Sunday, May 15, 2011

Liberal teacher in Massachusetts goes PC on a student for drawing an American flag in ART CLASS.

Controversy over child's flag drawing:

I'm sure if Frankie Girard would have drawn a picture of the Muslim crescent moon and star or a picture of Obama in a positive manner, the teacher would have been more then happy to have hung the picture. If I was the father of Frankie. I would have bought an American flag shirt for him to wear to class just to see what that teacher would say about it. I smell something fishy with what the Superintendent said. He said that Franky was drawing an American flag, when he should have been doing something else in class. Since the kid was in art class, isn't drawing the American flag something a student would do in "art class"? Something else that stands out in this story. The news sub headline is

Teacher allegedly refused to hang up picture

It couldn't have been "allegedly" since they showed the picture of the flag at question at the home of the student on the wall . So the teacher" REFUSED TO HANG" NOT ALLEGEDLY REFUSED.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The teacher is afraid that the flag would offend one of his fellow students"
When I was in school, we had foreign exchange students who were in the classrooms where the American flag is hung near the doorway of each classroom. No complaints.
We had a couple of these FES who would bring copies of the flag of their countries and paste them near their notebooks and on their person. No complaints.
A few years ago a student went to the same high school as my nephew comes to school wearing a Lynard Skynard T-shirt and was told to cover it up or be sent home because of one of the group's logo is showing: a Confederate flag; the school administration was afraid the shirt would offend some black students.

9:50 PM  
Blogger Joe Conservative said...

I think you're already being triply redundant in your title already... w/o using the term "liberal".

1) Liberal

2) teacher
3) Massachusetts
4) Art Class

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