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Is there a republican alive or dead that progressives don't consider "a racist"?

The term drone has been used to describe progressives for a long time, and I use that term as well. Simply put, they are what they are. I'm always awestruck at how these people who think they are smarter then conservatives tend to always try to blank bomb be it republicans or conservatives as being racists without every having any evidence to back it up. I've had progressives who didn't know that I'm black call me a racist. Yeah, we all know that I am an honorary member of the klan. I'm the only one that attend klan meetings in a black hood and black robe. What can I say, affirmative action works wonders! Seriously though, one would think that the left would realize by now how badly they are embarrassing themselves by constantly throwing out blanket charges about people on the right being racists just for the mere fact that they are on the right. It totally defies logic.The blanket smear of racism by the left reminds me so much of Lunis from peanuts believing in the "the great pumpkin". I can tell Mittens is definitely going to be the Republican nominee for one reason alone. He now has hecklers calling him a racist. Mitts was in New York City the other day with Rudy Giuliani at a NYFD station for a media presser. Well a progressive a few fries short of a happy meal decided to make her presence known. Nothing like a WHITE loonbat progressive female yelling that Romney is a racist to give it validity I suppose.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, a member of the Klan, Aryan Nations, Council of Conservative Citizens, etc. are overwhelmingly more likely to vote Republican than Democrat. Just read comments made on Free Republic concerning blacks.

Bull Conner was a conservative. George Wallace was a conservative populist. Remember, the Democratic Party, especially in the South, was not always liberal. Ronald Reagan was a Democrat at one time.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You could say that former Louisiana Governor David Duke is one Republican who is racist because he was a Grand Wizard of the KKK.
Before 1989, he was a Democrat; he switched to Republican.

Here's another question: still name one or more Republican who is racist?

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Blogger p. anthony allen said...

If Romney becomes the nominee, and win's the general election (God forbid), expect the same treatment from left as the right gave to President Obama. Romney's got very thin skin. He showed his colors after the Newt Gingrich attacks. Ann Romney is as much fair game as Michelle Obama. The right wing has been pretty vicious with Michelle. The left will give it right back to Ann with just as much viciousness.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that the far Left, who go out of their way to label Republicans or conservatives racist, but don't bother to acknowledge the racism and other forms of bigotry coming from some black Democrats?

For example, Rep. Cynthia McKinney (GA), who years ago who falsely accused and assaulted a Capitol Hills police officer of racial profiling after she bypassed security. When she was not elected for another term, she along with her father blamed the Jews.

How about New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin "Chocolate Speech"?

How about Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon who years ago In 1991, when waved her shoe at white colleagues on the Baltimore City Council and yelled, "You've been running things for the last 20 years. Now the shoe is on the other foot."
How about the time she sided with a black firefighter who fabricated a hoax about alleged racism against his former white colleagues at a firehouse after he was fired?

How about president Barack Obama along with attorney general Eric Holder who refused to prosecute members of the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation and putting out a bounty on George Zimmerman. Why would they side with separatist group like the NBPP and La Raza?

In my opinion, I believe Obama is not only a racist, he too is anti-Semitic. He assisted the Muslim Brotherhood by overthrowing the governments in the Middle East. Once they went into power, they pose a bigger threat toward Israel, which Obama whom Obama would not acknowledge too.

Prove me wrong about Obama, but why would he sit in a Church that's been preached by a racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-American pastor for 20 years?

Let's not forget Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

I could go on, but the list is long.

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Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

anon "
How about New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin "Chocolate Speech"?"

I wrote a story on that, and the left tried in vain to explain it away as meaning nothing. They never did respond, when I said what if a white republican politician said that they wanted to make a certain town a "vanilla town". I ask several people who thought I was blowing Nagin's comments out of proportion. I ask them isn't the only chocolate city in America in Hersey Pennsylvania? So what did Nagin "really mean" with that comment? They knew full well what he was implying when he said it.

anon "How about Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon who years ago In 1991, when waved her shoe at white colleagues on the Baltimore City Council and yelled, "You've been running things for the last 20 years. Now the shoe is on the other foot."

Actually the fur and the gift cards were on the other foot. lol You're right though, that is how Sheila got the nickname "Sheila the Shoe".

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Blogger Truth Seeker said...

I am a fellow Baltimorean and a free thinker and a believer in this country and a person who judges individuals by their character, not by their race. I too am far too often called racist and hater Nd tea partier (as if that is the worst insult). It is nice to read that I am not alone. You are not alone either. I wish we could all speak up at once, then maybe our voices would be too loud to ignore.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bull Conner was a Democrat. George Wallace was a Democrat. Robert Byrd was a Democrat. Klansman is running for public office in North Carolina as Democrats.

Way to skirt around the point with a serious straw man argument. You will repeatedly proclaim Conner and Wallace only as "Democrats" because you can't proclaim them as "liberals". You know as well as I do that the Democratic party has not always been the liberal party and the Souther Democrats pre-civil rights were conservative. How about addressing that point?

Bivins Hollar, the guy in North Carolina, had been a Republican since 2001 and switched party affiliation last October before filing as a candidate. Once he was found out about, the party denounced him and he dropped out of the race. He was joke as was the 70 plus year old guy in Florida. How about looking at the big picture which shows the Stormfront website with a section for Tea Partiers and how its members, as well as members of American Renaissance, overwhelmingly support the Republican Party.

Of course, Robert Byrd left the Klan in 1952 and denounced it ever since, repeatedly apologizing and expressing his time there as a great mistake in his life while emploring kids to never affiliate with such groups.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

They never did respond, when I said what if a white republican politician said that they wanted to make a certain town a "vanilla town".

What if a black Democrat made a blog called "Wake Up Black America"? You would call him racist or a race baiter.


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