Israel but to western nations can't even really be calculated. If the Muslim Brotherhood takes over power in Egypt, they will be able to control the Suez Canal. The Suez Canal is a major distribution channel which allows the fastest crossing from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. If the Suez wasn't accessible, that could add 12 days of travel time as tankers would have to sail around southern Africa as a detour. This would put a huge strain on oil inventories and would definitely cause the price of gasoline to rise. Obama's dopey Press Secretary Robert Gibbs opened his mouth and said something that can't be taken back about Obama's stance on the Egyptian protests. Gibbs said the "U.S wants an orderly TRANSITION in Egypt". Gibbs later went on to say "I do believe orderly transition means change". Ok, transition doesn't mean change? When a new president is elected, the first thing the NEW president elect is involved in is picking a "TRANSITION TEAM". So transition does mean "change" regardless of what the dopey Pillsbury doughboy says. By him saying that the U.S wants an orderly transition, he has basically stated that Obama has officially thrown Mubarak under the bus. If Egypt goes the way of Iran, this will be a huge foreign policy black eye for Obama. This will not be able something that can be to be laid at the feet of George Bush or Sarah Palin. This will be all on him. Obama has a nack for snubbing his nose and turning his back on our friends and allies around the globe.
He's no friend to Israel

He's not really fond of the British

e lashed out at the government of Honduras for upholding their constitution in preventing a power grab by their former president Zelaya who was backed by Hugo Chavez.

Liberals don't really believe Islamic Extremism exists in the first place. Obama can't even bring himself to utter the words "Islamic Terrorists" Does anyone expect Obama to really be concerned if the Muslim Brotherhood takes over in Egypt? I don't.